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November, 2008:

Sack her

Jacqui Smith either knew what was going down and failed to prevent it, in which case she should be sacked forthwith for contempt of Parliament, or she didn’t know what was happening, has no control over her department, and should be sacked forthwith for incompetence.

 Sack the bitch


Damn, Yes

A suggestion from Old Holborn -

Dear non Zanulabour MP’s.

One of your kind has been arrested, his home and office searched, Parliament office searched, his Email shut down and his computers seized, his DNA extracted.

What are you going to do about it? They came for him and eventually, they will come for you too

I have a suggestion. Wednesday is the official State Opening of Parliament.


All of you who have an MP who does not cower before Gordon, send them a link to this post

Find your MP here

Look, Britain is not Zimbabwe, the ZaNuLabour stuff demonstrates contempt for these hateful shits, but it is tongue in cheek rather than a reflection of reality. Your civil rights as freeborn Britons are being compromised (and I mean your real rights, not those worthless ‘human rights’ garbage) but mass murder of British citizens has not occured, and I have no expectation it will. But still, nine members of the anti-terror squad have been used to intimidate all Members of Parliament, with the full support of the Speaker of the House of Commons, an office who’s job it is to protect Parliament from the excesses of the Executive. The man is a disgrace to his office and has surrendered any right to respect.

Contact your MP, whatever their party, every last one of them should be disgusted by this act, and request that they stand up for their and your right not to be subjected to this thuggish treatment.

Prudence is dead. Labour have done it again

I hate these people. I hate them with all my heart, all my soul, and with a passion I did not believe I could still feel. In terms of freedom, honesty, openness and probity, Britain once set an example for all the rest of the world to emulate. Today? Just another European neofascist shithole.

Gee, thanks Gordon, you too Tony.


via Old Holborn


Well having posted about the Wizzanator and a picture of a splayed pussy I thought I’d raise the tone a little with a bit of intellectual stimulus. This is a (very) early representation of something you probably know (or at least have heard of). What is it?


Need more Data

Another utterly pointless test – this is me.



Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?


funny pictures
Timmy lies seductively in front of the fire…

The Whizzinator

This reminds me of this. I wonder if it’s use works out as badly

Well apparently it works out worse.

-via Kim du Toit

(NB Probably not safe for work – in any sense)


Why do they hate us? Because we are not them.

Because we don’t hold that a violent, mass murdering, thieving, oath breaking, misogynistic paedophile, who advocated slavery and rape, condoned lying and political assassination, and freely indulged his galloping satyriasis, is THE moral exemplar who’s every action is to be admired and emulated?

Because we don’t aspire to a concept of Paradise that is comparable to (and about as spiritual as) my concept of a high class brothel?


The troops have gone in -

Commandos stormed the Taj today, apparently leading to the release of guests inside, with television footage showing people being shepherded out of the building.

Shortly afterwards, the upper floors of the landmark hotel became engulfed in flames and huge plumes of smoke billowed out from its distinctive red dome. It was not immediately clear what caused the blaze or whether the gunmen were still inside.

Not clear if the gunmen were still inside? Well, short of being slowly dismembered being burned to death is supposed to be the most painful way possible to die, so here is hoping the cunts were broiled, slowly.

Islam has bloody borders.


They understand the opportunity -

via Freeborn John

Two World Wars and No World Cup

Total Debt increase 1914 – 1919 (2007 value): £255,106,544,018

Total Debt planned 2008/09 – 2013/14 (PBR): £512,000,000,000

“It is staggering that the Government plans to take on more than double the debt we needed to win the First World War. This avalanche of debt will place a massive burden on the shoulders of ordinary families for years to come. Alistair Darling’s refusal to make the public sector share the pain of recession by cutting out wasteful spending will cost all of us dearly.”

– Matthew Elliot, Chief Executive of the Tax Payers’ Alliance

Yup, Gordon Brown and Captain Darling have just decided to fight World War I twice and do it on tick.

-via Curly


From Alan in Fort Worth, an American civics test -

Apparently the average US office holder scores 44% – Nick, a brit, scored 73% and I, an aussie who has never sat in on a civics class in my life, for any country, scored 91%.

Wonder how Barackkk would score.

Tech stuff

The hardest materials known are, in order, diamond, cubic boron nitride and BAM.

And one of the slipperiest materials we know? Would you believe BAM?

BAM? Yep, BAM. An alloy of Boron, Aluminium and Magnesium (AlMgB14) combined with titanium boride (TiB2).

The third hardest substance we know, and, incidentally, two and a half times as slippery as teflon. Coat moving parts of of pumps, motors, turbines, anything, with a couple of microns of the stuff and bam, goodbye oil based lubrication. Well, cut way down on it anyway.

via Next Big Future

Barackkk takes over early

He really does regard the constitution with contempt, doesn’t he.

“The United States has only one president at a time.”

Barack Obama, United States President elect – on or about 11 Nov. 2008

 My plan to confront the financial crisis “starts today”

Barack Obama, United States President elect – 25 Nov. 2008

As President elect Barackkk has no legal or constitutional position. Even so, in making this second statement he is, as a Senator, acting to undermine the current President in the exercise of his office. Is this the standard of honesty and integrity we are to expect in his exercise of the office, once he gains it?

Or to rephrase, I guess this is just another of many examples of the standard of honesty and integrity we are to expect yada yada yada.

Barackkk, in seeking to exercise any authority at all, will be attempting a coup against the current administration – and people seriously think this guy is a change for the better?

Metal Storm

For those who’s tastes run to seeing advanced technology being used to blow things up, Metal Storm have made a shiny new video. Enjoy.


Well I was watching the BBC this morning and on the news there was some chap from the OECD and he was saying Britain is going to get the recession worse than any other developed nation.

Cats, get that truckle bed out already! I’m crashing at your gaff because this is going to be horrendous.

But before I flee these green and bankrupt lands can we all please lynch the Maximum Leader and that shit “Captain” Darling?

Please for the love of God, Allah or whatever you do or don’t believe in just do it!

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