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Angry lad

Tim Blair is not a happy bunny right now. He is normally laid back, scathing, but laid back. Not today though.

You see, he has read Garry Trudeau’s brave defense of the Charlie Hebdo murderers.

Traditionally satire has comforted the afflicted while afflicting the comfortable. Satire punches up, against authority of all kinds, the little guy against the powerful. Great French satirists like Molière and Daumier always punched up, holding up the self-satisfied and hypocritical to ridicule. Ridiculing the non-privileged is almost never funny – it’s just mean.

By punching downward, by attacking a powerless, disenfranchised minority with crude, vulgar drawings closer to graffiti than cartoons, Charlie wandered into the realm of hate speech … 

By what possible definition is Islam powerless? Ok, other than in the Western democracies, and in Israel, Muslims tend not to have the vote, or not in any meaningful way, but that kinda goes with the territory. Christians and Buddhists don’t get to vote in places where no one has the vote either, do they?

As well as not understanding this powerlessness shtick, I’m damned if I know how Islam is disenfranchised.

Well, not happy Garry. As Tim writes:

The likes of Trudeau and West are too fantastically, rigidly stupid to understand that “comfortable” and “afflicted” are not permanent conditions. For example, if “comfortable” millionaire crap cartoonist Trudeau were to have been visiting friends in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, he may have found himself rapidly converted to “afflicted”, what with all the burning jet fuel pouring over him.


Among many others, Trudeau, West and Australian Guardian illo-pullet Andrew Marlton probably dreamed for their entire lives of the moment when they would bravely stand up to confront a democracy-opposing, women-hating, homophobic, theocratic fascist power. But when that moment came, through extremist Islam, they licked power’s boots. They caved. They ran.

They not only punched down, they fell down, pleading, on their knees.

Update:  Andrew Bolt cheers Tim on, and adds this lovely rider from Mark Steyn in A Contemptible Man Punches Down:

Charlie Hebdo dead, Vilks in hiding, Hedegaard shot, Rehman firebombed, Nekschot vanished, Molly Norris fled, Kurt Westergaard attacked by an Islamic axeman… But Garry Trudeau is on stage congratulating himself on “afflicting the comfortable”. You can’t “punch down” much lower than sneering at the dead and those no longer able to speak, can you?

Sorry Abdul, but isn’t that the truth?

Don't Vote - None have the right to legislate except AllahFlyers have been put up in Cardiff urging Muslims not to vote as democracy “violates the right of Allah”.

The flyers stated: “Democracy is a system whereby man violates the right of Allah and decides what is permissible or impermissible for mankind, based solely on their whims and desires.

“This leads to a decayed and degraded society where crime and immorality become widespread and injustice becomes the norm.

“Islam is the only real, working solution for the UK. It is a comprehensive system of governance where the laws of Allah are implemented and justice is observed.”

Fly posters pasted in Cardiff urging Muslims not to vote

The problem for the liberal idiots and Muslim apologists is that what the flyer states is pretty much spot on. Welcome to the Caliphate and don’t forget that Sharia is the will of Allah and is strictly enforced.

It reminds me of the election cry in Egypt for the Muslim Brotherhood, “One Man, One Vote, One Time” – because as sure as they could make it, once voted in they would abolish any need for further votes in the future as they would be “ruled by the eternal word of Allah”.

Help needed…

I have signed-up to the OU K22 course with the hope of getting an MSc in computing. Specifically I want to go into net security and similar. That is some time in the future. Now I can program and know some tricks but My first course is on Java and I can learn lingoes like I work at the UN but… I don’t really get the OOP thing. I start May 1st. Any advice on OOP with specifics on Java would be liked. Cheers folks. I mean advice on books and such. I need to grasp the paradigm.

PS. I told some porkies about my programming xp but I have programmed every goddamn thing that spun a cycle* since my Speccy 30 years ago. I blagged my way onto a physics degree at Nottingham without an A-Level in maths. I did well enough to get one of six fully funded places in the UK for MSc Astrophysics. When Nick rolls, he rolls.

*Apart from that fucking Hotpoint in the kitchen which is a law unto itself.


Well, actually, quote of some six months ago, but what the heck.

Ms Klein is hampered by her past success, fighting real battles against real corporations with powerful political friends and big PR budgets, and is ill-prepared for the climate debate, where she faces a disparate group of well-informed people who understand the science, have read the UNCCC and IPCC reports, and know that there is nothing in the science that suggests imminent catastrophe, nothing in the engineering which will make wind and solar power economic, and nothing in the politics which will stop us from using every ounce of fossil fuel we can lay our hands on.

Geoff Chambers on Naomi Klein’s most rectent opus

Externalities: Barking Dogs

Let us change the subject from Shrill, BHO, and their disgusting selves and actions. Today, dateline April 16, 2015, from the New York Daily News:

Oregon court orders ranchers to ‘debark’ Tibetan mastiffs


A pack of Tibetan mastiffs, one of which is shown guarding sheep at Liongate Farm, have been slated for “debarking” after their owners lost a lawsuit by a pair of neighbors annoyed by excessive barking.

A pair of Oregon ranchers will be forced to subject their massive Tibetan mastiffs to a controversial “debarking” procedure after losing a lawsuit, according to a court ruling.

Karen Szewc’s neighbors won $238,900 in damages for having to put up with what was described as “a decade of ceaseless barking by the giant dogs,” as reported by the Mail Tribune.


The surgery removes a portion of the dog’s vocal cord, but it’s recommended by veterinary experts only as a last resort. It does not silence the dog, but it muffles their communique to a mere squeak.

Animal activists with PETA call the procedure “a surgery for human convenience.”


Read the whole thing (it’s not long). There are two photos. And don’t blame me for the fact that the NYDP‘s writer don’ do so good wit’ Inglees.

Personally, I can’t stand people who get upset over barking dogs. At any hour of the day or night. I also can’t stand rock. At any hour of the day or night.

On the other hand, much as I might damn the rock-lovers in my heart (no offense, I love you all. Besides, whatever non-metaphorical noise emanates from Zanzibar is much attenuated by distance), provided that they were otherwise palatable people I would (and have) let it go.

Still, the problem that libertarianism has to deal with really is “externalities.” Roads? Tchah! Sooner or later it would work itself out. So would the stopping-every-three-miles-to-pay-tolls-on-the-Rhine problem. (Whatever you Outlanders call it, we finally have the transponder-equipped Interstates. Private road-owners would probably have gotten them sooner. And there are other methods of paying for road usage, in the same manner as pre-paid phone cards.)

So we can talk all day about the Common Law rules that developed to handle various “externalities,” such as easements and laws of nuisance etc.

But the problem is twofold. One is that one man’s nuisance is another man’s love. Such as the barking dogs, or the smell of mown hay or burning leaves. Or whether people should be “allowed” to play their loud rock at 10 a.m. when the guy next door is sleeping, having gotten off the night shift at 8 and hit the sack forthwith. But he can’t sleep through that racket. So if he & the neighbor can’t resolve things between themselves, what should be done? Yes, we can find formalistic solutions (first guy there gets to stay, other guy has to move), but that’s already a law (or part of the covenant, if it’s a covenant neighborhood–and covenants do not Solve All Human Problems). Related, there’s the example that Alisa brought up on Samizdata: I don’t care at all about longish grass at my place or really long grass at yours, but it does provide a habitat for pests. (OTOH, “pests” also serve a purpose useful to humans in some parts of the ecosystem. Was it Mao who dictated that all the feral cats in some city be destroyed, and the result was that rats took over?)

The question is, how do we resolve these problems in the real world yet in line with libertarian theory? (I’m not looking at Libertopia, which is an ideal, not an actual possibility.)

The other is that it’s silly to think that everybody will behave in a way that is objectively non-harmful to others. Reputation? Yeah, but there’s a sucker born every minute. Take the money & run. —-OTOH, I was brought up with caveat emptor. Still, it’s not possible to know much about most of what we buy … and the right to go someplace new, take on a new identity, and start over fresh and undogged by the past, is precious. Especially if you were unjustly accused and convicted, in the Court of Public Opinion if not at law.

Which by the way is one reason why National ID’s are a bad idea. Whereas Voter ID’s are necessary in this day & age. –Oh wait…. [Don't go jumping to conclusions, guys. I absolutely reject National ID's. And I support Voter ID's strongly, since things are as they are. Sigh. And here I'm a sort-of mathematician who is absolutely totally allergic to contradictions. Make me break out in hives, they do.]

So … Discuss, if so moved.

Election 2016 – What’s the question?

Don't Say Secretive - Poster

So the worst kept secret in US politics is finally out and Hillary Clinton is going to put her most winning smile on and have another push for the White House on her own merits rather than Bill’s coattails where she has clearly suffered for far too long.

So we now get to ask “What is the question for which President Hillary Clinton is the answer”, because I’m buggered if I know.

It’s not her decades old stomping ground of Women’s Rights, because all the battles there have been won to the point of embarrassment, women are beating men in pretty much every category, to the point where the Radical Feminists are having to make up fictional battles to fight.

Sure, having a female president is something that has never happened, but while demonstrative, is it really that important? We’ve had the first ‘black’ president and that has been much of a muchness, Obama has played more golf than doing anything substantially presidential over his two terms. Equally, with women as more than 50% of the electorate, they decided against Hillary last time, so maybe these women recognise that symbolism is less important than substance.

For all her failings, from Hillarycare to Benghazi, does Hillary Clinton bring anything positive to the office of POTUS that other candidates don’t or won’t? Because I honestly don’t see it.

Conundrum of the Day

Over at the LA (var. S.G.), there’s an ad for a book called Going Galactic, with an attractive, politically-correct cover featuring two persons in white hoods: One, a Person of Color and a Female, and the other a standard-issue white guy with a beard, somewhat reminiscent of Mr. Connery perhaps 15 or 20 years ago.

When I saw the thing, this flashed cometwise through what I sometimes call my mind, to wit:


Now I do trust you blighters in Jollye Olde &c., as well as those who dwell in the exotic regions of the Southron Hemisphere, know that the acronym (and for a wonder, this time it really is an acronym) stands for “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (Male).” (The “Male” part goes without saying. I mean, how would you pronounce ‘WASPM’?) It is, of course, a term of contempt, but that is not the issue.

Here is my problem. Why WASP? Why not simply ASP? I mean, they are not pleasant creatures either. I forget whether they bite or sting or both, but it doesn’t matter. The point is, I have somehow always taken it for granted that both the Angles and the Saxons were white, for some value of “white,” wherefore so would be their progeny, the Anglo-Saxons.

So where can I go to find a specimen of that apparently rare breed, the un-white Anglo-Saxon? A zoo in Sub-Saharan Africa? Someplace in the vicinity of Shanghai or Tokyo? Perhaps the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, or a spot in Tierra del Fuego? Tahiti? Mars?

Anyway, that’s what passes for thoughtful questioning chez Krauss ’round 1 a.m. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

SNP to Scots electorate – Wrong again

Vote Krankie 2016

Nicola Sturgeon was booed in the first Scottish leaders’ debate when she refused to rule out a second independence referendum.

The First Minister said the general election was not about separation when she was challenged on Alex Salmond’s claim after Scotland voted No that it was a “once in a generation” event.

But the audience reacted with boos and groans when she refused to rule out including another vote on breaking up Britain in her party’s manifesto for the 2016 Holyrood election.

Sturgeon booed as she hints at second independence referendum


Is this real or satire?

Is it my imagination or is “public life” just collapsing in on itself? We are now de-sensitised to MP’s getting caught stealing, then saying “I had no idea I was stealing, despite presumably signing the form myself, here’s the swag back”

Today we had two more examples. Greg Dyke apparently was given a sixteen grand watch. Only he didn’t actually know this apparently (sic). So I’m guessing he didn’t actually pay any import duty on the watch which last time I checked is a legal requirement? Will there be any prosecution for tax evasion? Probably not, he gave it back, so that’s alright then. I quite often get presents like these

I found an online calculator and reckon the VAT import duty to be about £3,200 on £16K from Brazil. Try not paying VAT because you “didn’t know” if you are a small business man.
Then we had the ludicrous spectacle of Blair who Galloway describes thus ““Blair, dripping with blood, pockets stuffed with gold beyond dreams of avarice comes out fighting for New Labour. Could anything be worse?”

He apparently backs Ed Miliband “100%” Of course he backed David 100% before, but let’s not call an alleged war criminal on inconsistency. Let’s instead look at his record. He thought Brown was the best man to be Chancellor for a decade. How did that work out?

Oh yes, total fucking, close-to-bankrupting disaster. And in your judgement Tony, Ed is the man is he? This would be the same judgement that thought Saddam had WMD’s Well thanks Tony, but some 3rd world plutocrat probably needs his bell-end polishing so scuttle back under the rock you (alleged) horrible, blood-drenched, grasping cunt.

There now follows a Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Green Party…

Febrile Demonrats

This includes the Liberals (and goes back as my limited knowledge of political history does – Someone might have made a particularly good quip to Lord Palmerston but like whatever…)

Oh, God’s I’m also including the Alliance. Remember them?

But this is how I see it at the top…

Gladstone – A decent sort but a bit nuts round the edges. I have chewed that description over – 32 times. Especially the nuts.

He was OK

Lloyd-George – Randy Welsh git.

Nobody springs to mind…

Thorpe – Had a contract killing carried out on a dog.

Smith – I like my peados super-sized. Do they put something in the Rochdale water? I blame the CIA.

Steele – Whatever? Had an affair as well but nobody cared. Exactly.

Owen – The most arrogant and pompous tool of gittery since the fall of the Roman Empire. I once rolled a joint on his kitchen counter. That is true. My host – his house-keeper – a South African working on a pittance on a working holiday visa had invited me for the weekend whilst the Owens – as was their want – abandoned the gaff for their country place for the weekend and we all know what the mice do when the cats are away.

Ashdown – Became more popular after it turned out he’d been cheating on the missus because it meant he had some interest.

Ming – Anyone fancy a Werther’s Original? Thought not.

Hughes – Whilst getting his seat in Bermondsey in ’83 smeared his opponent (Peter Tatchell) with vaguely disguised homophobic rhetoric but himself turned out to be a life-long botter.

Oaten – Discovered the cure for anxiety over male-pattern baldness that has alluded the greatest minds since like whenever by deciding to have two rent boys defecate upon him. They have variously been reported as Polish or Ukrainian like it matters who shits on you. With science the devil is always in the detail. I ought to work in a Putin joke here but I can’t.

Huhne – The Jeremy Clarkson of windfarms. A chrome-plated bell-end on platinum roller-blades (or in his case a Ford Focus the badger-noodler he truly is) and a true servant of his own and every other cuntery.

Clegg – Saints preserve us from the cactus-arsonist of direville! A lying two-faced twat’s twat of the fuller monty. A twat for all seasons.

So that is the LDs.

I am a classical liberal. These people have sold me so far down the river that I am thinking deltas.

They are just such an unbelievable collection of cunts of every description.

Seagulls keep shitting on my head…

It’s supposed to be lucky too! Well best of luck to Mr Ed, the Talking Horses arse… The viewers thought he’s hot and sexy! Well you have to have something going for you in the absence of any credible political policies to get the vote out, don’t ya?

The, now it can be told, product of an un-natural union between Bernie Winters and Schnorbitz, this is Ed’s favourite song…

Happy Easter y’all!

A Libertarian greeting to you all courtesy of a great movie. There is no spoiler warning because if you ain’t seen this then God help you! It is of course the ultimate Mexican stand-off in the end. And that Morricone sound-track and Clint is not talking to an empty chair but at the very height of his powers. It is just brilliant. I also think the symbolism of noose, cross and money bags is more pertinent than chocolate rabbits to the season but then when choco-bunnies ever been pertinent?

But watch again the whole thing

You see in this World there are two kinds of people my friend, those with loaded guns and those who dig.

“I reckon so”. That of course is from… Why bother? You either know or you don’t. And I know, regular readers, you do.

The problem is the diggers and those that “Make it so” are the other way around from how it ought to be.

Happy Easter.

May the Farce be with you…

OK, I know it is April 2nd but I only just found this

Go read it. It is very funny.

Quote of the Week.

Mwah, mwah, mwah, ‘darling, haven’t seen you since the Cuba Libre fundraiser at Antonia Fraser’s; shall we sing the Internationale before or after the rosemary and shaved-truffle foccacia nibbles?’

Quentin Letts

Yes, the starting gun on the General Election has started… Yawn… and iDave is no different to the above assholes.

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