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Australian television

Just been reminded just why I never watch news analysis on Australian TV. Tonight I had the misfortune of watching this, biased to the point of dishonesty every time I’ve seen it.

Two items tonight, one on the BNP in the UK, the other on Zimbabwe.

The BNP? Well the message was pretty much a cudgel around the earhole. RACIST, FAR RIGHT WING, and, horrors of horrors, 20% of the UK electorate were in favour of ‘some’ BNP policies – all repeated over, and over, and over. There was pretty much no other message offered.

Well yeah. 20% of Britons support ‘some’ policies, all without naming a single BNP policy they support, apart from beating us over the head with the overt racism. Of course they support some, cut out the racism and it is all pretty much boilerplate stuff any leftie could be comfortable with, but it really wouldn’t have suited the narrative to show the reality.

Zimbabwe, on the other hand, well, we all know Mugabe is a child of the left, so even for this lot it would have strained credulity to start throwing around FAR RIGHT WING. So? What do they do? Bit of straight talk about the effects of the far left Mugabe regime?

Nah, that would be too honest. Instead – nothing. Nothing at all. Oh, sure, we got the message about what a dreadful place it was, but when it came to the ideology which set the scene?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Is it any wonder I despise these people?

Dreams of Obama

There is a documentary on SBS tonight, called Dreams of Obama. The television listings describe it thus –

This documentary examines the rich personal and political biography of the 44th president of the United States. Through interviews with insiders and observers who’ve tracked Obama from his days at Harvard Law School, through his rise in Chicago politics, to his emergence onto the national scene after the 2004 Democratic National Convention, it chronicles Obama’s meteoric rise, going beyond the headlines to reveal how he won one of the most memorable, and important, presidential elections of our time.

And that brief hagiography people, is what passes for objective and professional journalism these days.

Men of Honour

Just watching the SBS World News (why keep watching this if you so dislike it, I hear you ask. Well, the depressing truth is that it is the best news program on Australian TV) , and there was a puff piece on Eid al Fitr – just like Christmas, innit?

Then, a little later, SHOCK, a critical piece on women in Jordan. Seems that the Jordanian state, demonstrating the respect for women that one has come to expect from certain members of the human race, following a Great and Respectable belief system,  protects women in danger of being required to rectify their menfolks honour by stuffing them in gaol.

For decades.

Now SBS simply discussed the women, but ignored the implication, that the potential victims are gaoled for “protection” while the cunts who threaten them are allowed to walk free. Nice, huh?

Any mention of the Religion of Peace and Tolerance was remarkable for it’s absense as well.

Honour, they don’t know the meaning of the word.


Comment just heard on SBS –

 A  woman only has to put her pearls on and she is dressed.

I gotta admit, a woman dressed in naught bar her pearls generally looks pretty good to me.


Getting the media to take notice of the dreadful church Barackkk attended for 20 years, apparently without noticing its hate mongering and supremacist teachings, was, for a long time, impossible.

Right now, a week after we heard about her, I am watching SBS do a stitch up on Sarah Palin, discussing the weirder aspects of the pentecostal church she was raised in and has since left.

And no, no hatred and no racism was mentioned. Guess this means that their digging just couldn’t find any.

Unlike Barackkk. At his church that was hard to avoid seeing, but then, I guess the MSM likes doing the hard things.


I am watching this, a discussion of growth of faith based schools in Australia. It is presented as a moderator directing discussion and posing questions to a selected audience, the audience composed of muslims, catholics, protestants, students, teachers, educationalists, scientists, etc, etc.

As is usual, when evolution vs creationism was discussed, evolution was described as ‘just a theory’, and not one person, not one, questioned this or attempted to provide an explanation as to what was meant by ‘theory’ in science. Even the science teachers present made no attempt to explain or defend their subject.

Has education reached the point where even scientists don’t understand the philosophy of science?

More drivel

I have a background in computaional astrophysical fluid dynamics and quite frankly the IPCC’s “the debate is over” schtick is bullshit of the highest order. I know how complicated these problems are and I know about computer simulation of fluids and frankly, there is no way they know doodly about it.

There was a puff piece on SBS news tonight about cuddly polar bears, and how, despite their population having hextupled in the last fifty years, with no sign of decline, the poor things are on the verge of extinction.

I really really wanted to tell these morons that it was their job to inform, not propagandise.


This is my night for being pissed off at SBS.

They have just rebroadcast a documentary – The Gulf Stream and the Next Ice Age – or it was a documentary once. It’s thesis, that the Gulf Stream is a delicate little creature that could die if we sneeze too hard, and that therefore we must shut down western civilisation, is one of Gores fantasies and has gone the way of the hockey stick.

We now know the Gulf Stream is safe if wind blows and Earth turns, and for SBS to broadcast this program again without a disclaimer, presenting it without making clear that the hypothesis has been discredited, is baseless scaremongering.

MSN Lies

Five minutea ago SBS News made the statement that in the United States the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.

This is just not true. It has no basis in reality at all.

The rich are unquestionably getting richer, but the poor are getting richer as well, just not as fast.

The disparity between rich and poor is widening, just as would be expected in a globalising economy, but to use that truth as a basis for claiming that the poor are worse off is dishonest and vacuous.


Tonight, on World News, SBS referred to Geert Wilders as ultra Right Wing.


What does this mean?

Is this objective reporting?

Is it any more than a mean spirited smear?

Is it an indication of how skewed the SBS world view is?

“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Senator Barry Goldwater

Of course, in expressing sentiments like this, the good Senator was also widely regarded as a member of the extreme right.

In Wilders case? How about – Honest speaking, in the face of violent intimidation, is no shame.

SBS and wealth

SBS is running a trailer promoting a program on India, discussing Indian economic growth.

The trailer states, and asks, “India is on the path to becoming the worlds third largest economy, but what price is it willing to pay?” This is followed by some chap stating that even then, five percent of the population will be living in poverty. The context implies that this level of poverty is part of that price.

Currently, thirty percent of India’s population lives in poverty, some of them in the soul destroying and grinding poverty that any person possessing a scrap of humanity would be desperate to eliminate. In what way is reducing this 30% to 5% a price? Surely it is the single greatest benefit.

What attitude is SBS presenting in taking this approach?