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Cartoon of the Week.

Matt cartoon, July 23

Ruthie vs. Hair

Ruthie vs. Hair.Cartoon, posted to CCiZ, 7:14:16

Ken Catalino – Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Humour – Spot the Joke

The New European - The Pop-up Paper for the 48 percent

Subscriptions to The New European are available here:  <Link>

Quote of the Day, July 1, 2016: Hair

It would take a very special person to accept the VP position under Donald Trump.

First of all, the person has to be able to stomach Donald Trump. ….


[The whole thing is a short, serious, and deliciously snide piece, on the Veep possibilities. (There's also a bit of snark from YrsTrly.)]

Cartoon of the Millennium.

Matt cartoon

And now a little light music… while Remain fiddles the vote.

The Who at their finest, even with the evident use of Uncle Sigmund’s Peruvian Marching Powder.

Velcome to ze House of Fun.

Angela Merkel

Ve haf more than enough dizzy with power pills to go around.

Why Stop at Trump?

Shrill, Chthulhu, & the Trumpster

H/T: WattsUpWithThat, courtesy of Russell Seitz

Cartoon of the Week.

Adams cartoon, May 23

Cartoon of the Week.


Cartoon of the Week.

‘Rumour has it that it’s a fake.’

“Rumour has it that it is a fake.”

The Evil King is Dead

The Evil King is Dead

Cartoon of the Week.

Super Tuesday – Mock the Candidates

Bernie - Can I live 8 more years

White Lies Matter

Trump - He's a Winner

I Won’t Eat Sugar Unless It’s Green

Look for it in your local supermarket, or at WUWT.

Domino Carbon-free Sugar

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