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Ding Dong the Leech is Dead…

…in the water.

Huhne, no longer able to cling to power like the proverbial turd to a blanket, has finally resigned after being charged with perverting the course of justice.  Now comes the circling of the climate change wagons. Neil O’Brien, Director of Policy Exchange writes in the Daily Telegraph:

The next climate change minister must learn from Chris Huhne’s successes and failures

There were successes? Well I suppose the Titanic was deemed a success right up until the moment it hit an iceberg and sank.

Never has a Lib Dem away-day received so much media attention.

Yeah, a cabinet minister charged with perverting the course of justice tends to raise eyebrows and elevate the media to fever-pitch.

Rolling news cameras are currently showing absolutely fascinating footage of… a door somewhere in Eastbourne. It doesn’t seem to be opening or closing very much, but presumably behind it Chris Huhne’s political career is being weighed in the balance…

The words sink, lead and duck spring joyfully to mind.

I feel terrible for his clever and nice ex-wife. But his successor has a huge and important job to do. What should the new climate change minister keep, and what what should be changed?

Sometimes revenge comes with a price tag.  Obviously Ms Pryce reckons it’s worth it.  Good for her.

Huhne had one big success: protecting a stable nuclear policy, particularly after the Fukushima disaster. While some other countries like Germany suddenly changed direction in a knee-jerk response, Huhne kept the long-delayed policy to build new nuclear power stations on track. Given the Lib Dems’ historically anti-nuclear policy, this was a particular success.

So where are the new reactors then?  How come we aren’t seeing any new ones being commissioned and built despite them being given the go-ahead?  Could it be that all that’s left in the energy kitty is moths and empty promises because  the fruits of legal extortion subsidies are constantly diverted to dance to the Greenies tune prop up uneconomical, unsustainable, and unreliable renewables?  I see lots of windmills being erected but there’s sod all for nuclear, a proven reliable source of energy.

But also made two big mistakes, which are linked.

Firstly, he failed to challenge Labour’s unnecessarily expensive approach to reducing carbon emissions, which focusses on deploying lots of high-cost renewables (particularly offshore wind).

Huhne had no intention of challenging anything. He’s a weapons grade, opportunist slimeball politician who bought into the AGW scam big time and is/was pressing for a shitload more of that unnecessary expense in the shape of wind farms.  Or have you somehow you managed not to notice that, Mr. O’Brien?

This squanders resources which could be much better spent on either delivering the same short-term carbon reduction more cheaply, or – better still – on investments to develop new technologies which could be genuinely competitive with fossil fuels.

Short termism is killing us and it’s an evil that is in bountiful supply so you can stuff it.  BTW why the hell are you wibbling on about carbon?,  It’s carbon dioxide you moron, a harmless, life giving invisible gas the production of which wealth redistributing Marxists warmists want to control reduce and/or sequestrate.  Or has that passed you by as well? However, you’re correct about squandering money.  Government get’s an A* for that.  We’re living the nightmare of technologies designed to “compete” with fossil fuels.  Scrap the subsidies and feed-in tarrifs and there isn’t any competition because fossil fuels will win hands down every bloody time on an even playing field.

Deploying lots of known technologies which are expensive and have little potential to improve in future (wind) means that Britain is making very little contribution to fighting global warming. As a tiny island in a huge global economy, we won’t make much impact unless we concentrate on developing new technologies with the potential to be competitive globally.

It’s new “technology” that got us into this mess you berk.  The planet is cooling and our ability to generate energy has had the balls ripped off it.  We need energy security and new power stations NOW.  What we don’t need is vague promises of pie in the sky gizmoism that may or may not be available at some indeterminate time in the future.

Secondly, he has been presiding over the dismantling of the competitive electricity market – a UK policy success emulated across the world – through the ill-thought-through “Electricity Market Reform” process. Rather than letting the market operate, Government increasingly controls a whole range of detailed decisions, which chip away at the market’s ability to operate well.

Dismantling?  Willfully clubbing it to death with a neutron cosh and shoving the entire country towards the event horizon of a blackout hole more like.  Where were you when all this crap was being set up?  How come we are only hearing from you now that AGW is no longer a major cause célèbre?

Several of these controls are part of the overly-expensive, micro-managing approach to climate change policy, like the Renewables Obligation, its ‘banding’ to give different subsidy levels to different renewables, feed-in tariffs, the Carbon Emission Reduction Target, a Carbon Capture and Storage deployment subsidy (enabled in legislation), the EU Industrial Emissions Directive, the EU Emissions Trading System and the Climate Change Levy.

The combined effect of government interventions has been to distract and prevent market players from taking investment decisions, innovating, revealing and adapting to new information. Instead they now look to, and wait for, government to make decisions on which technologies are favoured, by how much and what the planned outcome for the generation is. Market decision-making is replaced with ‘monopoly’ decision-making by government.

Big government leads to corporatism: resources are wasted on ‘rent-seeking’: there are now more than ten UK organisations, each representing particular generation technology sectors, lobbying government for policies and/or subsidies to favour their sectors. You may have seen adverts in the papers encouraging you to cash in on the Feed In Tariff while the courts rule on it. There has been increased politicisation, and frequent tweaking and ‘fine-tuning’, of policy.

No shit, Sherlock.  Run out of Mogadon did you?  Woken up at last have you?  What on earth did we ignorant proles do before you finally stared harsh fiscal reality in the face and shared your gosh-golly-really? thoughts with us? Better late than never, I suppose.  You’ll be waking up to the reality that AGW is a fraud next.

Maybe not.  Snrrrrrr grunt heeeeeze….

Getting this right is hugely important for growth and jobs. With a different approach we could still hit all our green targets, but save every household in the country £400 a year. If the new minister wants to help families under pressure and do something for the environment, we need to change course now.

The stupid, it burns…

The Death of NickM’s Politics

Regular readers (Gawd bless you one and all) might have noted that I have decreasingly written on politics. Well, I‘ve become so disenchanted over the years that I can’t bring myself to do it anymore. £12 billion down the Sewanee for an NHS computer system that is now scrapped (are they having a yard sale? If so where and when?) and I’m like, yeah, right, whatever! I’m that (to use a phrase of my late great aunt) piggy rotten sick of the whole shooting match I no longer care to type that tripe. If only it were a shooting match. I get to bag Ed Balls, right?

Anyway, enough of that reverie.

I watched a bit of “Thelma & Louise” on TV last night and there is a point in it where Thelma tells Louise, “Something in me crossed over”. I got that, Thelma. I’ve so crossed over.

There is a difference of course between the thing itself and the realization, between the decisive point of the battle and the victory parade.

I’ll give you the victory parade (the point of realization) first. It’s the Lib Dem conference. An earlier NickM would be hammering the KB to death over their madcap schemes and desperate attempts to put clear yellow water between themselves and the Tories (9% in the polls, they must be pissing themselves). I would be delighting in skewering such ideas as the hiring of more tax inspectors as a vote winner or Chris Huhne berating the energy companies when we all know his attempts at playing Windy Miller are the real reason for hikes in ‘tricity prices.

I would also point out a few further things based upon these. The first would be that the Lib Dems don’t appear to have an accountant amongst them otherwise they’d know the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance. The second (according to yesterday’s Telegraph) is that the tax-crackdown will inter-alia focus on cash in hand private tuition. Yeah, they make it out they’re gonna be going through the books of Russian oligarchs and asking Roman Abramovich some very hard questions indeed. Heck they might even send the bailiffs round for Fernando Torres! But no! It’s about scaring the bejesus out of your local music teacher who does a few piano lessons on the side. You know that cash-in-hand grey economy that keeps things ticking over. It reminds me of the communist-era Georgian curse, “May you have to live on your salary!”.

As to energy “policy”… Well, to prevent the lights going off there will be a crash-build of gas sets. I have been saying this for years and I’ll bet anyone a Coke it will pan out that way. The gas is slated to come from Russia, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria or Evil, Vile and Corrupt (sounds like a provincial law firm) as I calls ‘em. Coal is of course verboten and Greenpus are of course priapic with joy over Fukushima despite our signal lack of tsunamis. So we shall have Putin or Medvedev or King Abdullah or this card telling Dave (or whoever), “You’re my wife now”*. For shame! Nuclear is safe in the UK but try telling the loons. Coal (since Maggie and Arthur danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight) is mainly imported from Australia and Poland. Do you want your power to be sourced from the earlier three or from the latter two – stable nations we have extremely cordial relations with. Indeed I’m off to Poland quite soon. Australia is a bit of a hike but I have rellies there and I bet you do too.

But enough of that! Let’s get onto the real turning point. It was the riots and more to the point one particular response to them.

“What happened in Salford on Tuesday night was not about protest; it was about deliberate, organised, violent criminality.”

A speech in Parliament from the Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP. It’s on her own website.

Da yoof knocked over shops and lifted TVs and such.

Compare and contrast with this…

In May 2009 The Telegraph reported that Blears had been claiming the maximum allowable expenses, to under a pound, for three properties, as well as for stays in hotels, £4,874 on furniture, £899 on a new bed and £913 on a new TV, the second such TV in under a year, and the maximum £400 a month in groceries, they also claimed that Blears had not paid capital gains tax on profit from the sale of a London flat. The property was registered as her main residence with HM Revenue and Customs, but Blears had been claiming MPs’ second home expenses relating to the flat. It was claimed that she had made a £45,000 profit on its sale without paying capital gains tax. On 12 May she volunteered to pay the £13,332 capital gains tax she had avoided on the sale of her ‘second home. It was subsequently claimed that Gordon Brown had ordered her to repay the sum. The Daily Mail printed allegations that Blears ‘flipped’ her homes in London three times in one year. Flipping is the practice of switching which of two or more properties is designated an MP’s “second home”. This can allow an MP to maximise his taxpayer-funded allowances.

She stole TVs. Oh, she didn’t break any windows to do it but she still stole or at least gamed the system beyond breaking point. Claiming an allowance for “groceries”? For fuck’s sake! Do you or me expect somebody else to pay for our aubergines? It is only in the state-approved nature of the robbery and violence that Blears differs from her constituent’s Tom and Jerryism. And yes, I do mean violence. You don’t pay your taxes to fund such rapacity you ultimately wind-up in a world of pain.

But what really gets my goat, with a firm grip on the horns, and takes it roughly from behind is this. This is in the masthead of Ms Blears website…

My home and my heart are in Salford,
and my work is dedicated to local
people and their families

I don’t care where her home (which one?) is but I know her heart is in an evil place (Salford ain’t too rough these days) and it and the rest of her body ought to be in a burlap sack weighted with half-bricks at the bottom of the Manchester Ship Canal. That ought to be the end of Hazel “Squirrel Nutkin” Blears because it wasn’t her nuts she was squirreling away.

It is the blatant hypocrisy that gets me.

That was my tipping point. I didn’t quite know it at the time but it was.

*Forward to 2:30

Nick Clegg on the Media

Yes, I saw our dear deputy prime minister make a real pretty speach on the telly yesterday morning.

What was it some US politician onc said about the vice presidency?

Not worth a pitcher of warm piss?

That’s Clegg for you. I’m ashamed not just to share the same name and nationality with the him. The same nucleic acids is too much. Oh, and I also think of myself as a liberal so what Clegg said outraged me because I’m a real liberal and he isn’t. He bigged-up the importance of a free press but then said there had to be limits. He wittered on about plurality of ownership. “Rupert, you’re our bitch now!” and safe-guarding that plurality which of course means the government must act. He also spoke a lot about the public interest and about how the press ought to serve it. The public interest is of course whatever Nick and Dave think it is. It is lso the last refuge of the blackguard.

Really! I have just been down the road to the little shop. Now Sayeed stocks a wide variety of periodicals. He will happily sell you whatever paper you want. He gets in Dr Who magazines especially for my wife. Sayeed couldn’t really give a toss if you buy The Guardian, The Telegraph or Big Jugs. It is all money in his till isn’t itl which translates into cheese on his table and shoes on his feet. Sayeed, humble newsagent of Cheshire understands that press is business. Nick Clegg doesn’t – he believes it a “public service”. The simple truth is that the News of the World wasn’t wound-up because of Clegg et al. But because people didn’t want to buy a paper that hacked the phone of a murdered thirteen year old who was pretty and did the ironing. The same applies to anything. If I open my copy of Big Jugs and discover it to be about collecting water containing earthenware and not naked ladies who can’t buy bras in normal shops then it’s my last copy.

People talk a lot about the extent to which we trust politicians. We rarely talk about the extent to which they trust us. On the basis of what Clegg said I can only conclude they don’t at all. I can only conclude they regard us as small children who don’t like vegetables. That is the true scandal. Clegg wittered further about some sort of new PCC with more teeth. OK, I’ll admit to something. Many years ago I sometimes bought The Mirror. I haven’t ever looked at it since 1996. You know why? Their appalling front page on the day of the European semi-final between England and Germany. Stuart Pearce in a CGI tommy hat and the paper edged with a barbed wire motif. It was vile. Christ almighty I had a German flatmate at the time. Marcus was a nice lad and once bought me a bagel and was born nearly three decades after the end of the war. The Sun of course crucified The Mirror the next day. And that is how it should be. We can only be decent people if we believe that to be the case or at least technically possible. Or put it another way the Syfy channel on Sky has been running “The Human Centipede” on continual rotation for months. I haven’t watched it. Torture porn doesn’t float my boat – not a moral point. I sort of prefer “Midsommer Murders” if truth be known. Most people are fairly decent. Politicians only want to protect us from our basest urges because their own urges are scuttling on ragged claws across the bottom of some abysmal trench that Robert Ballard would struggle to reach. It might seem trite to say but in order to conceive of evil about others it is necessary to see the capability of it in yourself first.

I see this everywhere. It is illegal for me to use crack cocaine. Is that why I don’t? It is illegal for me to have sex with 14 year olds. Is the legality the real issue? I was 14 once and that meant I knew girls that age. Right cows by and large. But the peadostyria that exists in this country is actually salacious. It’s all about shagging underage girls being the forbidden fruit and all that jazz. It is almost assumed you want it young and naive. I don’t. They try and make out that whatever depravity available is something we will fall into unless nanny stops us. Whereas all they are really doing is looking into their own black hearts and projecting. Once amongst the back-to-backs of Leeds I happened upon a lost little girl. In a rational society I would have taken her hand, calmed her down and took her home. I walked on by. Peadostyria was big news at the time and I thought I’d get filled in (a rough area) before I had the opportunity to explain that I actually had a girlfriend with pubic hair and quite simply didn’t fancy the little Miss (it fairly automatically being assumed “The younger the better!”). That is what the mistrust of the public (or pubic) does. It creates a climate of fear. It assumes that everyone’s motives are vile. I suspect the only people who can believe that are people who at heart vile themselves. That instance with that girl crystallized something in me. It was the realization that I was afraid the automatic assumption of a man in his mid-20s talking to a small child not related to him was only doing so with sexual intent. Moreover it was the realiztion that there was a good chance it would merely be assumed I’d want her sexually. That is an assumption that is not even wrong. It’s vile and if anything it creates a culture where such a transgression is kinda cool, kinda sexy. It also creates a culture where a decent bloke like me can’t help a kid in need. A kid that (it’s very unlikely) could be prey to a predatory peadophile if the likes of me don’t take her home. I didn’t even phone the cops. I know what suspicious minds they have. “So you just found this girl in a back alley“. They wuld accent the “back alley”. It is one of the greatest tragedies of our society that adults have to be in a position appointed by the government to interact with kids. I think about this every time I take my camera to the beach.

What I’m trying to get at is this. It is that our society bans things because the corrupt moral derelicts who run it think if they don’t ban it we’ll all do it. What they don’t get is I have no desire for crack cocaine or sex with seven year olds. But they seem to assume I would if it were allowed and the only thing preventing me is the penalty of the law. Oddly enough I don’t want my teeth to fall out and I prefer pillow talk above the level of the latest My Little Pony DVD. The whole peadostyria is based on the idea that men like the sexually inexperienced – indeed it is based on the deranged, rather old-fashioned, idea that sex is entirely a man thing. That is an appallingly sexist idea. And generally untrue. To put it bluntly I’ll bet losing your virginity was a frankly embarrassing kerfuffle and you’ve had much better sex since.

Anyway, off from shagging kids and back to monstering Nick Clegg. He said two things that really worried me.

He talked at tedious length (does he have other modes?) about the freedom of the media requiring plurality. Well, yes, obviously. But Clegg thought that is a government chore. It isn’t. Let me explain in terms simple enough for Mr Clegg to understand. If I buy a newspaper (and I usually don’t) but if I did I would probably buy a Telegraph. When my wife buys a newspaper she most likely buys The Times or The Guardian. That Clegg is plurality. Genuine plurality is bottom-up and not top-down. All a government has to do is nothing. The presses will roll and we shall buy what we want. It’s called freedom and it isn’t something our elite imposes but just what we do. Note that they are not “elite” in any reasonable sense of the word. Not if Mr Clegg is an example. He looks like a cunt in twat’s clothing if you ask me. And yes, Clegg did attempt to present this as “liberalism”. Which is why I used cuss words.

Not my liberalism.

Mine is about letting the people free. Mine is about not caring. Mine is not about telling them to be “liberal” or else because that makes no sense. And what is liberal anyway? If you ask me it’s about being free and not being told what freedom is. It’s just what you do. Being told whqt freedom is is tyranny. The denizens of the DPRK are told what freedom is. I am English. I am a member of the free world. I am of the nation of Shakespeare, Newton, Stephenson and Darwin and Mrs Clegg’s son Nicholas can fuck off if he wants to tell me what I can write.

And guess what? I am highly unlikely off my own bat to write the sort of stuff he really objects to. None of that is because of legislation as such because dear reader you know I’m not a homophobe, racist or anything like that. These are ideas Nick Clegg needs to get to grips with if he wants to claim to a genuine liberal. Moreover I am not any of the above because I just aren’t and that has nothing to do with being told it by the powers that be. I can have gay friends or black friends or whatever friends without being told to by my “betters”. I am a jump ahead of Nick Clegg but that ain’t claiming because I hve found things on the seashore a jump ahead of Nick Clegg. He’s a twat basically.

And the second thing. Nick Clegg had a go at was the PCC because whilst in 2007 Kate Middleton was hounded by the press she didn’t get any redress until she claimed in person. Clegg stated that he was outraged that Miss Middleton had received unwanted press intrusion into her life. I would agree. But Clegg said something quite remarkable and bizzare. He said that he was shocked that it was only until Kate Middleton complained about press intrusion into her life that anybody took any action. Clegg said it was wrong that the press wasn’t investigated before that because various members of the public had complained on her behalf. Just think about that for a minute.

I do think there ought to be a press complaint’s procedure – based on Common Law – you libel me, bring the evidence. But surely it ought to be instigated by the aggrieved and not by the general populace taking umbrage on someone’s behalf. That is vile. You libel me. I’ll see you in court. That is all a free-born Englishman needs. Only the likes of Clegg need their clothes laundered by the state.

But it is beyond that. Morality should not be laid down. If you can lay it down you can control it. Nick Clegg can tell me not just what will cost me time but what I ought to believe is morally right. And quite frankly lectures on moral philosophy with that fuckwittery that is a station to which I don’t tune. He has no moral fibre hiself because he thinks morality can only be enforced and not somethng that just comes to rational beings of their own free will.

All of which is a complicated way of saying I don’t think Clegg believes in free will which of course makes him a member of the tribe of moral pygmies.

And I reckon if we played a hand of “Cripple Mr Onion” it would be his car keys and title-deeds I’d be walking off with… If Monopoly he’d be licking my doorstep clean for the next twenty years. Yes, even if I’d said the cat had pissed on it. Which of course the cat wouldn’t but Clegg would buy that in much the same way he thinks we are all morally inept unless forced to be.

That is the measure of him.

Feed-in Frenzy

According to Ronan McGreevy of the Irish Times, the Irish Government has today come calling and it’s brought along a Mr. Creosote sized begging bowl.  The impecunious Hibernians have probably heard about Cameron’s largesse with pointlessly pissing our money up the wall in order to inflate his head ego international prestige.  Mr. McGreevy’s article is both depressing and blood-boiling in equal measures.

THE BRITISH government could massively subsidise the Irish wind energy industry under proposals to be considered in London today.

The British Government isn’t subsidising a single fucking thing because it isn’t their fucking money.  The wind turbine industry is massively subsidised by a massive stealth tax masquerading as forcibly increased domestic energy bills.  How many Brits will plummet into energy poverty to pay for an Irish wind industry that will never live up to the exaggerated claims printed on the packaging?

Britain believes the west coast and the seas around Ireland can provide it with a large amount of its renewable energy and could be willing to subsidise offshore wind farms there.

Britain believes no such thing.  The Westminster village idiots, on the other hand…

Industry groups here say such a move could be worth up to €1.6 billion a year to the Irish economy.

And how many tens of billions is it going to cost the British taxpayer to subsidise that pathetic return?

Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Minister for Energy Pat Rabbitte will be attending the British-Irish Council, where the issue of electricity interconnectivity will be high on the agenda.

Advice to the O’Pollies: if you believe windmills are the answer I suggest you plant more spuds because you’re gonna need all the fucking battery power you can get.

Mr Rabbitte will have separate meetings with his British counterpart, Charles Hendry, who said at the weekend that the proposals could bring “significant wealth [to Ireland] with very little downside”.

Significant wealth with no downside, eh?  Maybe Charlie “pants on fire” Henry will explain the “no downside” angle to the British taxpayers who will be significantly impoverished by footing this bill?

Mr Hendry said the west coast of Ireland was an ideal location for wind farms, but the small Irish market meant there was no demand for the potential power generation. “We want to put that right,” he said.

Government speak for:  We’re fucking up all of our breathtaking scenery for no good reason and now we’ll do the same for you.

The British government is considering directly subsidising electricity through its feed-in tariff system, which would be a subsidy to private investors operating on Irish territory. It could also operate by a system known as “supplier obligation”, whereby British power companies would be mandated to buy a certain amount of renewable energy from Irish sources.

The fucking lowlife fucking cunts in the fucking British fucking cunting government are fucking considering fucking subsidising fucking WHAT?  Can’t say I’m that surprised, really.  I mean, what the fuck are we going to do about it?  Protest?  Mewl feebly as we freeze to our fucking armchairs while staring at a screen blacked out by unpaid energy bill arrears?

Although Britain has significant wind resources of its own, especially in Scotland, it does not have enough to meet its targets of having 15 per cent of all energy from renewables by 2020.

What part of windfarms don’t work and they are the most expensive folly ever foisted upon a nation don’t you people understand?  The British government is either insane or it has deliberately turned on its own people.  And the Irish want to buy in on this?  Oh, I forgot.  Someone else will be picking up the tab…


In addition, onshore wind farms are facing considerable opposition from environmentalists and offshore wind farms are having to be built far out to sea.

Why aren’t the O’Pollies asking for money to build something that actually produces energy? You know, like a power station or something? Why  wind farms that are so successful they need massive subsidies to keep them going in order to produce piddling amounts of the most expensive electricity on the planet?

Despite Ireland’s offshore wind potential, there is only one wind farm off Irish coasts. Offshore wind is considered uneconomic because of the extra costs involved and because of the belief that Ireland can meet its target of generating 40 per cent of electricity from renewable resources by 2020 by using onshore wind.

Yeah, the Irish do understand the economic downside to wind generated power which is why they want us to pay for it.  It’s too much to hope that the Westminster village idiots will tell them we can’t afford it so fuck off.  Therefore I’ll do it.


The development of the east-west electricity connector between Rush North Beach, north Co Dublin, and Barkby Beach in north Wales is expected to be completed by the end of next year and will dramatically improve the capacity for both countries to supplement each other’s electricity grids.

And we’ve all seen how well that works.  So, not only will we have to foot the bill for the Irish wind farms, we’ll probably have to subsidise them not working too.  Nice.

A spokesman for British department of energy and climate change said the British government would be seeking assurances that investment in Irish wind farms could be met within the existing regulatory framework.

But if you can’t, not to worry.  We’ll just pile the extra costs onto British domestic energy bills.  It’s not like our tax slaves proles possess sufficient intelligence to notice and complain or anything…

Irish Wind Energy Association chief executive Dr Michael Walsh welcomed the wind farm proposal.

There’s nothing like a vested interest cheering on the blatant arse rape of taxpayers.  It high time these scumbags and government twunts get what’s coming to them.  It’ll be a necessary act of self defence.

He said Ireland needed to generate 4,500 to 5,000 megawatts a year by 2020 to meet renewable targets. He believed there was capacity to generate 6,000 megawatts from onshore and a further 4,000 from offshore, meaning half of all Irish wind-generated energy could be exported to Britain.

KA-BOOM!  Bugger, I think I’m going to need a bigger bullshit meter…

In my opinion, Dr. Walsh is just another government favoured, opportunist cunt who is happy to make himself rich off the backs of people who can’t afford to have a fucking parasite like him sucking the blood from their veins and the cash from their pockets.

He estimated that 5,000 megawatts of exported electricity would be worth €1.6 billion annually at current electricity prices.

So not only will Brit taxpayers stump up for these wind farms and stump up even more for the windfarms not working, they will also stump up more than a potential billion annually thanks to the legalised theft know as the feed-in tariff.   And how do you think the arrogant mental pygmy we call a Prime Minister will respond to this request?

Angry yet?

H/T Bishop Hill


I was going to title this post some thing like “Chris Huhne: utter cunt” but then decided the “cunt” was superfluous as, at least in my vocabulary, “huhne” is a vastly more shocking cuss-word. It is now even challenging “balls” in my dictionary of insults.

Chris Huhne attacks energy companies over price increases.

Now, Mr Chris Speedy-Alibi-Gonewifeless* Huhne why might increasing energy costs be the case?

Could it be to do with you Chris? From wikipedia

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

A noted and vocal environmentalist, Huhne accepted the role of Secretary of State with the stated intention of making the nation more ecologically conscious. Among his first actions was launching National Wind Week by speaking at an event in London’s Leicester Square on 15 June 2010. Underscoring his personal commitment to wind, Huhne has erected a wind turbine rising 8 feet above the roof of his constituency home in Eastleigh where he spends his weekends.

A lot of wind there. He is indeed at least as full of both that and piss (the piss he is taking) as the barber’s cat.

He of course utterly failed to underscore his personal commitment to energy conservation by simply sticking to speed limits like what normal folk have to. Correction! By having his ex-wife stick to them. Women, know thy place! You know behind the chap with the red-flag (flags are powered by wind) and all. The hubris of a man who expects his ex-wife to take the rap is not so much tragic as pathetic. Not so much pathetic as dismal. Not so much dismal as cuntish. Not so much cuntish as utter huhne. I mean who the fuck is Chris Huhne anyway apart from a twat over-promoted beyond the wildest dreams of things you find at the bottom of ponds?

There are of course swings, roundabouts and eye-watering bills in the energy market (it’s a market of course) but totemic (I use the word in every sense) Greenism such as Huhne playing Windy Miller is actually a distortion of the market beyond any human comprehension. A distortion he and his predecessors and acolytes have created. Huhne has basically put himself in the position of the arsonist who complains that it wouldn’t entirely have burnt down if the fire brigade had arrived more promptly. He is the sort of utter bastard who kills his parents and then begs clemency for being an orphan.

And that is almost why he is to be despised. I suspect though keeping the proles down via his quixotic windiness is to Huhne a feature, not a bug. Joe Public can’t afford to raise such totems to Gaia as his (practically pointless) turbiniculated offering – we can’t even afford him to do it either (it’s heavily subsidised of course). But then such things are never about actually making electricity at market rates are they? They are about the elect staking their claim to be morally better than the rest. Huhne is exactly the same as a corrupt old medieval robber baron who rapes and pillages and then pays for a few extra pews in the cathedral in order to be holier than the peasantry who might sit on them.

And that is why Chris Huhne is indeed a huhne. And that is why I hope the “unrelated” driving charges kick him into the long grass. Because they aren’t unrelated. They are symptoms of the same underlying moral pathology.

And yes, I do mean the analogy to feudalism pretty much exactly. That is precisely what Greenism is about. It’s not back-door socialism (“watermelons” and all that) and it certainly has nothing to do with the environment. It is simply neo-feudalism with a religion so new many don’t even realise it is a religion.

*Allegedly. And Robbie Williams isn’t gay and Ryan Giggs is a devoted family man. More controversially I’d say David Cameron is a conservative.

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