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December 10th, 2008:

What did they expect?

Ya think that if we asked nice the New York Times, The Independent and the BBC would give us the skinny on how Barackkk got to the top of the most corrupt political machine in the United States?



Nah, me neither.

Addendum:    The most disturbing news is – his first instinct is to lie. And this from a Chicago Machine politician, who’d a thunk it?

Climate Sanity

Oh yes, oh please let this be soon.

I so look forward to seeing some poor deluded hysteric actually try to use the courts. None of the more sane ones will, they don’t want to waste their hard extorted cash, but a real crazy? You betcha.

Please Lord (and I pray as an athiest), let this happen soon -

People affected by worsening storms, heatwaves and floods could soon be able to sue the oil and power companies they blame for global warming, a leading climate expert has said.

We’ll have to wait for weather events to start getting worse though.

“If you look at the extent to which certain major companies in the US are accused of having funded disinformation to cast doubt on the link between man-made emissions and global warming, that could open the way to litigation.”

Suing someone for spreading disinformation? Anyone suing the salesman yet?

via Tim Blair

Simpsonian Pr0n

This is certainly in the couldn’t make it up category. An Australian man has been convicted for kiddie pr0n because he had an image of Bart and Lisa Simpson in flagrante.

Money quote:

Justice Adams ruled the word “person” included imaginary or fictional characters and that an unrealistic representation of a figure did not preclude that figure from being a “person”.

“If the persons were real, such depictions could never be permitted,” Justice Adams said in his judgment. “Their creation would constitute crimes at the very highest end of the criminal calendar.”

Remember Baghdad Betty and the “Bart Simpson is making love to your wife” schtick?

That’s actually a myth but we believed it because it came from a deranged third-world dictatorship where they used to feed people feet-first into industrial shredders for saying Saddam’s ‘tash was ugly. This comes from Australia.

Could someone please inform “Justice” Adams of the difference between reality and fiction. Or he’ll be sending his flying monkeys into the next local production of Romeo and Juliet which is clearly about under-age sex. Think of the Children! Some middle-aged chap in the third row of the stalls is undoubtedly getting wood at the thought of Juliet’s tender flesh as I type…

If we had sane gun-laws I’d go for a long walk, have a final drop of a decent malt somewhere I could see the stars and then shoot myself.

This is so utterly beyond a joke. Please answer me, please oh please do, how in any way, shape or form destroying this man’s life at taxpayers’s expense protects children? No you can’t. Because it doesn’t. Where’s my Glock? Where’s the Glenmorangie? The people behind this are not just evil, they are carpet-chewing, last days of the Third Reich, mental.

I shall now disclose that, in my youth, I committed the sin of Onan whilst watching Cheetara of the Thundercats. I later dumped her for Jessica Rabbit.

So come on you lunatics! Arrest me!

Fucking hell on a tricyle. They have made having sexual fantasies about cartoon characters illegal!

-Stolen from Obnoxio.

PS. I seem to recall The Simpsons first aired about 1990. That makes Bart and Lisa well over any reasonable age of consent.

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