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October, 2008:


I have nothing to add. This is out of my league completely.

The Singularity will go mainstream.

One thing I do know, Allah will contribute nothing to this.


Ok, those who have been following Bussard Fusion research have been a little frustrated lately. The last round of experimentation came to an end in August, the data were presented to the funding authorities, and for the last couple of months we have had silence.

Now, I took heart from the fact that Dr Nebel, research leader,  had earlier reported WB 7 as “running like a top”, and that after research ended the team were kept together. My reasoning was that if the data were not encouraging the group would have been disbanded.

Now, as reported at Power and Control -

The Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division, China Lake, CA intends to procure on an other than full and open competition basis a service to provide: 1) Research of Electrostatic “Wiffle Ball” Fusion Device. The contractor is to specifically investigate the required instrumentation to achieve spatially resolved plasma densities and spatially resolved particle energies. This requirement is sole sourced to Energy Matter Conversion Corporation, 1202 Parkway Drive, Suite A, Santa Fe, NM 87501, as the only company in the world investigating and developing this type of device.

In other words, the results were good enough, and research resumes.



Greening the land

You may be aware that horticulturists add CO2 to greenhouses, boosting the level of this deadly pollutant in make the plants grow both faster and more lush. Some pollutant huh?

On the basis of this reality, I have seen a few articles expressing puzzlement that a consequence of all this nasty anthropogenic CO2 stuff will be reduced agricultural production, leading us all to get a little hungry bye and bye. Personally? I have always thought this was a load of scaremongering twaddle, worth as much as a bucket of foetid dingos kidneys.

Try this, with or without warming -

I Refute Him Thus!

It’s currently -5C outside, in South Manchester, in October.

It’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. And if I ever catch-up with the Salesman he will suffer a similar fate to that poor non-ferrous simian.

Something interesting

Another of our transformative technologies posts – Here’s something interesting, have you ever heard of a catom? The fundamental building block of a cat right? Did you know that stroking a cat releases negative ions? I bet that’s the only circumstance where a negative ion is a cat ion.

Cat ion? Cation? Geddit?

Oh, never mind. Lets get to the point.

Catoms are the fundamental active unit in claytronic devices. Any the wiser? Well, you will be.

Sometime in the next five years the first primitive claytronics constructs will start being demonstrated, they will be affecting your lives within ten, and within twenty years they will be transforming human existence in ways that only the most visionary are starting to get glimpses of. If it gives you any hint, one of the world leaders in claytronics research is Intel; and they intend it to be BIG. Only they call it Dynamic Physical Rendering.

Ok, catoms/claytronics. Claytronics is the engineering/marketing term for a varient of programmable matter, and a catom is a single unitary particle containing all the active components that allow it to interact with other catoms and the outside world. As wikipedia puts it “sub-millimeter computers that will eventually have the ability to move around, communicate with other computers, change color, and electrostatically connect to other catoms to form different shapes”.

In other words, they aggregate together using magnetism, talk and cooperate via digital radio, autoconstruct dynamic mesh networks, flash at you in whatever colour you wish, and otherwise obey your every command.

3D fax?

Yep, thats right, different shapes. In fact, any shape you damn well wish. And within limits, any texture you wish as well. Fibres, particles, solids, you name it. And given that each catom can act as a pixel, whatever colour takes your fantasy.

Boggled yet? THIS IS NOT SCIENCE FICTION, and it is not something for your grandkids. It will be for you.

Right now? Intel report that they are producing catoms of millimetre size, and expect to shrink them to micron size within 5 to 10 years.

Ok, at millimetre size, assuming reasonable eyesight, and better than mine is becoming, you will be able to see each component, but at micron size? Forget it.

What colour do you want your car today?

Colour? Hell, what shape do you want the bloody thing?

This is where manufacturing techniques come into play, at a dollar each, of micron size, only the military will be able to afford to play with the things, but at a couple of cents per million? A million, sounds like a lot huh? At one micron each a million catoms would cover exactly one square millimetre. A couple of cents per billion maybe, giving us a cubic millimetre, then they will start becoming affordable to the rest of us. Making these things in usable quantities will give mass production and economies of scale whole new meanings.

Still, spray on televisions anyone?

Two inch high renderings of the players scarpering around your tabletop, as Geelong takes on the Gold Coast in the 2019 AFL Grand Final?

For we ubergeeks, here is a paper on the programming language used to control the buggers.

For other variations on this theme, try utility fog, and smart dust.

Seriously, when you look at this stuff, why would anyone bother with a God when there are human engineers around to admire? After all, what has God ever done for us? And what have the Intel engineers done?

More at Next Big Future

Are the pollsters more honest than the MSN?

Don’t give it to him. Make him steal it.


A recent article of mine had something of a vogue and it was taken-up by the Devil himself in his Kitchen. It was also taken-up by an unofficial BNP blog in Wigan. Hmm… Chris Mounsey is a star of the Libertarian blogging world and the BNP are a bunch of National Socialists who apart from their racism have a large number of very strange and dangerous policies. Well, that’s the ‘net for you and everyone is welcome to read my rants or Cats’ mewlings and frankly, the more the merrier. Because this is not meant as an echo chamber. If possible I would like people to read this and, well, change, as Perry de Havilland of Samizdata (another star of the libertarian blog scene) would put it, their “metacontext”.

The sad truth is that the BNP and the likes of RESPECT are basically the same thing. Their economic policies are both boilerplate socialism and both equate criticism of Islam with racism. I don’t and I frankly find the conflation of race and idealogy to be one of the strangest enduring fallacies of the age. You can see something similar in the current US election campaign. The very idea that a Black American might vote for McCain is seen as staggering.

I am worried about one thing in particular. There are many good anti-jihadi websites out there. Jihadwatch and LGF spring to mind (though least said about LGF’s commentariat soonest mended) but there are also nutters and oportunists such as Gates of Vienna (which sometimes seems to be almost gleefully anticipating a European Christian vs. Muslim Civil War). GoV is based in the USA and I guess it’s bloggers are planning on getting in beer and pretzels and watching the fun unfold on CNN.

And this is the problem. I am anti-jihad. I am appalled at some of the allowances being made to Muslims in this country. I am appalled at the, for want of a better word, Muslim pork-barrels we pay to try and keep them sweet (or unradicalized as the jargon goes). I am dissapointed by the way in which none of our mainstream political parties or the mainstream media is prepared to say the unsayable (for fear of being deemed racist or something*) and at the heart of the problem of terrorism and legal jihad and the hectoring and harrassment indulged in by various Islamists is Islamic all the way back to the Qu’ran and Muhammed.

But I am not prepared to throw the baby out with the bathwater and turn in desperation to the Xenophobia and hatred and poisonous nationalism of the likes of the BNP as the likes of Gates of Vienna sometimes suggests we may have to. If this blogs posts on Islam serve any purpose it is to demonstrate that it is possible to find Islam a nasty and dangerous ideology without having to embrace an equally nasty and dangerous ideology and that being anti-jihad doesn’t automatically make you a racist loon or ultra-nationalist.

*Or indeed suffer the fate of Salman Rushdie or Theo van Gogh.

MSN Principles

The simple fact of the matter is the LA Times, in withholding this tape, is knowingly and with intent lying in order to subvert the democratic process, in clear conflict with the principles which any ethical publication would hold.

The LA Times is hiding an incriminating video of Obama with radical Palestinian professor Rashid Khalidi.

More here, and here.

Anthem for both you and me

Who’s Lindsay Lohan?

via Tizona


According to new research done at Oxford University, people who eat meat are less likely to suffer from shrinking of the brain than those that stick strictly to a vegetarian diet.


This doesn’t mean that vegetarians need to immediately start eating meat; it just means that when they decide to attack meat-eaters they should think about their small mindedness before hand.

via Random Nuclear Strikes (with added recursion)


One of our, recently, most popular posts is this. You would be surprised how often people search the Internet using the search term “walrus”.

I missed all reference to this

Damn, this does sound like a jolly way to spend some time.

The Devil lets us know that he is going for a walk on a date to remember, the 5th of November; strolling from Trafalger Square to Parliament Square, and back again.

What fun. That is a pleasant little walk I have made many a time, and I regret that as I now live in Oz I will not be in a position to join him, and whoever just happens to be walking the same path at that time.

I do hope that during this walk no one is so foolish as to demonstrate, well, oh, I don’t know; how to roll a cigarette maybe? Or how to tie a Windsor knot? After all, as we all know, a demonstration of any sort by a freeborn Englishmen, or Englishwoman, before the Houses of Parliament is now illegal. Well, illegal for all bar one.

Have a bracing day.

Cheese Eating Revisionist Monkeys

Today, the French, the ungrateful wretches, are having a revisionist conference about the Battle of Agincourt. Their historians apparently claim the English weren’t that outnumbered, that the French were “heroic” and moreover that we didn’t play nice with them. Diddums.

In fact they’re accussing us of “war crimes”. Yup, 593 years after a battle which occured 449 years before the adoption of the first Geneva Convention they’re carping about war crimes! Losers.

Frankly, there is only one appropriate response and we all know that gesture…

PS. Today is St Crispin’s Day. I hope you shall all raise a glass to King Harry and his lads tonight!


The Malaysian Beards have had a conflab on that burning issue of the day… tomboys.

And they have banned them.

Harussani said the council’s ruling was not legally binding because it has not been passed into law, but that tomboys should be banned because their actions are immoral.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a law or not. When it’s wrong, it’s wrong. It is a sin,” Harussani told The Associated Press. “Tomboy (behaviour) is forbidden in Islam.”

Under the edict, girls are forbidden to sport short hair and dress, walk and act like boys, Harussani said. Boys should also not act like girls, he said.

“They must respect God. God created them as boys, they must behave like boys. God created them as girls, they must act like girls,” he said.

Council chairman Abdul Shukor Husin said the ruling was prompted by recent cases of young women behaving like men and indulging in homosexuality, according to agency Bernama.

[My emphasis]

“Indulging” in homosexuality? What a quaint way of putting it. The whole thing is bloody ridiculous even by the standards or Islamoloonacy.


The ins and outs of Internet administration – Our domain name, “”, expired and my hosting service forgot to let me know it was due for renewal.


All sorted now.

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