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Soldiers of the IDF

I was reminded by a recent commenter I haven’t done homage to soldiers of the IDF, the brave defenders of the sole free society in the Middle East, for some time. Well, pics of soldiers carrying big guns always seem popular, so:


Soldiers of the IDF

Given the ugly resurgence of the oldest hatred we are seeing from those lovely #occupy folks across the US I thought it was about time we got back to expressing admiration for the soldiers of the IDF.


Jews aren’t hated because of Israel, Israel is hated because it’s Jewish.

Soldiers of the IDF

Figure it’s about time we had another pic of the IDF, that bastion of civilisation.


Girls, guns, what’s not to like?

Soldiers of the IDF

Long-time readers will recall that Cats has a fondness for some of the lovely ladies who serve in the IDF.

What utter twaddle. All I have ever posted is pictures of soldiers of the IDF. I don’t even notice their sex.

However, Nick has reminded me, I haven’t posted any pictures of these warriors for some time. Although I don’t understand why he thinks it has anything to do with my fondness for the fairer sex. These are just soldiers, ok?

Soldiers of the IDF.


With thanks to Rachel Papo

Utter Savages

This is low even for Jihadi Taleban scum.

I can understand why the soldiers laughed and joked afterwards. They had just survived a truly horrific ordeal in which they thought a comrade had been blown to bits and then discover he was OK (well as OK as anyone who has just been deafened and showered with donkey guts can be anyway – which in my book – to quote Marcellus Wallace is “Very fucking far from OK”) and humour is the natural reaction to that.

What an appalling depraved thing to do. And it wouldn’t surprise me if the Taleban had “borrowed” the poor creature from some potless peasant who is now on his uppers because he’s lost his means of transport. Utter, utter scum. Unfortunately though from their point of view it’s a good tactic. NATO troops in Afghanistan will now even be being careful around donkeys (one of the troops said they are ubiquitous) just one more thing to be wary of and to avoid. They have used kids, people with Down’s Syndrome, Burkhas (probably a lady doing the shopping but how can you tell what lies beneath?). They have blown up every bloody thing imaginable (and unimagineable) and it is an effective tactic because it means everything is something potentially to fear.

We on the other hand have spent billions and billions on ever smarter and more accurate weapons (the UK, amongst many nations has abandoned the use of cluster bombs). Also an effective tactic and the difference between them and us. They wallow in causing nihilistic indiscriminate carnage and we fight with lasers and GPS. I know that’s partly because we’re not broke* like they are but why are they broke? Because wallowing in indiscriminate nihilistic carnage kinda precludes having a working economy that can make cool and expensive kit. Is there for example any particularly compelling reason why the Palestinians can’t afford stuff like F-16s that the Zionists can? None other than ideology. Israeli military doctrine seeks (almost to a fault) to minimize it’s losses and will go to almost absurd lengths to secure the release of captured soldiers and even the bodies of their fallen. Islamist military doctrine revels in it’s losses. It loves them – especially maimed kids. I couldn’t believe supposedly intelligent people got on their Israel-bashing high-horses over the “disproportionate” casualities of Operation Cast Lead. Hint: when fighting a war rule one is to try and kill more of them than they kill of you because that tends to result in victory and as the Duke of Wellington (who knew a thing or two about war) put it, “In war there is no substitute for victory”. War is not a dad playing soccer with his young kid and giving them a few breaks… Would those idiots who criticised Israel have been happy if the total casualties of Cast Lead had been the same or higher but fifty/fifty because that would have been fair? Probably. Would they have given over the Spitfire blueprints to Heinkel during the Battle of Britain to “level the playing field”. Dunno.

What I do know is that until our (and Israel is one of us) Islamist enemies embrace civilized concepts of warfare such as trying to kill enemy combatants and not resort to the usual orgy of violence and chaos relishing the deaths of non-combatants on both sides (and poor little donkeys and every goddamn thing that walks, crawls, slithers, flies or swims) then they are not an enemy that I can have any even grudging respect for. You can respect the professionalism and courage of a Luftwaffe airman in the Battle of Britain but you can’t respect these utter gits. Not even their insane “bravery” and capacity for “sacrifice”. Not when they believe that copping a JDAM for Allah gets them a free shagging pass in the brothel eternal and certainly not when they feel the same way about their sons and daughters. There is no valuing of the preciousness of life itself and that is the mark of a true barbarian. They are savages, utter savages and they need to be put down like rabid dogs.

*Well, we weren’t anyway…

Soldiers of the IDF

I haven’t done a soldiers with big guns posting for AGES, and I guess it is about time I rectified this.

So, in celebration of the brave soldiers of the IDF, here are further admirable warriors:


Courtesy of Rachel Papo

Boycott Israel!

Go on! They are clearly better at killing Arabs than Arabs are at killing them. That is just so unfair. I mean Israel produces everything from Jaffa oranges to Intel chips that people actually want to buy. So unfair! They should, like the Palestinians, export fuck all yet expect the world to owe them a living. And it is so unfair that whilst the IDF can target missiles with laser precision all the poor Palestinians can do is lob bottle rockets at kindergartens. So unfair. With better weapons Hamas (who believe every Israeli is a legitimate target) would never attack a primary school. No, never. That they are a bunch of deranged cunts of the first water is beside the point. Boycott Israel. Just do it. That leftie bint in 34G will suck you off for it. Go on!


I had a flatmate when I was doing my MSc (Astrophysics, so fuck off) who was a lefty. A lefty Green (Gawd help us all!) and he was a twat and at the time (1996) France re-started nuclear testing so Martin boycotted all French goods. Well, up to a point. His principled stand lasted until Alison pitched-up with a bottle of a rather cheeky Bordeaux. That was about six hours. What a twat. His principles were twattish yet he couldn’t even keep to them.

He would (and probably does) fit in with the sort of twats thus described:

This was typed on an Intel Core 2 system which was (partially) developed with pride in Israel.

I have eaten two Palestinian children

Israeli TV and a BBC Broadcast

Link: the BBC coverage of Gaza - with subtitles


Consider a thought experiment I read of a few years ago -

Close your eyes and imagine the middle east, and then imagine that every arab state were to lose all its weapons and Israel were to retain them. Then imagine the opposite, that the Arab states, including Gaza, were to remain armed and Israel were to lose its weapons.

I’ll give you more scenarios -

Imagine that Israel were to  invade Gaza, and the IDF were to encounter a Gazan kindergarten in its line of advance.

Imagine that Hamas were to invade Israel, and the advancing Jihadis were to encounter an Israeli kindergarten.

Imagine you had to live in a middle eastern country and be subject to their laws for the rest of your life, but could choose the one. Which would you choose?

Old Holborn Does it Again!

OH is hosting and positively cheerleading yet another anti-semitic rant-fest. Although frequently on the side of the angels OH has allowed all reason, history, politics and reality to fly out of the window upon a Qassam rocket over the Hamas/Israel war.

The simple truth is that Israel has a right to exist and defend itself. Whilst I’m sure the IDF would much prefer to meet Hamas on the open field of battle that option has been denied to them. That is the choice of Hamas and the blood of killed and maimed Palestinian children are on their hands just as much as the blood of killed and maimed Israeli children are.

I was going to quote some of the choice comments but you can imagine what they’re like. The usual stuff about ZioNazi Stormtroopers and even a (semi-) literate comment from someone who calls themself, “non semite anglo-celt”… Fortunately, there are a lot of folks there giving OH a reality check. Go read the whole thing.

Viper Strikes

Pictures of shit being blown up. This is not flagged under entertainment. This is war. This is out of interest and not prurience. The Israeli/Gaza war is a tragedy as are all wars but I know full-well who’s side I’m on. And that matters because, at the end of the day, Hamas started this and there is no way any nation-state would put-up with their antics.

Disproportionate Response

I sometimes read Old Holborn (he’s blogrolled) and he is normally foul-mouthed and amusing. He has though gone down in my estimation with this anti-semitic rant-fest he is hosting.

Let’s look at the evidence…

1. Hamas started it.

2. The fact Hamas has bottle rockets and the IDF have F-16s and Apaches doesn’t make it unfair because war is not about “playing fair”. The Duke of Wellington (who knew a thing or two about fighting said “In war there is no substitute for victory”. Hamas should have spent some of the time squandered on furious Islamic rhetoric building an economy rather than living on hand-outs like the pikies they truly are.

3. Hamas has in it’s foundational charter a commitment to the complete destruction of Israel. They really mean it. It is no more negotiable than the US Declaration of Independence.

4. Iran, Syria and assorted other “usual suspects” are backing Hamas for the usual reasons of pure devilment.

5. Israel crushing the lunatic theocrats of Hamas is the best thing for the poor buggers in that most benighted of shit holes that is the Gaza strip.

6. When Israel withdrew from Gaza they left behind a whole load of greenhouses and the like. These were wrecked by the denizens as symbols of Zionist oppression or some such. Now if instead the lokes had decided to take-up market gardening and not carry on with their amateur rocketry we wouldn’t be having our current difficulties in the Near East would we? If like every other nation on the planet they tried to make their way in the world by making things and providing services Gaza wouldn’t resemble the globe’s largest sink-estate and the inhabitants of Sderot wouldn’t need to be world-class at the “duck and cover method”. It’s win-win. Unfortunately Hamas has decided to bet the farm on lose-lose.

7. Israel is a civilised first world country. Gaza is a dark-age nightmare. I think Ayn Rand had something to say on always backing civilisation against whatever and Gaza is most definitely whatever. I can easily imagine holidaying in Israel and I bet you can too. Honestly can you see anyone in anything resembling their right mind booking a fortnight in the Gaza Hilton? I’d rather spend a fortnight in Paris Hilton.

8. I know why the Arabs (some of them – not so much Egypt or Jordan which is telling) and the Iranians are backing Hamas. Quite why the EU keeps sending them cheques though is beyond me. Especially after an enraged mob torched the EU consulate in Gaza City over the Motoons of Doom. That would have been a good point to decide – “fuck ‘em”. They buit the hand that fed them and that hand should have then bitch-slapped them. But it didn’t.

9. When all is said and done… Has any of the time and money and effort that the denizens of Gaza have spent on kidnapping Israeli soldiers, blowing-up buses, firing rockets and being generally obnoxious advanced their lives and livelihoods one iota? It hasn’t. It really is time (60 bloody years!) that they realised they are just not getting anywhere and that their poverty and degradation is not the fault of the evil Zionist entity but of their own nihilism. They could have potentially a nice country but they just keep fucking it up. They need a serious reality check. Which they are currently getting – in spades.

10. Has Yasser Arafat’s Nobel Prize shown up on eBay yet? Hamas thugs also stole Arafat’s toilet*. Dear sweet fuck. What a gaffe! And remember the Gaza poonami? The Israelis offered to help. Hamas told them to sling it. So basically fuck ‘em. The literal shit-storm was apparently caused by people stealing dirt from the dam. That is what Fateh and Hamas have rendered. A literal empire of dirt.

*I can think of very few things I would want to own less than that shit’s shitter.

Soldiers of the IDF

I haven’t put up any piccies of Israeli soldiers handling big weapons lately, so here -


Let’s be balanced…

My co-blogger brings-up this.

And it reminds me of something. You know how the bien-pensants (or real pissants as I prefer to call ‘em) like to make it clear that the violence of the IDF is equivalent to the violence of Hamas et al and then look so smug about this profundity that you want to lamp them one? You know that smile? The one that will, after another half of shandy, morally equivocate Pearl Harbour and Hiroshima? Yes, dear reader you have seen that face and it is one that you want to drag outside (the Landlord does not want to be clearing teeth from the carpet) and subject to a Biblical hoicking.

A well deserved twatting because it must be said and not only are they wrong they are intellectually lazy. You can see that by the smugness of their “I hate all violence” smirk.

War is appalling. It is in essence violence of a stunning nature. One of my great heroes, Adolph “Sailor” Malan* knew that and his score in the Battle of Britain could have been higher but by the end he hated the “bastards” enough to prefer to riddle bombers with bullets so they limped back to France containing the Luftwaffe’s finest with their guts hanging out. He was waging war not just on the aircrew but on the ground-staff. The folks who had to clean out the blood and the shit and the gore. That is the nature of war. It isn’t won by killing. It is won by having the capacity to astonish with your violence. The Greeks knew that, John Keegan knew that and now you know that. The USAAF 20th Airforce knew that which is precisely why Enola Gay was only escorted by two other aircraft.

Which brings me to Israel. A few months back there were Islamic howls of anguish over the IAF’s use of “seeded” bombs. They had stuck very fine metal powder into their LGBs and JDAMs. These amputated limbs remarkably cleanly. This was horrific but what wasn’t noted about this “war-crime” at the time was why they did it. The seeded bombs had enhanced lethality but in a smaller radius. This was an attempt to reduce collateral damage. These bombs targeted the bad guys and reduced the risk to passers-by.

I think it was Hamas who dubbed the “suicide bomber” the Palestinian F-16. Wrong. The F-16 is a great strike-fighter and the those that blow themselves and others to kibbles and bits for the 72 virgins (why do I prefer a girl with a few miles on the clock?) are not the same. A fighter strike discriminates (Just look-up how long they train for). Blowing-up Pizza Hut doesn’t. They are both appalling violence designed to intimidate but they are different because of who they seek to intimidate. There is a hell of a difference between blowing-up a bus in Tel Aviv and blowing Sheik Ahmed Yassin (spiritual leader of Hamas) out of his wheelchair with a Hellfire missile (yes, the disabled can be evil too). I fell off my seat with mirth when they took “Saruman” out. I almost asphyxiated with laughter because it was magic.

This is different.

*He usually went with his nickname (he had been in the South African Merchant Marine hence the moniker) and walking around England in 1940 with a funny accent and the name “Adolph” was hardly advisable.

Soldiers of the IDF

More in our celebration of soldiers of the IDF -


Courtesy of Rachel Papo

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