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Quote of the Day

I don’t think parents reading their children bedtime stories should constantly have in their minds the way that they are unfairly disadvantaging other people’s children, but I think they should have that thought occasionally.

Comment by Art Sartrus:

I’m so pleased to discover that tax dollars are once again going towards people that hate me and my way of life, and there’s no legal resource except to bend over and take it. All for my own good.

Comment to Jo Nova

Jo, given the number of comments on your site I won’t comment there, I’ll comment here instead.

Having turned off the television on disgust after spending no more than five minutes watching George Pell demonstrate to Richard Dawkins that he had no idea of the basics of Darwinian theory, and watching Professor Dawkins demonstrate equal ignorance of Christian theology to Cardinal Pell, I had low hopes of Q&A last night.

I didn’t watch I Can Change Your Mind, because I had no expectation of an informed discussion, just lightweight surface skimming. Your opinion piece confirms that expectation.

I switched off the following linked Q&A, again after five minutes, because I saw no one putting forward or talking science, all the science, rather than just talking around variations of something usually called ‘The Science’. Frankly, I found the little I did watch embarrassing and trite. I may be being unfair on what came later, but why would I keep watching in hope when I had none?

I’m sorry I missed seeing your bit, but really, did you expect them to treat you seriously? The treatment of James Delingpole by Sir Paul Nurse, scientist turned political activist, provides a template of what all rationalists and sceptics should expect. For the time being at least.

It may very well be the case that we are starting to prevail in the scientific argument, but programs like this show we still have a long way to go before we win the politics. What saddens me is that even after we do, none of these people will be called to account for the deaths and waste they are engendering.

Update:   For the rest of you, James watched the whole thing; he must have a stronger stomach than do I.

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I dare say.

I suspect that this being the ABC the comments were not quite what they anticipated.

H/T Andrew Bolt

Update:  If you are scratching your head in puzzlement, try here, here, here, and here.



Emma Alberici is an Australian Broadcasting Commission journalist. Being employed by the ABC she swims in a sea of intellectual conformity, never has her assumptions tested in lunchroom conversations with colleagues, and assumes her opinions are mainstream.

Then she interviews Melvyn Bragg……

Melvyn is a bit of a lefty isn’t he? How about bowling him a couple of softball questions so he can agree with her opinions about Murdoch and Christianity?

This is one of the few occasions in her life she will have the privilege of dealing with a real honest to God intellectual.

Truly, it’s like watching a fluffy bunny confronting a kind, thoughtful and thoroughly rational Rottweiler.