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April, 2009:

Utter Savages

This is low even for Jihadi Taleban scum.

I can understand why the soldiers laughed and joked afterwards. They had just survived a truly horrific ordeal in which they thought a comrade had been blown to bits and then discover he was OK (well as OK as anyone who has just been deafened and showered with donkey guts can be anyway – which in my book – to quote Marcellus Wallace is “Very fucking far from OK”) and humour is the natural reaction to that.

What an appalling depraved thing to do. And it wouldn’t surprise me if the Taleban had “borrowed” the poor creature from some potless peasant who is now on his uppers because he’s lost his means of transport. Utter, utter scum. Unfortunately though from their point of view it’s a good tactic. NATO troops in Afghanistan will now even be being careful around donkeys (one of the troops said they are ubiquitous) just one more thing to be wary of and to avoid. They have used kids, people with Down’s Syndrome, Burkhas (probably a lady doing the shopping but how can you tell what lies beneath?). They have blown up every bloody thing imaginable (and unimagineable) and it is an effective tactic because it means everything is something potentially to fear.

We on the other hand have spent billions and billions on ever smarter and more accurate weapons (the UK, amongst many nations has abandoned the use of cluster bombs). Also an effective tactic and the difference between them and us. They wallow in causing nihilistic indiscriminate carnage and we fight with lasers and GPS. I know that’s partly because we’re not broke* like they are but why are they broke? Because wallowing in indiscriminate nihilistic carnage kinda precludes having a working economy that can make cool and expensive kit. Is there for example any particularly compelling reason why the Palestinians can’t afford stuff like F-16s that the Zionists can? None other than ideology. Israeli military doctrine seeks (almost to a fault) to minimize it’s losses and will go to almost absurd lengths to secure the release of captured soldiers and even the bodies of their fallen. Islamist military doctrine revels in it’s losses. It loves them – especially maimed kids. I couldn’t believe supposedly intelligent people got on their Israel-bashing high-horses over the “disproportionate” casualities of Operation Cast Lead. Hint: when fighting a war rule one is to try and kill more of them than they kill of you because that tends to result in victory and as the Duke of Wellington (who knew a thing or two about war) put it, “In war there is no substitute for victory”. War is not a dad playing soccer with his young kid and giving them a few breaks… Would those idiots who criticised Israel have been happy if the total casualties of Cast Lead had been the same or higher but fifty/fifty because that would have been fair? Probably. Would they have given over the Spitfire blueprints to Heinkel during the Battle of Britain to “level the playing field”. Dunno.

What I do know is that until our (and Israel is one of us) Islamist enemies embrace civilized concepts of warfare such as trying to kill enemy combatants and not resort to the usual orgy of violence and chaos relishing the deaths of non-combatants on both sides (and poor little donkeys and every goddamn thing that walks, crawls, slithers, flies or swims) then they are not an enemy that I can have any even grudging respect for. You can respect the professionalism and courage of a Luftwaffe airman in the Battle of Britain but you can’t respect these utter gits. Not even their insane “bravery” and capacity for “sacrifice”. Not when they believe that copping a JDAM for Allah gets them a free shagging pass in the brothel eternal and certainly not when they feel the same way about their sons and daughters. There is no valuing of the preciousness of life itself and that is the mark of a true barbarian. They are savages, utter savages and they need to be put down like rabid dogs.

*Well, we weren’t anyway…

The world that Bill built

A preview from Microsoft.

10, 15, 20 years out? Your guess.

Productivity Future Vision

H/T David Brin (Yes, THAT David Brin)

Stunning Scientific Claim of the Day

Apparently homeopathic remedies don’t have side effects.

I can’t wait for their groundbreaking paper on the religious affiliation of a certain elderly man who lives in Rome.

The difference between them

Well, I know one thing: When Jesus brought a little girl on her deathbed back to life, He said, "Wake up," not "Move over…"

Five Feet of Fury

Sex EdBallsucation

My intersposed comments on this article from The Times shall look like this:

Compulsory sex and relationships lessons for 11-year-old children are to include classroom discussions on gay unions and civil partnerships. Secondary pupils will learn about contraception and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), while primary school children will learn about their bodies and friendships, a review of sex education has concluded.

I’m struggling here – I have just endured a “Green Audit” – teach primary school children about “friendship”. Don’t they learn that anyway by actually having friends? Is there anything these righteous fucks don’t want to teach rather than allow folks to just find out?

The review was ordered in October after ministers announced that sex and relationships education (SRE) lessons should be made compulsory to help primary and secondary pupils to “navigate the complexities of modern life” and to ensure that children learnt their sex education from the classroom, not the playground.

Right the boom is lowered. I’m going fucking nuclear here. This is utter drivel. This is cockwash of the first water. There is obviously a place for sex education. It’s called biology lessons. Lessons about “relationships” are just beyond fucking belief. Listen, you arsemongers and listen good because if you at the back Mr Balls are not listening or if I even suspect you’re not paying 100% rapt attention I’m staple-gunning your ears open. We have let you lot tax and regulate our jobs, our healthcare, our homes and places of business our everything but we are not going to let you into our bedrooms or round the back of the bike sheds. The playground or the JCR or the office smoking room (now of course illegal) is where we learned about “relationships”. We do it naturally, organically and not by being lectured at by some semi-(house)-trained GROLIES. It is the job of schools to impart knowledge and skills and whilst it is a side effect of schools that they “socialize” kids that is done by letting them run and play together not by some demented top-down didactic idiocy.

The changes to personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) classes mark the culmination of decades of campaigning by sexual health organisations, who believe that the patchy nature of sex education in schools is helping to fuel a record level of teenage pregnancy and STIs in England.

“Patchy nature of Sex Education”. Oh for fuck’s sake. If I had a quid for everytime I’ve heard some knocked-up Vicki Pollard on the telly blaming her curious abdominal bulge on “Not enough sex education innit” I’d be blogging this from a fucking Learjet. This is what you need to know. This is Teacher Nick’s sex ed lesson: “If you are female and have heterosexual sex without a reliable method of contraception you might get in the bun club. If you have heterosexual or homosexual sex with someone you don’t know too well then there is a reasonable chance of getting something nasty down there. The rest I’m fairly sure you can figure out for yourselves. Oh and Debbie in 4B is a right slag and will do anything for a can of Lilt and a bag of chips but I can see by some of the blushing around the room you already know that.” How much sex education does anyone really need? I mean the subtleties are most fun when learned on the job so to speak but the basics can be taught in minutes. If someone is too fucking pignorant to take note of these basic biological facts then years of trying to hammer it into them will achieve nothing to the porpoise.

Last night campaigners welcomed the review, conducted by Sir Alasdair MacDonald, a secondary head teacher in Tower Hamlets, East London. However, they suggested that its recommendations did not go far enough.

It had to be Tower Hamlets. We are taking advice on reducing teen pregnancy from a teacher in Tower Hamlets? Jeebus fucking wept. What next? A passover prayer delivered by Osama bin Laden, Nick Griffin to lecture us on racial equality, Fred Goodwin on personal finance?

Although the new PSHE classes will be compulsory from 2011, faith schools in England will be given licence to provide sex and relationships education within the context of their own values. This could mean that children will be taught that their religion regards the use of contraceptives as a sin. Parents will also have a legal right to withdraw children from SRE classes. Currently one in 2,500 parents withdraws children from nonstatutory sex education classes.

So it’s either compulsory or you can opt out. Does that make any fucking sense whatsoever? Also, readers from abroad, note that most “faith schools” in this country are state-funded. How that shituation happened is not something you want to get me started on…

Sexual health charities warned that allowing parents to opt out, even if it involved only a small number, was an infringement of young people’s rights. Julie Bentley, chief executive of fpa, formerly the Family Planning Association, said that while religion and sex education were not incompatible, schools should not be allowed to interpret the report “to mean they can tell young people, for example, that contraception isn’t a matter of choice – it is simply wrong”.

I cannot even bear to fisk that. Who are these sexual health charities? I can make a (sexually) educated guess as to who funds them. Oh, in for a penny in for a pound… How much did it cost me for the Family Planning Association to rebrand itself as the fpa? And does anyone else find the idea that the state ought to mandate teaching kids “they have a choice” creepy. I mean in a free society we do just choose anyway. That’s what freedom is. That’s the default position: choice. Imposing it is Rousseau “forcing people to be free”. It is Stalin and collectivisation. It is the utter antithesis of rights rightly thought of. And as a final note here… I personally object to paying for handing out condoms to kiddiewinks when my wife had to drive halfway across the county to have her Implanon changed.

She added: “We would like further assurances that when SRE becomes statutory, all schools will teach it responsibly, ethically and factually as a core subject.”

It gets worse… Yes you can teach sex in terms of biology factually. How the fucking fuckitty fuck do you teach “relationships” factually. This is my core beef. This is the beating heart of my point. Morals are not taught, they are learned. They come from the myriad interactions you have with folks, they come from your faith (or lack thereof). They are absolutely not the beeswax of the state. State imposed morality is not morality. It is tyranny.

Simon Blake, national director of the sexual health charity Brook, said: “Young people need to understand the law – that you can get contraception, that you can have an abortion – and understand the health benefits of practising safer sex. It would not be right for anyone to tell them that this is wrong, but it is OK for them to be told that some people believe it is wrong.”

Well, Blakey (shouldn’t you be back on the buses?)… Seeing as abortion has been legal in the UK for over 40 years and contraception is available in pub toilets, service stations and even the smaller branches of Boot’s I think the kids have either figured it or are too thick or venal to care. I actually don’t object to school nurses handing out RU486 without parental consent – I mean accidents happen and condoms do break (that was a fucking hilarious evening I don’t want to go into) – but… What Blakey is saying is that teens are incapable of personal responsibility and incapable of finding out and in my view that is utterly wrong. You don’t encourage responsible behaviour by advocating the state takes over everything. You do it by leaving people to their own devices. What Blakey doesn’t get is that the way to get folks to be responsible is to allow them to be responsible. What he doesn’t get is that his POV is the exact opposite of the answer. Or maybe he’s smarter than I thought and knows that and knows that his ever spiralling meal-ticket is paying the mortgage and putting the kids through college.

The Catholic Education Service for England and Wales welcomed the opt-out. “This is a crucial right in a community where parents are the first educators of their children, because parents are responsible for bringing up their children, and not the State,” it said.

Thank fuck for that! Sense at last. I personally think Catholic sexual mores are a bit silly but that is a statement I can agree with.

Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, accepted Sir Alasdair’s review, subject to a four-month consultation that will look again at the content of SRE lessons, but told MPs that he would keep the right of nonacceptance under review.

I outlined, nay completed, my recipe for sex ed above. A “four-month consultation”? Four months of trough-snouting by gits more like. I could sort it in five minutes over the phone but nobody is calling…

Sir Alasdair said that making PSHE compulsory would help the quality of teaching. “There is probably greater variability in teaching and learning in this subject than in most other subjects,” he said.

Yeah, I agree with that. When I was at school it was just PSE (which us young wags pronounced as “pissy”). They added the “H” for “health” later. It was somewhat various. Mainly because it lacked any coherence because it has no coherence in principle because it’s just utter best bollocks and because (from my own personal experience and that of my school pals) it is taught by staff who are so fucking useless they aren’t trusted to teach anything to the point. You’re a head and you have an utterly crap biology teacher – stick ‘em on PSHE – it won’t harm the GCSE results and you don’t have to fabricate a story about how he fondled Debbie from 4B “down there” in the prep room. And I will bet anyone a Coke that if this was true twenty years ago it’s doubly true these days.

I’m madder than a wasp on PCP about this. This is a fucking outrage. The state has no right to lecture anyone on sexual morality. Or any morality. Or any anything. It’s just wrong and it will not “work” and more importantly it is deeply not liberal.

We the free people of England will shag anyone we like, anywhere we like (as long as it does not constitute a public nuisance), anyway we like (obviously with consent especially if it involves doing it via the tradesman’s portal) and we shall do it under a law that protects against rape, child molestation and similar evils but we shall do it under our terms and by our own morals whether they be obtained from the priest, vicar, imam, internet, a bloke down the pub or introspection based on personal experience (mainly with Debbie from 4B). Your job is the defence of the Realm and emptying the bins.

But other than that you can fuck off. You got that?

Soldiers of the IDF

I haven’t done a soldiers with big guns posting for AGES, and I guess it is about time I rectified this.

So, in celebration of the brave soldiers of the IDF, here are further admirable warriors:


Courtesy of Rachel Papo

Irene Sendler

Those who have been with us from the beginning may remember my posting on the disgraceful treatment of Irene Sendler by the Fake Nobel committee and the fat git of a Salesman.

Seems she has had some recognition, this month, even if that worthless dick did steal her Nobel Prize. Look, this story deserves the complete Speilberg / Lucas treatment, I don’t know how many special effects they could fit in, but this is a start.

Do they award Noble Prizes posthumously?

If anyone saw it, let me know how it was.

FAO Mr Nigel Turner, CEO, BMI

Dear Mr Turner,

I am writing to you on the matter of the dismissal of Lisa Ashton.

I understand that in order to carry on business it is necessary to observe the laws and cultural mores of the countries where you operate. That sometimes these laws are unfortunate does not preclude obeying them.

However, in the case of Ms Ashton your actions are extraordinary. That she did not wish to be treated as a second class human being is understandable, and that she stood up for herself is laudable. That you insisted, under penalty of dismissal, that she accept the role of chattel is unforgiveable.

Your company demonstrated hypocrisy by stating that she was required to accept this role as a measure of ‘respect for Saudi culture’, simultaneously showing no respect for Ms Ashtons own cultural values; values which place men and women as precisely equal, neither subservient to the other. Given that I expect these to be your values as well, I am disgusted by your actions; ‘respect’ for the culture of others is not the be all and end all in human relationships. I guess there are aspects of Saudi culture which can be respected, even admired, although they don’t spring to mind. However, the position of women in their society is not just unpleasant, it is repugnant, a disgrace among civilisations, and deserves to be held in contempt. I would have hoped that you would hold the same opinion.

The gains made by women in Western societies over the centuries are an example of what is best in our civilisation, and your actions are an example of what is not.

If your female staff choose to abase themselves, that is their choice. For you to require it, as a condition of employment, is incompatible with any views I am prepared to finance. Until, and unless, you rectify this error on your companies part I will not travel with BMI, and I will do my best to dissuade others from doing so as well.



CC Sir Michael Bishop, Chaiman, British Midland Airways Ltd.

H/T Jihad Watch

Set The Wolves Howling

OK, a while back Jonathan Pearce of Samizdata posted a very strange video of the trailer for a Japanese (who else?) CGI movie called CatShitOne which was basically Watership Down meets Blackhawk Down. Now, if such a distinguished blogger as Mr Pearce who tends to write erudite pieces on politics, economics and similar can post such bizarre geniusosity then this ‘umble blogger (and according to a Harry’s Place regular, “noted vulgarian” can post this…)

I sometimes post on vaguely adult themes and use the acronym NSFW. This is not safe for anywhere. At least not anywhere with glass. It sounds like the dance remix of “The Apocalypse vs Hazel Blears having an organism”.

That’s not a typo. I mean “an organism” in the sense that John Hurt had one in Alien.

So you have been warned. But do click here.

It’s fucking dreadful is it not? This is the original. I rather like the it – it is about absolute passion. It’s a sort of post-modern sub-Swedenborgian homage to Wuthering Heights which is one of the greatest novels ever written and Stay is a good pop song. Those three lasses in a bedroom with a webcam though answer a more fundamental question than the nature of obsessive love or how to make a mint with three chords and a dream. They answer the question that has puzzled men for literally ages. “What the fuck do women actually do for an hour and half before a date”? We now know. They are making horrific Youtube movies. You might have thought that horrendous yelping was because they were waxing their “bikini line” but no! It’s much simpler. They are doing Shakespeare’s Sister on helium. Everyone who has sat in the front-room of a shared house making polite conversation about the football with some git who you just know really fancies the girl in question but has got nowhere and is in a mood which can best be described as friendly/aggressive will recognise this.

I’ll tell ya what’s worse than faux pleasantries with someone you know hates you (but is being superficially nice because of the gas bill he’ll have to share with your date) about the Arsenal back four. It’s if it’s a bird instead and she’s kinda interested and laughs at your lyrics about the Arsenal back four and is better looking than the girl you are taking out. That’s a real bummer. What at that point can you do but cut your losses, split the bill and spend the late watches of the night fluctuating between a wanking frenzy and trying to figure out how to get a date with her housemate without seeming like a complete git.

It’s not easy being a bloke.

Too White, Too Jewish

You just can’t win some battles can you? 60 odd years ago in Birmingham they were setting up the Castle Bromwich “shadow factory” to build Spitfires to kill deranged racist loons who were hell-bent on killing Jews because they weren’t “white” (however that is defined). And now this happens…

Some battles get won and stay won and some just have some git saying “And another thing…” twenty minutes after they lost the argument…

PS. And how the fucking fuck can you be “too Jewish”? My understanding which largely comes from having dated a Red Sea Pedestrian for nearly three years is that it’s a flip-flop, 1/0 kinda thing. That it is a zero-sum game. I mean you’re either Jewish or you’re not.

“Feminism” Jumps The Shark

This weekend, I celebrated the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mary Wollstonecraft, one of the mothers of western feminism, by eating a cake baked entirely by men.

Natalie Hanman, The Guardian’s Comment is Free.

(my emphasis)

I regard feminism in the sense of a struggle for the equal rights of women as one of the most important and valuable struggles in recent history.

But that takes the fucking cake. I guess asshattery of that epic level is what we have come to expect from Comment is Free. Well no fucker in their right mind would pay for it. It’s insulting in it’s sixth form debating society vacousness. What feminism was really about was getting votes for women and allowing married women to have their own bank accounts and equal access to the job market and things that in fact actually mattered. Men, Natalie, have been baking cakes at least since King Alfred burnt some. And “baked entirely by men”… How many men (or women) does it take to bake a fucking cake. Probably at The Guardian quite a few because they’ll need to convene a sub-committee or something.

I am utterly floored at such inane stupidity. It sounds like something Millie Tant from Viz would say not something a journalist from an allegedly high-end and respected newspaper would say.

Natalie, your byline piccy makes you look roughly the same age as me. Here’s a bit of advice… Women of my mother’s generation and my grandmother’s and her mother’s generation had real struggles but you don’t. The war is over. They struggled for stuff that mattered and you are my dear having a Marie Antoinette moment. Possibly because it’s rag week. You are trying to storm up Omaha Beach 65 years too late in order to shave Ryan’s privates and you don’t know Ryan had a Brazillian last week… It’s fucking pathetic. It is worse than pathetic. It is re-arranging the deckchairs on a cruise ship that sailed past the iceberg weeks ago. Natalie, if you wanna fight the good fight for the sisters then I suggest you decamp to Shoddy Absurdia where women aren’t allowed to drive and get punished for being raped or some ‘stan or whatever other Islamist cunteration. There is still a real and active battle in such places. Here… It’s down, it’s done, click, off, gone. Wars can be won Natalie. That one was and you resemble nothing so much as a kid who is “challenged” doing woodwork and keeping-on banging a nail which is already well-in because you can’t think what else to do and your toolkit only includes a hammer.

H/T to Ambush Predator which is a blog written by someone who tags as JuliaM. The last time I checked “Julia” was a girl’s name.

Doing well by doing good

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Excellent Smithers. Excellent. Now if Cats can get his arse round to getting the server to run reliably all the time and deal with (what I suspect are) bandwidth issues (I will bung sponds for it if it comes to that) we can seriously take them all. I mean that. I’m not pissing about here. I am way too conceited for that conceit. And this website means way too much to me to be fucking about with it.

Seen elsewhere

I believe he said he bought it in Bucharest

Well, yes. The ex communist countries do show a remarkable tendency towards sanity. When the EU lets them.


Gimme a guess, wadda ya think? How long before this is banned as hate speech towards psychopathic mass murderers and child killers?

Dita, Underwear, Wanking

Right. The country is so deep in the hole that Cambridge and Imperial are having to invent new orders of magnitude to describe it…

Fuck it. I’m off to have a wank and after seeing this you might be too…

The underwear perplexes me. Women’s “intimates” always do. I’d love my wife to wear such stuff but I know it would be a bloody defence contract and I’d have to sell at least one kidney (have you ever looked into the modern price of corsetry? – I have). If I go to Tesco and buy mince then I pay by weight. If I go to Primark and buy knickers (I do not do this BTW) then I can get three “granny knickers” for a quid and a dry slap from the missus. If I go to Selfridges or Harvey Nicks then it’s sold by inverse mass* and I pay a surreal amount of money but do get a blowjob.

At some point I shall inevitably pay a transfinite number of pounds for something that weighs less than a neutrino. God knows what I’ll get for that.

But I’m OK with that. I see the point because underwear is fundamentally about the taking off rather than the putting on.

Did I mention it’s NSFW? I no longer care. I mean Dita keeps some form of thong on which is for me, quite frankly, a dissapointment.

*This actually has an advantage. Gifts pretty much by definition have to be hidden until revealed. Classy ladies private wear can be very easily hidden (and I mean really hidden in the sense that they don’t even know you bought it) whereas if you’re Richard Timney then you’re phoning the hippo house at Whipsnade for advice and then asking for estimates from Harland and Wolff and General Dynamics. No wonder the poor (non) fucker ended-up bashing his bishop to Channel X.

Human Resources

A thought experiment…

You run a small but growing business. As it is still quite small and you personally do the hiring and firing. You decide you need one more employee so you advertise and only two CVs make the final cut. So you interview both.

The first is well dressed black American who has the gift of the gab.

The second is an Indian who turns up barefoot and wearing something from the 2009 Pampers collection.

Who gets the job?

Lets make it more difficult. This is a critical hiring so you’ve dug around and it turns out this charming black guy has a bit of a roving eye and roving hands and you personally can’t stand marital infidelity and you wonder about the general morality of someone who would cheat on the missus. In fact you suspect someone who cheats on their wife is somone who would think little of putting their hand in your till. The Indian has taken a vow of chastity.

So, do you employ Gandhi or Martin Luther King Junior? I’d go for Dr King every time. Why? Because whilst I might not approve of his antics I can understand them. Good looking, bright, eloquent fellow frequently away from home for extended periods… His sexual adventurism at least makes sense. Gandhi on the other hand slept with naked teenage girls to “test his chastity”. That does not make sense. Look… I can understand asceticism to a certain extent but Gandhi took it to ludicrous extremes. If Gandhi was talking bollocks and in fact was covering his ass (which he mainly did with a diaper) because he was actually shagging the girls then… Well that’s not great either but it’s external deception and not self-delusion. There is something utterly theatrical about Gandhi’s asceticism. It’s just way OTT. It was either an act (bad) or self denial (worse). I don’t mean there self denial in the sense of denying oneself things for some higher spiritual goal but being in denial of oneself.

I apologise for this in advance (if you’re reading this whilst grabbing a sandwich). I really do but it’s too precious to not mention… The old be-nappied git also greeted each morning with an enema from said teenage groupies and indeed returned the favour. Indian politicians really are something else. Nehru used to drink his own piss. Well I suppose as a health beverage it was fresh, organic, locally sourced and there was an inexhaustable supply of it. Least said about Indira the better. I mean some folks think Hilary Clinton is an absolute bitch on wheels. She is but compared to Indira Gandhi she’s a fucking amateur. Indira Gandhi made Mrs Mao look nice. She was a bitch on teflon rails, powered by a scramjet. Try Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children” for more details.

I always at some level had a vague intuition that Mahatma Gandhi was some sort of fraud or self deluded or just bonkers in the nut. Then I visited the civil rights museum in Atlanta in ’97 and… Well it’s an interesting experience. The ground floor was a well done exposition of the KKK and Jim Crowe laws and such. The upper floor had a shrine to MLK which was quite disturbing. It was disturbing because it had the ephemera of Dr King’s life in venerated glass cases. It had a Bible of his and his typewriter and that seemed right but it also had his empty bottles of aftershave and his Levi’s denim jacket. The later item was by the way almost exactly the same as the denim jacket I was wearing at the time. But it was strange. Empty bottles of Aramis treated like holy relics and a denim jacket treated like the Shroud of Turin. I dunno what the curators were up to but if they wanted to make MLK recent and therefore “relevant” (that terrible buzz word) it bloody well worked with me.

And then there was (The Atlanta Civil Rights Museum had a recprical deal with a similar place in India) the Gandhi collection. The contrast was epic. One was an ordinary bloke’s stuff (which is unremarkable when it’s just kicking round someone’s gaff but becomes bizarre in the museum context) and the other was theatrical asceticism. It was a glass case with a nappy, a walking stick and a pair of John Lennon specs.

So, Dr King might have been flawed but he was at least understandable in his flaws but Gandhi… I dunno if he was just a git on the make or utterly deluded but his subsequent veneration is ludicrous. I mean he aspired to lead one of the greatest nations on the planet whilst wearing a nappy. I mean that’s just taking the piss. The piss that Nehru later drank.

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