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MAC on the Cinderella Law

Mac on the Cinderella Law

Laugh of the Day.

On the day that Antony Wedgewood-Benn was buried… So long Tone, let’s hope we don’t see your like again soon…

I was watching the Chase (a half way decent UK quiz show). This question was asked…


What did Tony Benn want removed from British Postage Stamps in the 60’s?

The contestant answered …

The Glue?

Ah from the mouths of clueless quizzers eh? the wrong answer of course but so very very right about Tony Benn. He really was that barmy.

Off to Dorset for a week.

Cartoon of the Week.

And God Created ….

The Creation Story As Told by the Dog

On the first day of creation, God created
the dog.

On the second day, God created man to
serve the dog.

On the third day, God created all the
animals of the earth (especially the horse)
to serve as potential food for the dog.

On the fourth day, God created honest toil
so that man could labor for the good of the

On the fifth day, God created the tennis ball
so that the dog might or might not retrieve it.

On the sixth day, God created veterinary
science to keep the dog healthy, and the
man broke.

On the seventh day, God tried to rest, but He
had to walk the dog.

–Author Unknown

Cartoon of the Week.

'Oh look, Cherie. Here's that old comfort letter I wrote to myself just before invading Iraq.'

An Exchange of E-Mails

Source is an image, but the whole thing is too good, too inspirational, not to share. Dedicated particularly to Nick, and any other Kitty-Kounting Konsultants from Zanzibar. :>)))

“I Wish I Worked with This Man”

Speaking of the Minimum Wage …

Minimum Wage

Thanks to Mark Alexander’s Patriot Post.

Cartoon of the Week.


Weekend Humour

At last an end to the religious debate…

The end of the religeous debate

Never say “Impossible.”

34 sec., in, out, done!

PS. One commenter’s observation, not too far down the page, elicits a discussion worth noting:

Peggy Larson
1 month ago

Please check the collar on that kitten. Often owners don’t loosen collars as the kitten grows and it strangles them. See this a lot in my vet clinic.

The world catches up

The Huffington Post indulges itself in a post about twins who, to the best of everyone’s knowledge, aren’t siblings.

Hmph. They are years behind the Kitty Kounters

Anyway, tomorrow morning I’m off for a few days. A short boat trip around the Whitsunday Islands. Just north of here.

Toodle pip. See you on Sunday, maybe.

Cartoon of the Week.

Matt Cartoon

Cooking with Nick Griffin

Yes, you heard it right. For my next trick I suspect it’ll have to be kite-surfing with the Dalai Lama.

Anyway, Nick Griffin, the now bankrupt leader of the BNP is presenting cookery shows on Youtube. I suppose it’s a bit like de-snagging LANs with Hitler. Or something. “Goering, you never told me this network was installed by a Herr Cohen!!!”. I digress and must move on because I have a 9am building a tokamak with Ant & Dec.

Anyway, here is the new Nigella in all his shambolic glory.

Well, there are things to note. I can cook and a beef casserole is one of my “signature dishes”. OK, I’m not exactly Michel Roux Jr (who is a perfidious frog, obviously – despite being a UK citizen – and my Mum fancies him!) and Mr Griffin cooked this veritable feast upon an Aga which is of course Swedish and we don’t want those Scandies coming over here with their affordable, but unfathomable furniture and their raping and pillaging of Lindisfarne (Northumberland folk-rock *shudder*) and all that. I once saw a doc about a plumber of Pakistani origin who fixed Agas. He was making a mint out of deranged cougars in Surrey who thought the path to enlightenment required the boiler from the Great Eastern chugging away in their kitchen. Anyway this guy who was doing well (and fair play) branded himself as “The Aga Khan”. It amused me.

Please watch the whole thing if you can. It is long but hilarious in parts. Some of it didn’t exactly amuse me though such as Nicky wearing a “Help for Heroes” shirt. I wonder what the Gurkhas or the many other Commonwealth troops in our armed forces think of that? Or what women make of it or how anyone who isn’t a total moron takes his advice on the need to remove the foil from a stock cube? Well the last one is funny. As are some similar “Top Tips”…

Fred Rubin: The New York Athletic Club

Uploaded on Mar 17, 2010

Fred Rubin was born and raised in Chicago. For twenty-three years he wrote and produced network television sitcoms, working on such classics as “Diff’rent Strokes,” “Night Court,” and “Archie Bunker’s Place.” He is currently an assistant professor at UCLA in the department of theatre, film and television. He’s been telling jokes since the age of three.



Standard YouTube License

Cartoon of the Week.

Matt cartoon January 3

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