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Green Disarray

Two things.

First, you Aussies oughtta be ashamed of yerselfs. Yes, I’m looking at you, Cats. And others of your unworshipful ilk. Just look at this headline from Eric Worall’s posting yesterday at WUWT, then go read the piece, and tell me how you guys can avoid hanging your heads in shame. The WO-O-ORRLLLD is coming to an end, and all you can think of is to put up some climate-denier babe to take over the Senate. The very idea!

Green Panic: “Deniers” may hold the Balance of Power in the Aussie Senate

Eric Worrall / 24 hours ago July 4, 2016

Pauline Hanson. By Dragons Abreast Australia – originally posted to Picasa as Pauline Hanson, Jenny Petterson, Michelle Hanton, Joanne Petterson, CC BY 3.0,

Greens are panicking in Australia in the wake of the recent cliffhanger Federal Election, as the likelihood grows that climate skeptic Pauline Hanson, who has repeatedly demanded a Royal Commission into Climate Change, will control the balance of power in the new Australian Senate.

“Australia Is Being Swamped By Climate Change Deniers”

With Pauline Hanson looking certain to return to parliament, there’s never been a worse time to be the Great Barrier Reef, writes Liz Conor.

“Fellow Austraiyans. If you are reading me now it means that I have become murderous.

“Murderously, apoplectically incensed.

“Pauline Hanson appears to have picked up a spot in our Senate at the time of writing, possibly even two or more. She will represent Queensland….” [snip]


But I have friends in the UK, not just in Oz, and I don’t want you Brits to feel left out, nor to think that your misdeeds will go unmarked and unchastised. For from Anthony W. his own self, we have this piece explaining that if some tiny bit of Gaia survives the predations of the Aussies against her, you folks will certainly make sure that the rest of our poor, dear planet goes out of existence instanter. Brexit! For shame. For SHAME!!!

Brexit: Green Industry Fears Break-Up Of Climate Consensus
Anthony Watts / 8 hours ago July 5, 2016

Britain & Germany May Delay Coal Phase-Out

The financial uncertainty triggered by the UK’s vote to leave the EU has sent shudders through virtually every industry, but Europe’s renewable energy sector faces even greater insecurity. The successful Leave campaign was led by several political figures opposed to tackling climate change by replacing fossil fuel power stations with wind farms and other sources of renewable energy. The campaign’s strategy committee included Lord [Nigel] Lawson, founder of the Global Warming Policy Foundation think-tank which says the science of climate change is “not yet settled”. –Pilita Clark, Financial Times, 4 July 2016

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union frees up the nation to set environmental rules independent of the other 27-nations in the bloc, raising the risk for renewable energy developers that restrictions will be loosened on coal power. –Jessica Shankleman, Bloomberg, 5 July 2016



The task is accomplished, so he returns to the farm.

Thank you Nigel, you are a good man.

This is pretty much the converse of BBC values.

So, can we dump HS2 now?

HS2 High Speed Rail

The existing plan really is a dog’s dinner that’s built with considerably more expense than it needs - Professor Rod Smith

HS2 will be afflicted by the same delays and inefficiencies as the rest of the rail network unless its design is radically altered, a top railways expert has warned.

Professor Rod Smith, the former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department of Transport, said linking the new high speed lines to the existing network would be a “disaster” that would “ruin reliability and punctuality”.

He said H2S could be delivered for just over half the predicted price of around £55 billion if it was built and operated as a fully separate network, as is the case with high speed rail in Japan.

The Imperial College academic, who supports the project in principle, pointed out that some of the train operators on the parts of the existing rail network that HS2 trains would use have extremely poor punctuality records.

High speed rail service HS2 will suffer the railways’ usual delays, expert warns

Quite simply, HS2 is one of those economic boon-dangles that we were in the process of building without any genuine clarity simply to appear to be “good Europeans“, certainly the overall business case for it was weak and gets weaker all the time and there is simply little support for it except from those expecting a piece of the action.

With a new PM and cabinet in the pipeline who have no political eggs in the HS2 basket, an incoming administration is exactly the time to place the entire HS2 plan in turnaround and unless it can be made credible, beneficial and workable it should be terminated.

There are far better ways of improving the capacity and reliability of our rail network than building new lines. Indeed sinking existing railway lines to accommodate European double-decker trains on suburban and inter-rail routes would do far more to ease pressures faced by commuters.

Another quote…

…from all our favourite music-hall comic,

“When I saw Mustangs over Berlin, I knew the jig was up.”

- Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring.

And he was right.

I am conflicted. Seriously. I have thought for ages of putting up a list of the truly great fighter ‘planes and it is difficult to compare across eras. So you can stuff your Spitfire and your English Electric Lightning (magnificent though they were). The P-51D does it for me.

For me better looking than the Spit (I know that is a hanging offence in England because by English law the only thing better looking than a Spitfire is Pippa Middleton’s buttocks), much better range and just pure sex to take the stick with. And when Major General James Doolittle* got his paws on the 8th Airforce and used the P-51s on the offensive rather than defensive. Well, in just over a week 17% of German fighter pilots were lost. The Luftwaffe never recovered.

The P-51 truly won the air-war over Germany.

*Rarely has anyone had a less appropriate surname.

The Vulture Award

The VA (aka Vacuous Arsehole) is a new award given to politicians, or just about anyone in public office, for making mortuary mileage out of a tragic demise.

The first winner of this prestigious medal is Maria Eagle, Labour MP for Garston and Halewood, for attempting to link yeserday’s appalling attack on, and subsequent death of, Labour MP Jo Cox,  a supporter of Remain, to the Brexit campaign.  Eagle is also awarded the DSB (Distinguished Steward’s Bar) for being lower than a worm’s anus; a stone hearted bitch who puts politics before whatever shred of humanity she might possess.

Someone should take Eagle aside and explain that you never go full retard, especially before the facts are known.  Contemptible actions by individuals like Eagle, to name but one of many, are the reason the public despises and distrusts so many politicians.

Feel free to make your own nominations for the award.  The field is target rich after all.


I probably don’t need to say it but I’m going to anyway.  Our thoughts are with Jo’s family and friends.  The senseless violence that took her from this world and her loved ones cannot go unpunished.  The person responsible should be locked up for the rest of his life and the key thrown away.  No one deserves to die the way Jo Cox did.  All she was trying to do was help.  RIP Jo Cox.

One born every minute.

AGAs were first imported into the UK in 1929 and are now solely manufactured by Aga-Rayburn in England. All the principal casting for AGA Cookers are made at the historic Coalbrookdale Foundry in Shropshire, where in 1709, Abraham Darby became the first person to smelt iron using coke instead of charcoal.

From Google, emphasis mine.

Someone, called Toby, of the Tribe known as the Bellendis Maximii. It would appear Tobe bought a pig in a poke. And got an extended warranty. Fools and their money rarely stay together.

The AGA allegedly cost GBP10,000 which bends spacetime. I recently bought a washing machine and it cost 274 notes (the old one – and it was old and was leaking like it had a prostate problems and behaving like a Dalek with the Dance of St Vitus. My new washer cost that inc. delivery, fitting, testing and ensuring I never saw the old Hotpoint again.

Anyone who spends 10 grand on a cooker is a mentalist. Have a look at this. That would do me. OK, the fitting and the rest is gonna what? Take it up to 300 notes tops. That is 3% of the AGA which doesn’t fucking work.

I mean really. What sort of twat buys an appliance for the cost of a fairly cheap car (The Dacia Duster SUV starts at 11 grand)? I could build a super-computer for ten grand. It’s the sort of thing I might do if I had the cash to flash. What I wouldn’t do is spend it on a cooker that looks like it was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

He only has himself to blame. You can’t even turn the fucking things on and off again without getting George Stephonson and last I heard he wasn’t on call. Even for the 150 quid AGA charges for a call-out. That is not including parts. The way I see that the only way to afford an AGA is to work for AGA. And to be fair even if I did I’d want like a Samsung. I want something a bit C21st and not Ivor the fucking Engine turning my kitchen into a scene from Mount Doom.


8th June, 1946

Although the war had ended the previous year, official victory celebrations took place across the British Empire seventy years ago today. Along with schoolchildren across, as far as I’m aware, the rest of the Empire*, my father (who was 13 at the time) received the following message from the King:

There’s not much to add, except that it’s quietly moving, in a very British sort of a way.

*Although theirs would have been subtly different. Notice the Scottish version of the Royal Arms. Fifty years later, my family was honoured with an invitation to the Royal garden party at Holyroodhouse. My dad – just like him – noticed that the English banner was flying above the palace. He mentioned this to some friends he’d met. One replied, “Oh, I’m sure the Household knows which flag to fly,” but another piped up, “I know. The Lord Lyon has been writing to the Palace for years about that”. I understand it’s been sorted out now.

The wisdom of the vandal

On the basis that one lot of second-guess vandalism deserves another, I thought I’d have a look at this. You may have seen the story where someone vandalised a pro-leave poster on the underground today. So let’s take a look.

“CRISIS – Immigration is out of control”“Is it? The problems in the middle east are out of control!”
Well it’s certainly true that the middle east is by far, a more crisis-ridden crappy dump than even Greece. Just because there is a larger problem somewhere else in the world, it in no way invalidates the reality that EU immigration to the UK cannot be controlled and is therefore, by definition, out of control.

“AFTER – open borders do not work”“I think they do. I quite like a trip to France/Spain/Italy without having to worry about a visa.”
Likewise, but that is not an argument which suggests open borders can co-exist with a comparatively generous welfare system and free at the point of use healthcare. Neither does it explain how unpredictable and often wildly under-estimated immigrant numbers can be adequately catered for in terms of infrastructure.

“CRISIS – The eurozone has failed”“Define failed? If by still operating and growing, while being the second biggest economy and the ability to help millions of refugees – yeah, it’s failed.”
How about “being unable to provide employment for millions of its own people, especially in Southern Europe where youth unemployment is touching 50% (sic). Having banks on the verge of collapse, having stagnant or collapsing economies. That’s a pretty gigantic failure. Whilst it’s true the EU is still a trade block of size, its relative position in the world is diminishing and the whole concept of a regional trade block in a digital connected world is very analogue.

“AFTER – The EU is a diminishing trade power in the world”
“Where did you head this crap? It’s the second biggest economy in the world”
It’s true the IMF think so on an absolute GDP basis, but if you look at GDP per capita, there’s not an EU country in the top six. Furthermore, current position is not indicative of movement or direction of travel which is the claim.

“CRISIS – We are losing more and more of our powers”“12% of your laws come from the EU not the 60% Boris claimed! These laws protect our farmers and the most vulnerable.”
It of course depends on what you count as a law, but I found a 2010 study from the house of commons library saying it was possible to justify any figure between 15% and 50%. Bear in mind the Lisbon treaty didn’t become enforceable in the UK until December 2009 and we could reasonably conclude that number may have been subject to upward pressure. I doubt you could find two farmers with good things to say about the CAP and I doubt the graffiti artist was a farmer. As regards the most vulnerable, you wonder how VAT on heating bills helps the vulnerable elderly during a cold snap. And to be honest, even 12% of our laws being imposed by a supranational, undemocratic, unaccountable plutocracy, is 12% too many.

So all things considered, I think our vandal might need a re-think

The lament of the home-sick Jihadi.

A British jihadist has told how he misses Greggs as well as his friends and family after fleeing for war-torn Syria.

The Islamic State fighter, who gives his name as Abu Abdullah Britani and speaks with a London accent, made the comments in a video interview posted on YouTube by an online news organisation.

My heart bleeds… Last time I had something from Greggs I felt an act of terrorism was occurring in my oesophagus. That’s why I now go to Subway or Pret where they sell food rather than the contents of kitty-pouches bowked into a pasty.

He goes on…

Britani also uses the interview, conducted in a trench in Syria, to say he felt compelled to travel to the country to avenge the “rape of sisters and the killing of children” – although he admits it is bloodthirsty.

So ISIS doesn’t rape, pillage and kill everything that walks or crawls? He’s either an idiot or deluded or believes it’s OK to do that for Allah (these are not mutually exclusive). I tend to go with idiot mainly. Going off to jihad seems increasingly to me like a sort of rebellion like punks in the ’70s with the major caveat that dying your hair pink and getting a nasal septum ring is not the same thing in terms of externalities. I am fairly sure Johnnie Rotten never raided a Yazidi school, massacred the teachers and then raped the girls. Both tracks are “acts of rebellion”. One annoys your Gran and the other is plain evil.

But there is something else going on with this guy which is deeply conservative (note the small “c”). When I go abroad I want to eat different food and experience a different culture. But I have seen enough Brits abroad who consider places like Costa Brava or Malta as Blackpool with better weather. Drinking bitter in the “Red Lion” and tucking into fish and chips whilst reading The Mail. They are arseholes in my book but mostly harmless like the punks.

This fellow isn’t and if he ever returns to the UK he ought to dragged on a sled down Newcastle’s Grey Street on a Saturday night and have all the lads and lasses pelt him to death with Gregg’s Steak Bakes.

That’ll learn him. And it is all they are good for anyway.

The one where iDave is right…

I have met a number of people who were of the opinion Nigeria was hopelessly corrupt. Most of them Nigerian which was why they lived in England.

So iDave was “undiplomatic” but he spoke the truth. If that ain’t true explain this.. A few years ago we dumped a sofa and I slit it and got eight quid out of it. I want a Nigerian sofa because that is a hell of a lot of sponds to go astray. Obviously I’d need a hole in the ceiling and a Sepp Blatter to get on it to watch Sky.

And that is just the military budget. So don’t piss on my my back and tell me it is raining.

Yes, we give Nigeria a lot of aid. It mainly goes the way of Keyser Söze. I don’t mind some of my cash going to build wells and such for the desperately poor but lining the pockets of gits is a bit above and beyond.

We do enough of that here anyway.

This is England 2016.

Now all us footie fans (who are scum – recall – he’s on the watch-list) rejoiced at Leicester winning the Premiership…

Good news!

Now for the bad news.

The BBC interviewed loads of Leicester fans. One bloke who was about 40 said he was double-pleased because at the start of the season he’d put a GBP50 bet on Leicester at odds of 5000-1. He looked and sounded pretty middle class. He was asked what he’d do with his winnings. His reply was that it would go towards a deposit for a mortgage.

It is a pretty pass when you have to get a 5000-1 win at the bookies to afford to buy a home in Leicestershire.

PS Look at this.

Beyond the Swedish Model

All Parliamentary Group on Prostitution

British men who use prostitutes while abroad on stag parties should be prosecuted in the UK under new laws that make paying for sex illegal, according to a report backed by a senior MP.

Sex tourists and businessmen who pay for prostitutes on expense accounts would also be criminalised under the proposals in the Sex Buyer Law report published today.

The report, commissioned for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Prostitution by the campaigning group End Demand, says payment for sex in the UK should be made illegal and recommends Parliament “strongly considers” extending the offence to payments abroad.

Sex tourists who pay for prostitutes abroad ‘should face prosecution in UK’ (Independent)

So not only are we talking about the government proposing to turn the dynamics of the sex trade upside down and making what is already a grey area in UK law actually illegal (for the men so desperate for a shag that they have to lay out cold hard cash for it), but we are also going to criminalise that which other countries have already decriminalised and some of them (like Germany) only relatively recently.

How’s that going to work then? PC Plod & co. outside the whorehouses of Old Amsterdam then? No. Thought not. Just because the US Government thinks they can get away with extra-territoriality (one of the worst aspects of good old British colonial justice), the UK’s own Social Justice Warriors want a slice of the action.

Whilst this is allegedly meant to “help” your average streetwalker in that she can no longer get done by the police for soliciting (and therefore presumably no longer has to do “favours” for the boys in blue to turn a blind eye to her activities), what will not help her is if the “Johns” are too shit scared to approach her for fear of being arrested for what is already a somewhat fraught exchange at best.

As with drugs the current model of legalisation used in Holland and Germany strikes the right balance between allowing the ladies to go about their business in a non-threatening environment with tax being collected and their health being monitored.

The Swedish model does none of that, it simply persecutes the male (who are the primary purchasers of sex), without providing any other benefit in the name of “reducing demand” because of over-exaggerated claims of “sex trafficking”.

The authors of this report, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution should be all given “a short drop and a sudden stop” preferably with hempen ropes, because it is the only way to stop this sort of bansturbating nonsense.

Christ on an electrically charged moped give me strength.

They say that like it was a bad thing

Sky News: Charity Dentists Filling Gaps In NHS Funding.

Interview: Ronald Coase

Herewith economist Dr. Ronald Coase, interviewed in 2002 by Richard Epstein for the Liberty Fund’s “Intellectual Portrait” series. Dr. Coase sketches his background, and then discusses such topics as public utilities, in particular the water supply and the Post Office, how these came to be state-owned in Britain, and the reasoning that led to the state-owned BBC. Notes that the Educated Classes approved: for it was necessary to raise the tone of the culture of the lower classes. He explains that having started as a socialist, sheer observation persuaded him that free enterprise works better. He discusses the famous Lighthouse Example, and states that in the end, governments are necessary to determine (i.e. define) what will be the property rights, and to enforce them.

About an hour.


I once saw XH558. She (all ‘planes are “hers”) at Southport Airshow.

This is how it happened. I was sitting on the beach and this thing came in stage right. It was fucking utterly awesome. I have seen many flying machines but this was something else. At the left end of the beach it stood on it’s tail and lit the fires and went vertical. I can still feel the heat of the four Rolls Royce Olympus Turbojets. The very fire of the Gods. It is on my top ten list along with Angel Falls in Georgia, USA, the Caldera of Santorini, Greece, at dawn, the Tennessee River in er… Tennessee, the birth place of Aphrodite in Cyprus, The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, this Thinkpad, a pair of Phantoms supersonic over Bamburgh Beach, the buses of Malta and some other things. Most recently the Glasgow Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre. I have seen things on three continents. Wondrous things. But that ‘plane…

It was emotional. I have seen flying things. I have seen Enola Gay (static display and surrounded by plexiglass to prevent numpties damaging it – I had to go to Virginia for that). The Vulcan was something else mind. So low, so fast, so agile.

It made a tour of the North West on Saturday. A goodbye tour. I shall never see it fly again and nor shall you. For shame! It was built just up the road from me in Stockport. AVRO no longer exists. Oh, Hell as a kid I got onto, in Newcastle, my town of birth, HMS Illustrious which was on a courtesy visit to it’s home port on the Tyne. Now that was at Swan Hunter. I think the Neptune Yard. All gone so many years ago.

So very sad.

But what is sadder is this…

I have a thing. I am good at maths. Very good. This means I am good at physics and not bad with computers. But I am smart enough to know my limits. I am utterly pantage with languages. My wife doesn’t (shame!) know dy/dx of sin(x) = cos(x) but she does know what a gerund is. What the fuck is a gerund anyway? And how come people get interested in the human and not the universal? Maths is the universal. It is so true it is scary.

Now you either see the beauty or you don’t. Of course there are also Maxwell’s Equations. And the equations of Thermo-D. “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!” Do you have any idea how many accessible microstates exist for a can of Coke at 300K? It’s a lot. And this is all true.

So, I know about this stuff. Yes, but as I hinted, there are shed-loads I know nothing about. I also know about flight. Why? Well I know aerodynamics and things. I also love ‘planes. I have loved them since before I could read. I know ‘planes. Lads my age had posters of Kylie. I had an F-15 on the wall. I’d love to fly the F-15. What I’d like to do with Ms Minogue is a matter between her me and the wallpaper.

So, there are things I know about and things I couldn’t pretend to (though I do understand Kylie – I just can’ get her out of my head – not in that frock anyway). So when XH558 got stricken from the list I was annoyed. And then I was mental when I read this…

This is from the Daily Fail…

Britons given a final chance to see an icon of the skies as the Vulcan fighter jet begins its farewell tour of the nation.

I do know about aircraft and that ain’t a “fighter”. That was designed to slam nuclear weapons at Moscow. Yes, it was that awesome. And it still was when I saw it. It was awesome when a Vulcan did Operation Blackbuck. At the time the longest bombing raid ever. Subsequently the USAF has beaten that with B-1s, B-2s and the very old soldier the B-52 (I read an interview in The Times with a B-52 pilot whose Grand-father was also a B-52 pilot – when it finally quits the youngest airframes will be 80 years old. It has generally been used against goat-molestering Qu’ran botherers recently (Commies before). Odd thing about the 2 billion dollar B-2 is that nobody at the USAF or Northrop-Grumman thought to include a bed. So, for 36 hour missions, the aircrew installed a chaise longue for a bit of a kip. And this was to bomb the utter wrecks who couldn’t even conceive of a stealth bomber. I mean these were folks who banned the flying of kites.

You see I know my limits. I know a lot about various stuff. I also know there are many things I know little about. So the retirement really narks.

And calling the ‘plane a fighter just adds pignorence to injury. Thanks Daily Fail.

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