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A Brave Man…

Yang Jisheng. A Chinese academic who has written a book that might do Mao’s memory irreparable damage. Yes, it’s about the Great Famine that resulted from Mao’s absurd and evil schemes. Yang Jisheng – at great personal risk – dug out the archives on a period of human insanity and vileness that ought to be at least as well known as the Holocaust or Stalin’s purges.

Here’s a taster (for want of a better word).

A decade after the Communist party took power in 1949, promising to serve the people, the greatest manmade disaster in history stalks an already impoverished land. In an unremarkable city in central Henan province, more than a million people – one in eight – are wiped out by starvation and brutality over three short years. In one area, officials commandeer more grain than the farmers have actually grown. In barely nine months, more than 12,000 people – a third of the inhabitants – die in a single commune; a tenth of its households are wiped out. Thirteen children beg officials for food and are dragged deep into the mountains, where they die from exposure and starvation. A teenage orphan kills and eats her four-year-old brother. Forty-four of a village’s 45 inhabitants die; the last remaining resident, a woman in her 60s, goes insane. Others are tortured, beaten or buried alive for declaring realistic harvests, refusing to hand over what little food they have, stealing scraps or simply angering officials.

When the head of a production brigade dares to state the obvious – that there is no food – a leader warns him: “That’s right-deviationist thinking. You’re viewing the problem in an overly simplistic matter.”

I have just been out to buy cat food because kitty’s cupboard was bare. Now that is not “right-deviatonist thinking” – that’s arithmetic. You have twelve pouches of cat food and the cat eats twelve pouches then poor kitty then has none and I have to get my boots on. This blog is called “Counting Cats” and at some level little Timmy (who is not exactly a maths professor at Cambridge) has a stronger grasp on arithmetic than a Chinese Communist apparatchik. He at least has a folk conception of zero and will mewl until the situation is ameliorated and because I am not a Communist apparatchik but a reasonable, rational human being so do I.

I increasingly regard Communism as a religion – a bizarrely humanly invented one. It’s the only way I can understand the squaring of “never jam today” with the fact there clearly isn’t any jam, nor was there, nor will there be and jam doesn’t happen by wishing it to be so. I guess what I’m saying is these committed communists (and Yang Jisheng was one in his youth – even when his father starved to death in front of his eyes – another reason Yang Jisheng is a brave man – to challenge everything you were brought up to believe and admit you followed a false prophet for years is intellectually brave).

I say a “bizarrely human invented religion” and I need to clarify what I mean. This is hard. What Communism (in most forms) does is create a quasi-religious mythology that manages – all too often – to get away with the seeming paradox of championing the “ordinary Joe” whilst deifying whatever “Great Leader” lives in the palace. But there is another paradox and it is the conflation of “religion” and “science” (and the scare quotes are there for a reason). The reason of course is that it is neither religion nor science but a load of hokum dressed-up in pseudo scientific terms and expressed in an almost transcendental manner. That is Communism’s power. It touches both the bases of a quasi-mystical “worker’s paradise” where money is too cheap to meter (religion) with what appear to be scientific arguments that this state of affairs is not just desirable and doable but inevitable if only everyone believes enough. Like bringing Tinkerbell back. It’s a heady brew appealing simultaneously to both idealism (of a sort) and a faux rationalism. Do I dare go further and suggest the obvious contradictions here fit with a belief in the dialectic and thesis hitting antithesis as the engine of progress?

I don’t believe that because I can see when the cupboard is bare. As I said so can a relatively simple critter such as the Dear Kitty. Yes, Mao refuted by a cat! No where have I heard that one before? I can also spot intellectual bankruptcy as well as cat food deficits. And it is intellectually bankrupt. Occam’s razor cut’s the throat of Communism. I mean there is either no food because of colossal mismanagement (I also regard such epic mismanagement as actually evil in somewhat the same way I regard homeopathy, quacks, cults and any number of other frauds*). Of course some of the agents are poor misguided souls who like Agent Mulder “want to believe” and some just wish to gain power and stuff and see this as a convenient vehicle and the synergy of faux-science with faux-religion is a powerful vehicle for that. Just get your ouija board out and ask the shade of L Ron Hubbard. Some of course are just thugs and some just terrified of those thugs. Yang Jisheng became neither and for that I salute him.

*Examples of Communist intellectual bankruptcy might include Lysenkoism Or Stalin’s truly bizarre objection to Fermi-Dirac statistics in Quantum Mechanics – Fermions within a system all have to have different quantum states – so they “don’t collectivise” was Uncle Joe’s objection. The idea of Joe Stalin being well-up on cutting edge physics is peculiar enough but what is really weird is that that is bizarrely atavistic as well as showing some (deranged) understanding of physics it is a prime example of someone who would undoubtedly have called himself a materialist objecting to the nature of… matter itself on a spurious quasi-religious “make it so!” basis. There was also a bizarrely vile attempt under Uncle Joe to produce a subservient soldier/worker class (Morlocks?) by attempting (against both any er… conceivable ethics or even brute biological science) to cross humans with gorillas. Deranged science and deranged ideology hand-in-paw. Some women actually volunteered to be (artificially) inseminated with Ape jizz. Seriously. Now that really is pseudo-science allied to some sort of “vision thing”.

Life In An Insane Society

One of my, er, “themes” is something like this: the modern, with-it libertarian needs to see our problems as more than an “us versus the State” thing. It’s not just the State. In fact, in many aspects, the behaviour of the State in Britain (and elsewhere) is not so much a driving force as a reflection of our society.

As individualists, we are sometimes loathe to personify “society” as having an existence of its own, so when I say “society” I of course mean, the attributes of millions of individuals. If I say, “our society is socially reserved”, I mean, “the people in our society are socially reserved”, and if I say, “our society is religious”, I mean, “the people in our society are religious”. But I don’t want to say either of those things. I want to say that our society is mad.

By which I mean, the people in our society are mad. Not all of them. But there are generally mad ideas now permeating our society. Here is a prime example-

A primary school teacher, whose record is spotless, who has committed no wrongdoing whatsoever, beloved by his pupils and his parents and admired by colleagues has been banned from working because he let children hug him.

This is mad.

Parents campaigned to overturn the decision, saying he was an excellent teacher who had been unfairly treated because he is a man.

Yet his appeal against dismissal was rejected by a panel of governors at Oliver’s Battery school in Winchester, Hampshire, and now the General Teaching Council (GTC) has banned him from classrooms indefinitely – even though it acknowledged that there was “no single serious episode” and that “no child has been seriously harmed”.

Now I shouldn’t need to say this, and it is a sign of societal madness that I have to; physical contact between adults and children is entirely normal and indeed essential. I was a child once. Hugging and being held and picked up and swung around for fun, and feeling adult arms around me if I was upset, and adult hands upon me to grab me away from doing something naughty, these were all part of childhood. Children need and respond to physical affection. They do so because they are animals, because human beings are animals, and body language is part of our genetic heritage. One of the most basic human interactions is the hug, which provides a sense of safety, and comfort, and well-being. Who cannot pity a child who is never hugged? What kind of a deranged society have we ended up in that denies basic human affection?

Although there was no suggestion of any sexual motive, he was dismissed from the school where he had worked for eight years.

And there is the problem. That, right there. Thanks to the campaigning of a ragbag of deranged feminists and femiservatives, we now make the assumption of some kind of sexual motive for any interaction between a man and a child. This is ludicrous.

Look, feminutters. There are a certain small proportion of people who have a fetish for children. Some of them will act upon that fetish, and some will do ghastly things. But it is a tiny minority. You cannot base a society on the presumption that it is the norm. To do so leads to madness.

Let me put it this way. There are a small proportion of people with a fetish for shoes. Some of them will do disturbing things in the presence of shoes. It does not follow that every man who touches a shoe is a shoe fetishist, and that men shouldn’t be allowed to work in shoe shops in case they creep off to the back room for a quick polish. You cannot start suspecting every man/shoe interaction of having a sexual undertone. The reality is that the overwhelming majority of men are not suppressing a lust for shoes, nor does every man has a shoe-lover inside him waiting to burst out if he gets too much shoe exposure. Most men simply have no sexual interest in shoes at all and the same is true of children.

But in fact, now, thanks to decades of remorseless campaigning, that is presumed regarding men and children. Every man is a suspect. Every man is guilty until proven innocent. As Richard Nixon said, “We are all paedophiles now”.

The case will fuel the debate around a shortage of men in British classrooms.

Around a quarter of primary schools – including Oliver’s Battery – now have no male teachers, and experts have warned that a lack of male role models may be putting boys off school at an early age.

And there’s the crux of the matter. We need to face up to the fact that a considerable proportion of feminutters, virtually the whole movement in fact, let’s be honest here, just want to drive men out of interacting with children. They want ownership of childhood. They want men to be providers, in terms of money, and to help when asked, but they otherwise want men out of the picture, particularly in that long-term female bastion, the education system. They would prefer that not a single man were in a position to teach children at all, particularly at the primary level, those crucial years when the first steps of indoctrination-via-education take place. This, ultimately, is a primary reason why the Paedohysteria is so useful to them. And so, the promotion of the idea that a sexual abnormality present in only a tiny proportion of the population- sexual interest in children- is widespread and epidemic, is put in place. And thus, we descend into madness.

This, boys and girls, is what tyranny looks like.

h/t The Anti-Feminist

What do these stories have in common?

All from the front page of the Telegraph… I’m lazy blogging today!

Fifa president Sepp Blatter to face ethics committee
The Fifa ethics committee has opened an investigation into its president Sepp Blatter after Mohamed bin Hammam requested ethics proceedings were opened against the Swiss head of world football.

Do I need to add here that the Quatari Mohamed bin Hammam is not without the odd skellington in his closet. Or the bloody rest of them. An a FIFA ethic committee – give me strength! They are all corrupt. They’re just falling out over jealousy because some got bunged more than others. Frankly I’d rather watch Sunday league than the World Cup.

Ratko Mladic arrested: doctors assessing health
Doctors will today determine if Ratko Mladic, the former army general responsible for the worst atrocities of the Bosnian war, is fit to appear in court, a day after he was captured in by Serbian commandos.

Well if it were up to me Mladic’s health would be best described as stable – permanently. But this all smacks of politics. Like Bin Laden he’s only now been scrobbled because it has been judged politically expedient to do so. And of course his day in court is of course to see if he can be extradited to The Hague which is bitterly ironic considering the fact Dutch troops were complicit in his most notorious crime at Srebrinca. Ah they say they were only follows orders complying with the letter of a UN resolution. Well perhaps if their commander at the time had thought, “Fuck this! Right lads! Lock and load and if they bloody well want to court-martial me bring it on!”

Baby P council boss Sharon Shoesmith wins appeal against sacking
Sharon Shoesmith, the former children’s services chief of Haringey council, is in line to win around £500,000 in compensation after winning a Court of Appeal battle over her sacking following the death of Baby P.

Well Shoesmith ought to have been sacked – at least. But the investigation showed everyone involved was guilty. Shoesmith took the drop without proper process because it would appear Mr Ed Balls who was Secretary of in a Right State for Children* , Families** & Schools*** wanted a scapegoat to get the tabloids off his back so he could concentrate on all the fine work he was doing.

What these stories all have in common apart from being the top three (apart from something about Cheryl Cole – a shampoo seller from Newcastle, apparently) in the Torygraph (and pretty much the same in the Grauniad and probably similar in The Grimes) is that they have no white hats.

They are all the unspeakable in pursuit of the unspeakable. There is no honour or decency in any of the key actors here. They’re like EastEnders plots (and why I quit watching that years back) about vile people screwing over vile people and moreover they have nothing to do with any form of genuine justice. Instead they re all about collusion and complicity.

PS. And why social services involved in repeated assaults on a baby? Should that not by a police matter? and why an “ethics committee” for bribery and corruption? Those are not ethical matters but crimes. There is a difference. Ethics are matters of individual conscience and crimes are the same throughout a jurisdiction. I’m not exactly sold on “crimes against humanity either”. That Serbian guttersnipe ought to be tried simply as a mass murderer.

*Tomorrow belongs to them.
** Manson families.
*** Of Scandal.

The one where Nick self-Godwins…

Thanks to Mr Cats I have taken another look at the deeply sinister Optimum Population Trust.

Singapore is the world’s most overpopulated state, followed by Israel and Kuwait, according to a new league table ranking countries by their degree of overpopulation. The UK is 17th in the table.

Mid-table mediocrity again! Curses! But yes, it’s them pesky Jews at it again! I mean seriously this is utter wank. How many Israelis are there? 6 million? One tenth of the UK? Even if they are global enemy number two in terms of their usage of “global hectares” (an OPT abstraction of very dubious value) then so what, really? And Singapore is a real shark jump for the OPT. It’s a bloody city state! D’oh! You might as well claim that Mancunians can’t feed themselves with stuff they grow in window boxes and completely ignore the fertile lands of Cheshire and Lancashire that surrounds the city. But back to Israel. The OPT thinks the planet is seriously over-populated and doom will come of it. If I was them I’d massage the figures (which are basically made-up anyway) and leave the Jews out of it. It carries a certain amount of baggage. I mean these great green guardians don’t want to sound like Hitler do they? Actually I suspect they don’t care.

The Overpopulation Index, published by the Optimum Population Trust to mark World Population Day, July 11, is thought to be the first international “league table” to rank countries according to the sustainability of their populations – the extent to which they are living within their environmental means.

It examines data for over 130 individual countries and concludes that 77 of them are overpopulated – they are consuming more resources than they are producing and are dependent on other countries, and ultimately the Earth a whole, to make good the difference.

This is beginning to sound like a bid for global domination. So yeah, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Ghengis bleeding Khan et al. Music to those fellows ears…

Middle Eastern and European countries dominate the index, with nine and eight respectively among the 20 most overpopulated. China and India, despite being bywords for overpopulation, rank lower, at 29th and 33rd respectively. The world as a whole, meanwhile, is overpopulated by two billion – the difference between its actual population and the number it can support sustainably, given current lifestyles and technologies.

Yet again the word “sustainable” is used incorrectly and of course the collectivism shines through. Is my pleasant piece of England over-populated? I mean I remember when this was all trees. Oh, wait, it still is! No it isn’t over-populated. Is a slum in Mumbai (you know the ones the Greenies routinely hold-up as a model for the future) over-populated? I think so. Let’s just accost a random Mumbai slum dweller and ask if they prefer living in a a one room shack and crapping in a bucket in the corner eh? Or if they’d prefer my gaff? Do I need to fly to India to work this one out. Of course if I did I could offset my carbon via Popoffsets which would probably just about pay from the Mumbai slum dweller to be spayed. Indira would be proud. Of course I could just hitch to London and de-knacker Johnnie Porridge with two spoons and a rusty agricultural implement.

The calculations have been made possible by advances in the methodology of ecological footprinting, which measures the area of biologically productive land and water required to produce the resources and absorb the waste of a given population or activity and expresses this in global hectares – hectares with world-average biological productivity.

The index uses data contained in the latest Ecological Footprint Atlas, produced last year by the Global Footprint Network and based on figures for 2006. Data were available for over 130 states. The atlas assesses the ecological footprint and biocapacity (renewable biological productivity) of a country on a per capita basis. The index measures the proportion of a country’s average per capita footprint not supplied from its own biocapacity to determine how dependent it is on external sources.

Ya what? That is gibberish. Let’s compare and contrast two wealthy countries. Let’s compare Japan and New Zealand. They are not dissimilar in size but are massively dissimilar in population. Do both work? Well, yes. At different things. Which is why you might buy a Japanese car or camera but get your wine or lamb from New Zealand. This strange idea of national self suffiency is barking mad. It’s the bloody Good Life on a global scale. And if you have ever watched that show the Goods are only self-sufficient because Jerry and Margot are forever digging them out of the shit – sometimes literally.

The population of Africa as a whole, while not exceeding its biocapacity share, has both higher levels of fertility and poverty than any other continent. OPT chair Roger Martin described this as “a stark illustration of the unfortunate trade-offs between growing populations and sustainable livelihoods which we are currently seeing”.

That’s nasty. It’s also wrong. One of the greatest periods of economic development ever seen happened in Britain under Victoria. You heard the phrase “how the other half live”? That dates from around the start of Victoria’s reign and refers to the half of the population of this country who didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. By the time Victoria died she might not have been amused but most of the rest of us were much less disgruntled. And there were a lot more of us too.

He said: “Some people may argue that in a world of international trade, national self-sufficiency doesn’t matter. We think that’s a very short-sighted view. You don’t have to be a little Englander or an eco-survivalist to conclude that in an era of growing shortages – food, energy, water – being so dependent on the outside world puts us in a very vulnerable position. With the rest of the world, including many countries much poorer than the UK, supplying three-quarters of our overall needs, it’s also morally questionable.”

Well, it might be morally questionable if we were parking gunboats in peoples harbour and trading beads with the natives. Rog, economics 101, Money can be exchanged for goods and services. Rog, seriously. Do you really think it is unfair to the South Africans, say, to not buy their wine or to not buy Australian coal because we are forcing kangaroos to dig it out on pain of death or something. Rog my friend you don’t grok how trade works. You see it as a win/lose not a win/win. I mean there is a limit to the amount of roast lamb even a New Zealander can account for so they sell it elsewhere. There is no way the Argentinians can consume as much beef as they raise but due to this thing called “trade” they can obtain other things like egg-whisks and Audis, comic books and CDs and all sorts of things. It’s really quite neat and it has been going on since Ugg swapped a surplus axe with Ogg who had a spare spear.

“To reduce our impact on the planet, we need to think about both numbers of consumers and how much they consume, and the UK is doing exceptionally badly on both fronts. Had we published this calculation last year, my understanding is that the UK would have been in 19th position. In terms of numbers – and therefore in terms of sustainability – we are still moving in the wrong direction, both in the table and in reality. It’s about time we woke up to the fact that the UK has a real population problem.”

You know there would have been a time when this was seen as progress. Indeed a time when “progress” was not a filthy word like “crevice”.


You haven’t heard that term for a long time have you? Not something the Guardian, or the Telegraph, or even the Newspaper of Record, All the News That’s Fit to Print, The New York Times, is likely to print.

Well, it happens, so lets start calling it what it is.

Anti-Christian Pogrom In Pakistan

Six Christians burnt alive in Pakistan violence

Shahbaz Bhatti, minister for minorities, said a mob "misled by religious extremists," attacked a Christian neighborhood and torched dozens of houses.

Yeah, sure.

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