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December 30th, 2008:

Disproportionate Response

I sometimes read Old Holborn (he’s blogrolled) and he is normally foul-mouthed and amusing. He has though gone down in my estimation with this anti-semitic rant-fest he is hosting.

Let’s look at the evidence…

1. Hamas started it.

2. The fact Hamas has bottle rockets and the IDF have F-16s and Apaches doesn’t make it unfair because war is not about “playing fair”. The Duke of Wellington (who knew a thing or two about fighting said “In war there is no substitute for victory”. Hamas should have spent some of the time squandered on furious Islamic rhetoric building an economy rather than living on hand-outs like the pikies they truly are.

3. Hamas has in it’s foundational charter a commitment to the complete destruction of Israel. They really mean it. It is no more negotiable than the US Declaration of Independence.

4. Iran, Syria and assorted other “usual suspects” are backing Hamas for the usual reasons of pure devilment.

5. Israel crushing the lunatic theocrats of Hamas is the best thing for the poor buggers in that most benighted of shit holes that is the Gaza strip.

6. When Israel withdrew from Gaza they left behind a whole load of greenhouses and the like. These were wrecked by the denizens as symbols of Zionist oppression or some such. Now if instead the lokes had decided to take-up market gardening and not carry on with their amateur rocketry we wouldn’t be having our current difficulties in the Near East would we? If like every other nation on the planet they tried to make their way in the world by making things and providing services Gaza wouldn’t resemble the globe’s largest sink-estate and the inhabitants of Sderot wouldn’t need to be world-class at the “duck and cover method”. It’s win-win. Unfortunately Hamas has decided to bet the farm on lose-lose.

7. Israel is a civilised first world country. Gaza is a dark-age nightmare. I think Ayn Rand had something to say on always backing civilisation against whatever and Gaza is most definitely whatever. I can easily imagine holidaying in Israel and I bet you can too. Honestly can you see anyone in anything resembling their right mind booking a fortnight in the Gaza Hilton? I’d rather spend a fortnight in Paris Hilton.

8. I know why the Arabs (some of them – not so much Egypt or Jordan which is telling) and the Iranians are backing Hamas. Quite why the EU keeps sending them cheques though is beyond me. Especially after an enraged mob torched the EU consulate in Gaza City over the Motoons of Doom. That would have been a good point to decide – “fuck ‘em”. They buit the hand that fed them and that hand should have then bitch-slapped them. But it didn’t.

9. When all is said and done… Has any of the time and money and effort that the denizens of Gaza have spent on kidnapping Israeli soldiers, blowing-up buses, firing rockets and being generally obnoxious advanced their lives and livelihoods one iota? It hasn’t. It really is time (60 bloody years!) that they realised they are just not getting anywhere and that their poverty and degradation is not the fault of the evil Zionist entity but of their own nihilism. They could have potentially a nice country but they just keep fucking it up. They need a serious reality check. Which they are currently getting – in spades.

10. Has Yasser Arafat’s Nobel Prize shown up on eBay yet? Hamas thugs also stole Arafat’s toilet*. Dear sweet fuck. What a gaffe! And remember the Gaza poonami? The Israelis offered to help. Hamas told them to sling it. So basically fuck ‘em. The literal shit-storm was apparently caused by people stealing dirt from the dam. That is what Fateh and Hamas have rendered. A literal empire of dirt.

*I can think of very few things I would want to own less than that shit’s shitter.


Yeah, I hear that many NHS hospitals also serve only halal. This would cause a problem for me, because when I first heard that I decided I had a deep seated religious objection to any public body forcing halal on me.

So, I would have a problem in modern Britain, I don’t touch fair trade or halal, and I am considering putting organic and biofuel on that list. All these are simply too unethical for me to touch.

Damn, but that would make life difficult. Might be easier just to go kosher.


The nasties are at it again. Not only is Britain on the road to being an official apartheid state, but is on the road to being a totalitarian official apartheid state.


Apartheid Britain

I thought that equality before the law was a fundamental of British civilisation. I thought foreign policy was formulated in the interests of the country as a whole.

Did the Home Office really consider that British law and policy should be decided by a minority on the basis of threats and violence by their fucking co-religionists?

Muslim working parties? What about the rest of us? Don’t we have any say?

For years, the Government has offered Muslim leaders self-governance in return for information about “dangerous” elements. But if terrorists cannot be accurately identified, this is a waste of time. Unelected community leaders extend control over Muslims, yet society is no safer.

Self-censorship is crucial to this growing separatism. The BBC’s director-general, Mark Thompson, says that Muslims should be treated more sensitively than Christians.
Although most Muslims do not condone such attacks, many support the proposal that Islam should enjoy privileged status. After the 7/7 terrorist murders, the Home Office commissioned reports from Muslim working parties. Their recommendations included “Muslim teacher accreditation” to ensure special treatment for Muslim children; Muslim oversight of policing methods; and a new verbal etiquette in which Islamist terrorism should be referred to as “criminal” rather than religiously inspired. There were also hints that British Muslims should be allowed an unofficial veto over foreign policy.

I don’t give a fuck about immigration – I am Australian, product of an immigrant society and a naturalised immigrant to Britain. Bring em on, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Chinese, Indians, Poles, Latins, Nigerians, Arabs, black, white, brown, green, brindled and yes, Muslims. I just don’t care who they are, and it adds to the gaiety of the nation. But by fuck I absolutely demand that everyone be equal.


If we are to have a working society we need to be a melting pot, a society where we are all British first, all equally British, and hyphenated whatever second, last and final. No one, no fucking one whatsoever, gets privileged treatment and they need to be fucking told as much. If Muslims are given privileged status, that makes the rest of us second class citizens, dhimmies. In other words – apartheid.

Me? I blame the multi culties. They create division, ghettoise minorities and destroy society cohesion.

Fuck the multi culties, I am second to no one.



How can we expect that they will carry out the core tasks of government, maintaining peace, secutity and freedom, when they won’t even call this evil by its real name:

On three separate occasions, Murray has found himself on a panel with Tory spokesmen. And, each time, the Tory has told him off for using the phrase “Islamist terrorism”. The approved word is “criminality”.

Don’t bother voting Tory, if you are going to get NuLabour bullshit policies regardless, you might as well vote for the real thing.

When Political Correctness was all about banning the tea lady from calling everyone ‘love’ and renaming the Christmas season ‘Winterval’ we could get a bit pissed off, and laugh at these tits, but this crap will get people killed.

Islam, as a religion, is as nutty as a snickers bar but who gives a shit? You do your thing, and I will do mine, and good luck to both of us. Islam as a political movement though? It is malign, malevolent, violent, intolerant, dishonest, vicious and supremacist.

It is not, as these guys seem to think, Anglicanism in turbans.

Sure Islamic terrorism is criminal, but it is criminality ordained by holy books. When these murderous bastards scream “God is Great” with their last breath, turning themselves and a bus full of pregnant women and children into red mist because some vile scriptural passage demands it, who am I to question their sincerity? Who is Call me Dave to question it?


via Jihadwatch-

According to Jason Burke who wrote a most excellent book on Al Queda (I disagreed with some of Mr Bruke’s conclusions but Al Queda was a damn fine work) Britain is first in the firing line in 2009. Why? Because we’re pals with the USA and because we have huge numbers of chaps (some with beards you could lose a fox-terrier in) travelling between here and Pakistan which is of course where the jihad is based these days.

They have hit London and titted-up hitting Glasgow. I live on the edge of Manchester. I guess that means me or my Brummie cousins are next in line. And if that happens I expect a strongly worded post from Brisbane on my untimely demise.

And you know what. If he suffers any case of “root causism” and puts the blame on (say) the IAF’s current campaign of making the rubble bounce in Gaza then you lot, dear readers, all defect to DK or Old Holborn. Capiche? They are going to hit the UK again and whilst I am not being alarmist and will in no way shape or form change my lifestyle that likelihood doesn’t fill me with joy.

Because if they hit us again… There will be be hell to pay. Or there should be. There will probably be more cash for Paki community centres and much talk of inter-faith dialogue. Well I have no faith so if a nail-bomb takes my legs that’s fuck all to do with me (apart from the lack of legs obviously) so fuck it. Fuck them all. Fuck the Jihadis who want to drag us kicking and screaming back to the dark ages. And fuck the government who is so PC as to do nothing to the purpose other than make my life a minor misery whenever I travel. Yes, fuck them too. Fuck the wankers at the top who designated Islamic terrorism as “un-Islamic activity”. I have read the Qu’ran. Have they? They are either crooks or liars and either way they are not helping.

Oh and if A-Q (or pals) commit another “spectacular” in 2009 on British soil I hope that monocular Jock cunt remembers what we have HMS Vanguard, Vigilant, Victorious and especially Vengeance for. Just Mecca (preferably during the Hajj) and Qom would do the trick. Just a couple of hundred kilotons. Just enough to let them know that the true wrath of God comes from Aldermaston and not Allah. Just enough to let them know that they are doing Satan’s work and that hell follows with that.

I’m way to old to have to be bothered with this ancient shit. I have lived half the Biblical three-score and ten and throughout it Islamic lunatics have tried to kill me or destroy what I care about.

Disappearing act

I just had two quite brilliant postings disappear into the aether.

Bugger it, I am going to bed.

And to add my penneth to Nicks last posting – Scientists argue from data, NOTHING ELSE. Consensus and compromise simply are not tools in the scientists box, and have no place in scientific discussion. Consensus is a tool of politics, and when you read of some deluded idiot citing the chimerical warming consensus as a scientific justification you can be damned sure they don’t come close to understanding the scientific mindset.

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