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Toy Soldiers

Assalaamu alaykum,

my son has playmobil knights and playmobil pirates,

we bought them for him as good sets to get his little immagination going, they are not realistic looking, and have lots of men with beards to be ‘the goodies’ plus they are basic and can be enherited by his little sisters when they get older.

but i have seen some playmobil crusader knights, and considered getting them off ebay for next eid to act as ‘the baddies’ but they have big crosses on them, which is kinda the point.

is it permissable to have toys with crosses or other symbols of kufr if the intention is to teach kids about the history of islam and to teach bara towards the cross?

was just a question i had in my head, and wondered if it was permissable or not.

Further down the thread the original poster further elucidates his cunning plan…

he already has such figures without crosses, I actually wanted the ones with the crosses on so he could refight the crusades with his little men.

Can we please quit with the Crusades already? This is becoming ludicrous. I’ve got model planes of various stripes but I don’t use them to teach kiddies that Germans are evil. And that was a war within living memory.

PS The poster runs this site. Where the gentleman has this to say about the Pope visiting Britain.

On Saturday the 18th came the visit to London of the Taghout ( false god) Pope Benedict the leader of the crusade against Islam in our lifetime [How many divisions does the Pope have?], whereby he was to parade himself to the general public in Hyde Park to a cheering crowd of Christians who sadly see this man as a partner to Allah when they should pay their worship and veneration to the Lord who fashioned them in due proportion.

And this…

This man insulted the prophet sallahu alayhi wasalam a few years [back?] saying he brought nothing but the sword meaning that Islam forced people to become muslim and that Islam is a violent religion whereas there are plenty of skeletons in the history of the christian closet.

PS. I recall my brother had the Playmobil pirate ship as a kid and the pirates didn’t look very Somalian to me.

Supermarket ripoff

From Coyote Blog:

Either a) the media and particular green advocates have no real understanding of science or b) I am missing something.

That is a very easy question to answer, there is no conundrum: Most of the media and green advocates have no understanding of science, whether it be physics or chemistry, Darwinism or climate science. And yes, this is outright theft and as green as an oil spillage.

Coming Aboard

Well, ooer. I appear to have been enticed aboard the good ship Counting Cats- in fact, my last memory is of having a drink in a tavern, then a thump on the head, and now I awake, chained to this oar, and the large sweaty gentleman banging a drum tells me I am obligated to write something, so write something I must. I must admit it feels a trifle strange joining the crew of this notable blog, a tidge of a responsibility not to embarrass my shipmates (particularly by extending nautical analogies beyond their welcome). So, as I begin this voyage (get on with it- Ed) I thought I’d say where I’m coming from, rather than do something bloggish like comment angrily on Polly Toynbee’s latest defecation, or post a lolcat, or whatever.

I consider myself a libertarian (and now consider myself, at home and consider myself, one of the familleeee) and in particular a social libertarian, that is my primary focus is and always has been social and civil liberties. I came to libertarianism itself fairly late in life (I am 102, and am typing this from my bath chair in the Bide A While Home For The Elderly And Confused, Eastbourne), having spent much of my life thinking myself to be some form of leftie. In fact, I only really clocked that I wasn’t some form of leftie when I got an internet, and the chance to mix with lots of lefties, and realised I hated the bastards and everything they stand for. The Left have a knack of sweeping up social liberals such as myself into their voluminous, stale smelling skirts, and this is something I would like to play a small part in changing.

I am of the opinion that social liberties are a Good Thing. A very Good Thing indeed. That is, I am not one of those people who says “well, if we have a free society we can’t stop people drinking beer, we’ll just have to put up with it”. Rather, I am one of those people who thinks that beer, fags, sex, tasty food and porn are inherently a good thing, and a society in which they are not just not prohibited but actually celebrated is inherently a Good Society. Which in the current zeitgeist puts me in a minority of, well, one probably. The Left don’t agree with this, and the Right don’t agree with this either. I’d like to convince a few more libertarians to agree with it. We’ll see how that goes later, shall we?

Needless to say, you can’t have social liberties without civil liberties, and you can’t have either of those without economic liberty. A society with legal beer, ciggies and