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M8 Yer Polis R Nazis

A man has been arrested over a video posted online that shows a dog appearing to make a Nazi salute.

The 28-year-old, from Coatbridge in North Lanarkshire, faces hate crime charges over the video, Police Scotland said.

The clip, posted on YouTube, allegedly shows a pug sitting in front of a computer screen showing footage of Adolf Hitler.

The video, titled M8 Yer Dugs A Nazi, also includes a man, who says the pet belongs to his girlfriend, playing with the dog.

Officers said the video “caused offence and hurt to many people in our community”.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “A 28-year-old man was arrested on Thursday April 28 in relation to the alleged publication of offensive material online (improper use of electronic communications under the Communications Act 2003).

(Sky News)

I find one of my biggest problems in writing posts is coming up with a decent title. For this, I thought it wrote itself. However the thing that really angers me about this story isn’t just that it happened, or that the shiny new “Police Scotland” are getting a name for their illiberal crackdowns on free speech (which, in an I-told-you-so kind of way, is oddly gratifying). It’s that my country is getting a name, internationally, for its illiberal crackdowns on free speech. If my RSS feed was ordered differently, I’d first have heard about the Nazi pug on an Australian blog, our near-nicknamesakes, the Catallaxy Files.

And they nailed the title:

The only people who might be offended by this are actual Nazis

I keep saying it: if the Scottish Nationalists don’t like being called Nazis, then maybe they should start acting a bit less like, y’know… Nazis.

Since I’m here, a word on last week’s election. You’ll have heard that the Tories came second, with 31 seats: more than Labour and the Lib-Dems combined. If you’d predicted that ten years ago – when even the now all-conquering Nats only held 27 – you’d have ended up in the nuthouse. I’ve seen very little blogospheric reaction so far: I think everyone’s still in shock.

Now, granted, they’re not exactly “our” kind of Tories, being more of the dripping wet Cameron mould. They wouldn’t have done half as well if they had been. But their first order of business is to try to put a stop to the Named Persons scheme, so at least they’re aware that something is very rotten in the state of Holyrood, and perhaps this sort of nonsense will be next in their sights. We can but hope.

The bad news is that with the Nats dropping below the threshold for majority control, the Greens hold the balance of power. It could get (even more) ugly.

(One thig Wikipedia’s good at is election figures. Find ’em here.)


This is a politically based blog. Some of you may have noticed I have been posting less. I am still politically a classic liberal but I don’t care that much about politricks. I never have really. When I was younger I couldn’t give a toss. Quite how I got quasi-interested is beyond me (thanks Mr Marks!) but this is a new year (the cause for calenders and such). I had a Polish New Year’s Eve so I am hung-over but I am clear on one thing – have been for some time. What I shall post shall be my stuff which is about sciencces/tech/philosophy. This Lenovo S440 Thinkpad shall no longer darken your towels with jack-assed political opinions.

Now, here is an interesting one. Should Lesbian couples be able to have biological children? It is doable. I am not sure it ought to be done. There are “issues”. Most revolve around homophobia of some form or another. I am not equivocating here but I know blokes who will log into “” but would write angry letters to local rags if a lesbian couple moved in next door. I don’t even care about that. Why would I? I don’t even care about the fact this is de-facto sex selection (where would they get a Y chromosome from?). No, I care about the issue (yes!) of the morals of the foetal research. Should technical developments (and it is tech – the basic science is there) be allowed if it involves peril to the unborn. And what do those qualms mean for my usually gung-ho attitude to science or indeed sexuality. And how does that relate to my view on abortion? I don’t know which is why I wish to pose these kind of questions. It is why I couldn’t give a monkey’s chuff as to what Lord Palmerston or Karl Marx or Muhammed said. It is why I can’t give a fig for LVT versus income tax. I just don’t care.

In a very real sense being a libertarian means not caring in the best possible way. It means caring for sure but not meddling and not trying to impose morals of any description on others. And I don’t mean “Victorian Values” (whatever we think that means or the thinking (such as it was) of T Dan Smith who wrecked half of the town of my birth (which do you prefer – Georgian elegance or something that looks like a 1970s Albanian car park?). I don’t even see that as political.

I guess what I’m saying is the reason libertarians don’t get much traction politically is we tend (certainly I do) to see issues, problems, opportunities not in an a political sense. This doesn’t mean we don’t care. That is why I mentioned the lesbian motherhood. I am conflicted morally. I don’t see anything wrong in principle but the research needed concerns me. It isn’t a political issue (or shouldn’t be) or even a social issue. It is a sci/tech/phil issue.

So my New Year message is this. Be less political. Stop caring. By all means give a few quid to the dog’s home but if you think politricks will solve anything then you aren’t a libertarian. I have bust ribs from a fall on the ice. I was helped-up by a motorist passing by. Single acts of mere kindness are what make us human. A majority vote in whatever parliament or assembly ain’t.

But you would be stunned by the number of people who think otherwise. There is an Oscar Wilde kid’s story set in winter where a group of forest animals are complaining about the snow and one suggests, “The government should do something about it.”

It is that mentality that leads to T Dan Smith.

Anyway, that’s it. Libertarianism is (or ought to be) totally apolitical.

Not quite it. Obviously. I have wittered on for too long not to wish y’all (and your friends and family) a jolly good New Year!

Is this from Santa or from Satan?

Dear Lydia


My sister just dropped a nuke in the war to get her kid to behave.

Reddit user sgtpnkks

Now don’t get me wrong, as a parent I’ve struggled with the bad behaviour and petulance of my own child, but writing a fake letter from Santa to get your kid to behave is pretty out there…

It must be true because I read about it in the Daily Mail…

[Editorial note – this story is from a while back but I’ve been sick as a mangy hound with nastiness so never finished it. I’m back now.]

… except it isn’t. Since childhood I have been an aviation fanatic. I’m astigmatic, somewhat short sighted and RG colour blind. So when I started my degree I spoke to the recruiting officer for the East Midlands Universities Air Squadron and when I explained my ishoos I was told to politely eff off. Having said that would you really trust someone who had to be told what colour Corsodyl toothpaste is with hands on the throttle and stick of a something that costs more than David and Victoria Beckham’s house and can drop JDAMs?

Thought not.

Shame but fair enough I guess. Having said that the highest scoring fighter ace in British history, Major Edward “Mick” Mannock, Victoria Cross, Distinguished Service Order and Two Bars, Military Cross and Bar (61 confirmed kills, maybe 73) and that Irishman was blind in one eye (allegedly). He (allegedly) bribed someone in the medical section to get the sight-test chart and memorised it. I think they are a bit more careful these days. Never trust the Irish or the Daily Mail.


Prince Harry has created a scholarship to get wounded veterans behind the wheel of an iconic Spitfire.

A fine and noble goal except a Spitfire (do we need to be told it is “iconic”? Do we ever need to be told something that actually is iconic is “iconic”?) doesn’t have a wheel. No, seriously. This is a snarky piece but it is aimed against the Mail and not Harry. I knew a lass at Nottingham University who helped out with riding for the disabled. Imagine how freeing it is for a paraplegic to be astride a horse and to gain that speed, height and mobility. A Spit has rather more horses in the front so…

The scheme, inspired by Second World War pilot Douglas Bader, will see the strongest candidates move up from a Tiger Mother biplane, to a Harvard, to the bespoke craft.

A Tiger Mother? God help us! The Harvard though was the RAF’s LIFT at the time so OK there but what’s that with “bespoke”?

Oh, and we had many disabled pilots in WWII. One bloke had nose art on his Spitfire showing the arm he’d had blown off flicking the V-sign.

Harry, an Apache helicopter pilot, launched the scholarship by climbing into the cockpit of a Spitfire and starting it.

Er… He’s an Apache WSO. Whatever.

But this is astonishing…

Not Spitfires

The Mail caption is this, “Britain built about 20,000 Spitfires, but they became obsolete after the invention of the jet engine. Here, a fleet is pictured with wing commander Robert Stanford-Tuck for the 1968 film.”

I’m not even going to point out they are Hurricanes.

I can fact-check stuff in the press. But I have limits. I know about certain areas such as aviation, bits of physics, a few other odds and ends but that is my lot. Worrying isn’t it? How much can the media smuggle past you as “truth” if you don’t know the subject?

I’m just wear my Mr Sceptic hat. I’m not exactly accusing them of making things-up or even of cherry-picking things to reflect their views but of in a fundamental way not really caring about hard truth. I mean that in the sense that the Mail sees the truth of telling a heart-warming story of the dashing young prince driving fast cars for a good cause (which it is) is more important than the awkward little facts. They all do it. What we have to do is behave like small Danish boys and sometimes shout, “But I can see his willy!!!”.

Them were the days

Going through some old papers today, stuff that has been trailing after me as I perambulate around the world over the years.

Anyway, what do I find? Here on Queenslands sunny Gold Coast? Some examples of good old fashioned political pamphleteering, that’s what. The sort of written equivalent of standing on a soapbox at Speakers Corner, which any political loudmouth would indulge in back in previous centuries, before this internetty thing made it so easy that it turned the world into Speakers Corner and we can all have that soapbox.

Anyway, these pamphlets must be over thirty years old – headed as they were ‘Alternative Bookshop’ and authored by one Brian Micklethwait


This site is getting a tad dated. It uses an ancient version of WordPress, and the theme is simply one that both Nick and myself agreed wasn’t as bad as all the others we looked at…

Upgrade necessary.

Now, I have looked at a few hundred* themes, both free and otherwise, and nothing rocks my boat. Some shake it slightly, but nothing too violently. Anyone got some suggestions?

I am sorta partial to a magazine or newspaper type of presentation, but my mind is open.

*Only hundreds, rather than the thousands out there, because looking at themes, just looking at them, gets really old, really fast.

Toffee blogging

I’ve been thinking about this for a while but RAB’s post here has pricked me into action. I have loads of drafts but I can’t finish them. It’s a perverse form of writer’s block. It’s not that I’m not able to write but that I can’t stop which means I can’t finish.

I think of it as “toffee blogging”. It’s like you leave a bowl of toffees out and they coalesce so that you pick one up and the whole rest comes too.

It doesn’t work. I want to write snappy posts about topical stuff but wind-up turning them into interminable treatises about… Well, everything which means of course writing nothing. And of course they are also abandoned due to their winding-up out of date…

Do any other bloggers have this problem?

Do we really want to alienate casual visitors before they get to know us?


Do we?

Start here to get up to speed.

The comments get way off topic, leading finally to this posting.

Another one bites the dust


I am left speechelss.

I must admit, I come and go these days, and I am not posting lengthy items, more short commentary, but I could not imagine deleting CCinZ, or even taking it down, ever.

Bye bye Devil, rest in peace.

You join a sadly growing list, but you helped define the new world.

Make it so…

Can we remove that rotten sidebar about gay marriage?

Firstly it doesn’t do it’s job. Cats put it up to support His Grace Cranmer. I doubt a casual reader would clock that. It just makes it look like the Kitty Kounters are against gay marriage and I’m not. As I’ve said umpteen times here this is not exactly a gay rights issue anymore. There are certain religious groups who actively want the right to legally marry same-sex couples. These groups such as the Quakers and certain branches of Methodism and Judaism already have the right to marry heterosexual couples. This also makes it a religious freedom issue. But essentially that video just doesn’t come over as supporting freedom of speech.

Secondly although the ASA getting involved is too put it mildly bizarre and possibly a dangerous precedent nothing came of it. The ASA were also technically right (even if it ought not to be any of their business) and the 70% figure is undoubtedly wrong. I support free speech but I will be buggered if I’ll support it with a video that is to put it mildly disingenuous.

Thirdly. It’s old news and Cranmer is still delivering his sermons (and long shall he do so I hope). He is someone I read at least once a week. I agree sometimes and disagree some other times – not that that has anything to do with his inalienable right to say what he pleases. I wouldn’t want to read a blog I agreed with 100% all the time. All my posts would become “What that guy said!”

Finally. It’s bloody irritating. It runs too fast. It is really distracting.

And even more finally… I find the idea of a moral issue being argued about in terms of a majority – whether real or fanciful quite unpleasant. We’re all individuals – right?

Let’s have a party!

It would appear various supporters of the Labour Party are planning a jamboree for the death of Baroness Thatcher.

My suspicion is these are people of my generation or a bit older brought up on the “alternative comics”. I mean when Ben Elton and his cohort was first shooting his gob off about Thatcher I was too young to get the politics (such as it was) but I did appreciate two things. The first is that Ben Elton is quite clever and can be quite funny (actually really quite funny on domestic stuff like swing-bins) and the second was that when he waggled his spectacles after a gag and said “A bit political that one!” like a naughty school-boy at some level he was acknowledging that he was talking nonsense because it was easy. A huge amount of Elton and Co’s routines really were like this. “That Maggie Thatcher – what a cow!”. Rapturous applause verging on adulation. Now I don’t recall having strong (any) political beliefs at the time because I was just a kid but kids can spot “cheap”. Oh, they so can – and I don’t mean strictly speaking financially as such…

Anyway, I am not blaming Elton for desiring the death of an elderly lady with dementia because that was his deranged followers and whilst Elton might generally not have been that funny he wasn’t utterly nasty and never said anything quite like that. Not whilst Maggie could wield her hand-bag anyway. But she can’t anymore.

I wonder what these folks would think if I went into their local care home and danced upon the impending doom of their Gran?

Utter scumbaggery and good that most of the Labour Party have told them to fuck off. The minority seem to be playing Student Union politics c.1985. Which was roughly when I started playing “Combat Lynx” on the Spectrum. A computer at least partially available because Thatcher had reversed our economic decline. The ’80s were my summer of content. My family was doing better and we could afford foreign holidays and such and whilst I never got a shag whilst Maggie was in power but that was hardly her fault! It was more likely my mullet. Which was entirely my fault. And the fact all the lasses in my year were into those wankers Bros.

I shall have a drink when Maggie dies (I think there is a fair chance I shall out-live her). It will not be in celebration (a vile idea) but in memory of a great life. And also for the PM who defined my formative years.

And. Yes. She did. I was born when Ted Heath was PM and I never took up sailing. We shortly had three day weeks under Wilson and Callaghan and B&W telly (mostly) and it were fucking awful. The only thing that increased (apart from the debt – again! – and not for the last time.) was the size of mustaches and men’s trouser leg ends. A ghastly time the 70s unless you were Gary Glitter when you were the leader of the pack.

In a peculiar way wishing her dead now is a back-handed tribute to the Iron Lady who has been out of power since I was a sixth-former but still garners both praise and opprobrium. It just shows the length of her shadow.

Slow-motion suicide

It’s now more or less a given, that people in ‘public life’ are subject to much lower standards than the rest of us.  Even the pretence is now hard to keep up.  Governments regularly overspend two, three four times ahead of the original projections when the boondoggle was grandly announced, think of the Scottish Parliament building, the millennium dome, the Olympics, more or less anything else you can think of,


No-one (outside the infantry perhaps) is fired, and the careers move on wholly untroubled by glaring failures on the CV


But it is nonetheless incumbent on the rest of us to continue to expose hideous failure and recklessly ill-considered plans, as well as showing pitiful excuses for what they are  Yes, George, its someone else’s fault, nothing to do with me Guv. 


So with that in mind, you might hope that the mainstream media might do at least a half-competent job of reporting the latest move in Europe’s slow-motion suicide that is more bailouts.  Sadly this proved to be a triumph of hope over expectation as the coverage was dismal, superficial and more or less an annoyance in the way of the sports coverage.      


I refer of course to the almost surreal news that after denial after denial, Spain has now rattled the national begging bowl in the faces of the Eurozone countries with a kind of “Will work for a hundred billion Euros” sign.  Apparently, the money will be going to ‘some’ Spanish banks. 


So let us consider some of the tiny problems with this.  First the terms of the loan that has been agreed have not been announced (or at least reported).  You might think that the duration of the loans, the pay-back triggers, the interest rates payable (though apparently it’s a ‘favourable’ rate), whether the loan is in anyway collateralised, who is getting the money (rather important to your chances of ever being repaid), whether the money will be given to people who made political donations in expectation of further kickbacks (surely worth investigating), might all be worth reporting or indeed, agreeing before you put your national taxpayers on the hook for dumb Spanish bankers.  Then there is the question of exactly where the cash will come from?  Eurozone countries apparently, but I presume Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland won’t be able to contribute, since they have troubles of their own and the smaller Eurozone nations won’t be able to make more than a token gesture.  Now the UK is not part of the Eurozone so I would guess we are off the hook on this one, unless there is some god-awful treaty obligation, and George was photographed making his constipated/serious face which may suggest we are about to pony up, (perhaps kitty counters can help me here).


This is another epic disaster of the first magnitude and do you think even one of ‘em will lose their jobs or suffer in anyway? 


This may get very, very ugly indeed. 


I just noticed today the number of approved comments here is now broken the 25,000 mark.

A warm thank you to all our readers who chip in! I not saying we couldn’t have done it without you. Of course we could! But without comments we wouldn’t have done it without!

As Alice said, “What is the point of a book without pictures or conversations?”


Captain Carrot!

I guess I have written loads of stuff here on a whole variety of subjects ranging from war and peace to aviation and buses. I have written on religion and politics, on culture both contemporary and esoteric. I have even dabbled in the dismal science of economics and yet something was always missing…

Well it was until Friday night when I made carrot and coriander soup and I saw this in the bag…


No blog can ever be complete without a post about an amusingly shaped vegetable. Certainly not when a clearly circumcised vegetable quite literally falls into my lap. Certainly not whilst I’m peeling it back [just stop – Ed].

PS. If anyone wants my recipe for “Carry and Cozzer” let me know. It’s bloody good. The “recipe” is somewhat Nanny Ogg because I have done too many hours in the physics lab with tediously exact measurements to treat cooking the same painstaking way.

PPS. At no point hitherto has the WordPress phrase “insert into post” caused such hilarity. Well for me anyway. I shall now get my coat.

Key to the door…

It’s an old song but this blog is 21 today!

Well, probably a couple of days ago. I had other things to do to not the exact time of passing the 21,000 mark of approved* comments. It’s now 21,022.

This is great. We punch way above our weight in getting comments and developing long threads. What is the use of a blog without pictures or conversations? I have said this before and I will say it again but I only type this nonsense because because I see folks respond to it. There are, I am sure, blogs that are much more widely read but with far fewer comments. I couldn’t be bothered to carry on if I felt no matter how good my stuff, no matter what the readership stats were if it wasn’t for the feedback. I’d feel I might as well write stuff and throw it down a well.

So, Kitty Kounters (past and present) and especially you constant (and new) reader and commentator, thanks!

It’s been emotional.

*Comments policy is simple. We don’t have a bot to filter for “stuff” but we do have a spam bot. You all have internet access so if you want to make a million quick or have a larger penis then I’m reasonably informed there are many places on the web to go for that malarkey. We have a spam-bot because if, let’s say, Ian posts something that really sparks discussion it really derails the thread if during a discussion about, say, the Methodist basis of Anglo-socialism someone is promoting bored “local” housewives wanting sex. (Usually they are in New Jersey and that’s hardly local for me!)

Part of how this works is that first-timers will have to be approved – when that happens – knock yerselfs out! Sorry folks about that and it absolutely isn’t censorship. You can say pretty much (as long as it doesn’t land us in court for libel or is spam what you want) and that’s part of the process of keeping the kitty kleen. By “kleen” I mean every fifth comment not being about breast enlargement on the cheap or incredible opportunities for financial gain IN BLOCK CAPS from Nigeria. I just repeat this comments policy every so often because obviously we welcome new readers and commentators. BTW whilst a lot of you will have been “smited” at Samizdata the worst bot I came across was at Harry’s Place where the word “monkey” (and derivatives) was banned. I found this out when I had a comment deleted for using the word “monkeying” in the sense of “monkey-business”. I think my comment was related to finance.