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Quote of the Week.


Someone please invent celebrity antibiotics so we can rid ourselves of these self opinionated apologist losers.


Rarebit, Cardiff.

In relation to this piece in the Fail…

What a bloody good idea! The disorder is rampant I’m afraid. It used to be called …Redgravefondamaclean Disease, but could now be extended to include Unwisethompsonitis.

Brand is flavorite Fuckwit of the month in the Mail, of course, but the Thompson Twins are running him close. It should be remembered that those who earn their not inconsiderable living from fantasy, have a distinct disconnect with reality as the rest of us have to live it.

Ain’t it the truth?


The Daily Fail

They have a lamentation on about Britain going to the dogs due to forgetting great Brits and what they did. It is largely drivel and very poorly written.

It contains this corker of a line though,

“Almost half of the 2,000 people who took part in the OnePoll survey could not identify Sir Tim Berners-Lee as the inventor of the internet.”

Perhaps because he didn’t. He created the WWW architecture that runs on the internet that was created a couple of decades earlier.

A rapid use of Sir Tim’s admirable achievement could have told them this.

Arseholes. Utter arseholes.

Leonard Nimoy Explains the Origin of the Famous Vulcan Gesture

If the video can be embedded, I have no idea of the procedure. Mind, the first video, 2:45, is followed by a second, 2:29.

The first one I found very moving for some reason. Perhaps it’s hard for me to think of Mr. Spock as being of grandfatherly age … and he has great dignity in that clip.

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Nimoy Explains Origin of Vulcan Greeting

BY Yiddish Book Center | Feb. 27, 2015 | 2:46

As part of the Yiddish Book Center Wexler Oral History Project, Leonard Nimoy explains the origin of the Vulcan hand signal used by Spock, his character in the “Star Trek” series.


Leonard Simon Nimoy: March 26, 1931 – February 27, 2015


He lived long, and he prospered.

The Final Frontier

Goodbye Leonard Nimoy. Rest in Peace.

“Net Neutrality”

I live in NE Cheshire but in a real sense I live on the net. My ISP is SKY but it is over BT lines because I have no choice other than yodelling. Well, I have spent the last 6 plus months seeing the BT Overeach folks (as an IT guy – sort of) I shall use a technical term “fucking around” with the green boxes to no apparent effect. The broadband here is still (another techie term – I apologise) “utter shite”. Now why might this be? The UK coms biz was not privatised correctly. The end result was BT still owns the majority of the Cu and is doing nowt to the purpose about fibre. Virgin owns the rest. Even that is a lamentable story. Cable was allocated to two companies that both went bust (hence the Virgin takeover) but they weren’t allowed to compete. Each area had one or the other. What is the point? Especially when you consider they could only cable 50% of the properties in the UK and were banned from further digging. And yes, the law that allowed them to dig prevented them from running overhead lines.

So what is the problem? Is it new overhead lines being an eysore? drivel! You can wrap fibre around overheads such as the existing electricity cable that come into my house. I saw that on the BBC’s “Tomorrow’s World” when I had a ZX Spectrum. Is it digging the roads? Well, as long as they do it with alacrity (I live at the end of a cul-de-sac) OK. The short-term pain is worth the long-term gain and maybe (in an ideal World – you know the one where I’d have y’all round for unicorn steaks) that road needs re-metalling because it looks and feels like a Somalian goat-felcher’s trail. It is a fucking disgrace. When we had snow we made it passable. By which I mean us lot who lived on it did. Do I get a rebate on the council tax? I think you can guess the answer to that one.

Back to internet. The problem is whilst sort of nominally a PLC BT owns the net in the UK. You might go with a different ISP or whatever but BT own the infrastructure and that ain’t changing. Add this to their interior culture because when I worked for a bit at BT I was trained to not to put to fine a point on it push the BT as default telecoms provider. My trainer actually stated that “People want to like BT because it is an institution like the NHS”. Me and my mate J exchanged a glance worth a thousand words. Another guy on the training group took her on and said, “Isn’t that just market inertia?”. Precisely and a market inertia (I doubt she understood the meaning of either “market” or “inertia” though she was fat enough for the latter) that BT was and still is prepared to sit on it like a potentate on a copper throne. There then followed a talk on the current product (I was working in sales) BT was rolling-out which was the already obsolete ISDN. This included an explanation of the difference between analogue and digital that was beyond parody (I would need a whiteboard and you’d need good bladder control). Me and J exchanged knowing glances. J and I then went off on a tea-break and discussed various ADSL outfits.

That’s BT for you. They might be private but they still think they are state and act as such. They are utterly anti-competition and are a true dog in the manger. They have a legally protected semi-monopoly and it is not just legal but how they aspire to make people think and how they try (successfully) to make people think and that is company policy. Croney capitalism at it’s worst. They never truly became private.

And they are still doing it. If you live in the UK you might see the ads on telly about how the government DCMS is supplying “superfast broadband” (they make me want to perform GBH on Gideon). Why is it their job when BT was allegedly privatised decades ago? And need I add the green boxes down the road are emblazoned with EU logos claiming, “Superfast broadband is here”. They have been for over six months. Is it fuck!

The upgrading of the broadband round here has already taken longer than the ALCAN highway.

I despair.

“There ought to be a law”

The mainstream media is risibly attempting to portray Net Neutrality as a David-vs.-Goliath victory of the Little Guy over evil mega-corporations with a regulatory slingshot. It’s more like David inviting Godzilla into the ring to take out Goliath, without much thought for what Godzilla’s going to do afterward.

John Hayward, at Breitbart. But forget “net neutrality”; he’s neatly summed up there exactly what inviting the government to Do Something is always like. The state, as Samizdata has been reminding us for the past fifteen years, is not your friend.

We only wanted to go to the stoning…

Boko Haram it would appear have plumbed new depths. This time (thank the Gods!) not of depravity but of idiocy.

Yes, they decided to disguise themselves as ladies but without shaving their big, thick, I’m a Jihadi me beards. So they got scrobbled by the Nigerian Army. It also didn’t help they rolled into town in motors adorned with the flag of ISIS. Judging by this piccy they looked like Bernard Bresslaw in Carry on up the Kyber.

Yup, it makes Baldrick’s cunning plans seem like works of genius.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The World is fighting unspeakable evil and unspeakable stupidity.

The whole story is here. Not that I exactly trust the Dear Old Mail and not on military stories and certainly not with the primary source being the Nigerian military. I certainly don’t believe the stuff about bombing in the woods.

Paul Marks: An Introduction to the History of Israel

In case someone is unaware, Libertarian Home is a project of libertarian activist Simon Gibbs. There one finds interesting postings on aspects and issues of libertarianism by various writers, and ensuing comments and discussions by the general readership. From time to time there are also talks presented to audiences. Simon makes video recordings of these talks, writes up a summary (usually extraordinarily detailed and also faithful to the material), and presents both at the Libertarian Home site.

Paul Marks, known to this parish as “the Sage of Kettering” and our own authentic Marksist, last fall gave a 40-minute talk on the history of Israel which is highly informative and, as Simon notes, even-handed.

Paul begins with the Bar Kochba revolt of the Jews against Rome, at which time the Emperor Hadrian came up with the name of “Palestine” to refer to Judaea. He moves forward to British involvement in the M.E. prior to the official ending of the British Mandate in 1948, whereupon the State of Israel was born, and from there brings us to the present. Along the way there are remarks regarding land ownership, the kibbutzim and the course of the Israeli socialist project, a very good discussion of the violence of the Arabs and the Jews and some of the reasons behind it, the apparent move of the Israelis generally away from a leftist outlook back to a more conservative one, and more.

Paul is his usual engaging self; the video is to my mind a Do Not Miss.

Twas always True…

(Via @TechnicallyRon)

Even as far back as 1982, when I covered this event for the second time, I rang the Sounds office and said… Look, do we really have to? Most of these people are either dead or soon going to be. The reply was…. all the other Music papers are covering it, so get your skinny arse down there… Sheesh!


The countries with the healthiest diets overall were:
1. Chad
2. Sierra Leone
3. Mali
4. Gambia
5. Uganda
6. Ghana
7. Ivory Coast
8. Senegal
9. Israel
10. Somalia

The countries with the least healthy diets overall were:
1. Armenia
2. Hungary
3. Belgium
4. Czech Rebublic
5. Kazakhstan
6. Belarus
7. Argentina
8. Turkmenistan
9. Mongolia
10. Slovakia

From here.

Is it just me or is there something deeply disturbing about these lists. Other than Israel the “healthiest eaters” would appear to live in countries with some of the lowest life expectancies on the planet. The life expectancy of Chad is about 50-ish if memory serves and Belgium is about 80. Anyway, I’d rather drink Trappist ales and eat crepes than starve in Chad. And to be fair to our Central European chums (an area I know quite well) they do very nice food by and large. And the Czechs (who are mental in the best of ways) invented deep-fried cheese. Of course some of the sub-saharan life-expectancies are skewed by AIDS, war and terrible maternity care but nobody can seriously tell me Hungarians don’t tend to live longer, healthier, happier lives than a Gambian on the whole.

The advantages of reduced reliance on oil

Sheikh Bandar al-KhaibariEconomists often write panicky articles about “Peak Oil” and how the perceived sudden fall in oil supplies despite massive demand would result in global wars and economic collapse. The problem with this theory is that it fails to accurately appreciate technological changes, massive improvements in efficiency and developments in other forms of energy production.

In short, there was a time before the oil economy that we have presently (since about 1848) and there will be a time after it (somewhere beyond 2060)

This does not mean that we will drink the earth’s oil resources dry, but more likely that the costs of economic extraction gradually rises again until only those who have no other way of running their business (primarily the chemicals and plastics industry) will be buying it.

As the old saying goes, who wants to hold stock in the last buggy whip manufacturer? Even the chemicals and plastics industries will be forced to find alternate sources or go out of business.


Othello Syndrome.

No, I hadn’t heard of it either. I had all the right A-levels at the right grades to do medicine but I thought physics because I thought I’d rather have a star named for me than a disease. Ho hum! Anyhows do you want a glance at love’s young dream. They are purely belter. They make Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie look a bit shop-worn. Get your Nikes on for you shall need them…


… but not yet…

A little background first from the Mail

Britain’s most jealous woman to have gastric band surgery on the NHS so husband won’t stray (but he’s still not allowed to watch women on TV) Debbi Wood, 43, is paranoid her husband Steve, 32, will be unfaithful to her
She makes him take lie detector tests and checks his phone and e-mails
She even banned him from watching TV shows featuring women he fancies
Mother-of-two is 21st and wants to lose 10st but cannot afford the surgery
She says she eats a balanced diet and has not had a Big Mac for five years
Size 24 [UK size - different in the US] Mrs Wood has Othello Syndrome which causes delusional jealousy

She even put kiddy filters on his laptop. She lost it because he saw an advert for women’s razors because she thought he was ogling the model’s legs. Can’t blame him. I don’t have a lens suitable to photograph hers – and photography is a particular hobby of mine. Nobody filters my ‘net. I have moves on that score. Theresa May but I don’t. There are ways and means. Anyway if the bird in question (not our own dear Home Sec) is a sea-monster (and she is – call me Ishmael and all that) he is a wet haddock flopping around the dock at Grimsby. Dear Gods she seems obsessed with the possibility he fancies Anne Robinson! I’d consider homosexuality before drawing that card from the bottom of the deck. I quite fancy Cate Blanchett but my wife understands I have a crush on the Lady of Lothlorien. It isn’t an issue (she fancies her too). But Anne Robinson. Dear Sweet Jesus of Nazareth! No, I don’t fancy him either. He spends very little time in North East Cheshire – it would never work out.

Well, she may not have had a Big Mac for five years but she still looks like things I last saw in the Tennessee State Aquarium (well worth a trip BTW – if you like fish but I do – so elegant, so tasty). She looks like she was conceived a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and sired by Jabba the Pizza Hutt. To her sea-monster we have his wet fish. I’d best show you the next A-list couple…

…Be afraid… very afraid.


I assume that is them on their wedding day. Now, don’t get me wrong. Ugly people can bump their uglies (and he might be hung like a Grand National Winner) but he’s a got less substance than a string of cat-piss and she looks like Grendel’s Ma.

Now I have gone with the comedy here. I couldn’t help myself (clearly I am not alone on that score) but there are serious points here. What is love? Is a gastric band really the answer? I suspect her head is a bigger issue than her belly. As I said at the kick-off I’d never heard of Othello Syndrome. So is she paranoid (and he ain’t exactly the catch of the day) because she’s obese or she’s obese because she’s bonkers in the nut? Who knows? Now… I have had a number of relationships myself and have of course known many other people who had them but I can’t see how any sexual relationship can survive at all with that total lack of trust.

Is it perhaps just me but is this bizarre relationship almost a reality TV stunt. I don’t mean “put-up” by the TV but that two deeply unattractive characters (and I’m not just talking the physicalities here) see it as the only game in town? I mean if you have no skills, talent, physical attractiveness, anything really you just debase yourself. Andy Warhol got it wrong. Oh, he was (as ever) sort of on the money but 15 minutes was way too generous.

I have to add that The Mail article despite it’s stuff about Othello syndrome (neatly illustrated by a picture of Lenny Henry) leaves out Iago. Is there an Iago in Leicester. We need to know!

Lost her Marbles…

Shirley MacLaine has gone utterly tonto. It is entirely possible this is not a new thing. I know nothing about her and care even less. But let’s go…

She seems to think the victims of the Holocaust were being punished for sins from a previous life and that Stephen Hawking gave himself ALS to become “pure brain” unchained from the mere physical. (yeah, unchained from the physical for a physicist.

Normally I would regard these claims as the usual Hollyweird drivel but I shall fisk them. Why? I don’t know. I just feel like it and oddly enough it might make a couple of points. The first is logical (sort of), the second is empirical. Well, you can’t say fairer than that can you?

So let us assume past lives are real. What does that mean? Well, almost everything I’ve heard about reincarnation from Hindu Scriptures, Dr Who and of course shysters implies very strongly a level of continuity of some sort. Without that it is meaningless to the point of being beyond false (as the great physicist Wolfgang Pauli would put it, “Ganz Falsch!” or “Not even false”*. Well that is the first point. In order to believe that you have to believe in evil as intrinsic and in a bizarre sense inheritable. In a way it is like blaming me (born 1973) for slavery in the American colonies. The second point (almost too obvious to state) is that “I” was a Roman centurion at St Albans in the C2nd who worshipped Mithras. What “I” is that? I’m streaming Bruce Springsteen in a house in Cheshire in 2015 trying to type this tripe and find a suitable pro-qualification in computer security.

*I love that from Pauli. I love it.

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