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November, 2010:


Louise Gray, Environmental Cuntrespondent of the Telegraph vomits yet another bullshit press release from her eco-wank masters.  It seems the morons want to end, or at least severely curtail, global trade and cause global poverty while they are about it.

To be honest, this latest round of risible, warmist arse gravy Lousie is peddling isn’t even worth fisking. But I do have this one thing to say.

Lousie, you act and sound like someone with the the intellect of a pustulent haemorrhoid and anything you have to say on the science of climatology is worth less than the contents of a dehydrated gnat’s pisspot. So do us all a big favour and write about something more suited to your intellect, like I dunno, picking up litter or something.  That’s environmental isn’t it?  Or better still just fuck off!

UDATE: Dellers has a more interesting take on the Cancun bollocks .


No one is executing Christians for being Christian in the UK – yet. However, it might not be as extreme but the principle behind this is the same as the vile and repugnant principle behind this.

West Midland Police

Right-wing groups like the English Defence League are turning parts of Britain into recruiting grounds for Islamic extremists, police have said.

It’s the racism of the coppers and those who empower them to come out with drivel like this that sticks in my craw.

Are these guys really saying that that these poor muslims are incapable of radicalising themselves, for their own reasons, without whitey providing the impetus?

Is it true the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit believe that Muslims are incapable of acting of their own volition, instead being passive until acted on by others?

Damn it all to hell, evil as I believe many muslims to be at the very least I regard them as fully human, capable of making their own choices for whatever reason seems good to them, and perfectly able to choose between good and evil without the kufr forcing the choice on to them.

I might despise their belief systems, but I most certainly don’t despise their humanity, unlike these idiot plod.

And what feeds the EDL?

Thirteen long years of labour shitting on the very people who used to vote for them. People feeling isolated in their "own" communities, righly or wrongly,but some people feel that way.Social engineers. Islamic extremists protests. And basically no one willing to listen to their concerns,so eventually these groups form. Either way there is only one group who "feeds" both the Islamic extremists and the EDL,and that is the state.

Howard Dean

“We have a strong first amendment which has served us well in this country”, but there are people saying things I disagree with, so let’s subvert it.

And he thinks Tea Partiers are whack jobs.

H/T Weasel Zippers




More news from the troubled The Hobbit shoot in New Zealand.

Naz Humphreys, a British woman of Pakistani origin, and her husband are on a working holiday in New Zealand.  From what I can glean, the timing is deliberate because she heads directly to Hamilton where extras are being cast for The Hobbit.  She professes to be a Tolkien fan (who isn’t?).  Unfortunately Naz is turned down for a part because she is not pale enough.  This is what she told the Waikato Times.

It’s 2010 and I still can’t believe I’m being discriminated against because I have brown skin. The casting manager basically said they weren’t having anybody who wasn’t pale-skinned.

So Naz started up a FaceBook group called Hire Hobbits of all colours!  Say no to Hobbit racism!

On hearing about the problem Hobbit director, Peter Jackson, reacted and sacked the independent contractor who, it is claimed, overstepped his brief.

Okay, being rejected on the grounds of your skin colour is rather shitty and the bloke responsible lost his job over it.   But it isn’t just skin colour discrimination, it’s height discrimination too.   The height restriction for casting female hobbits is five feet two inches which discriminates against my five feet six inches but you don’t see me or anyone else run howling to the press to play the heightist card do you?  Do I hear you being indignant on my behalf, Naz?  Thought not.  And since Hobbits can achieve the ripe old age of eleventy one or more then we also have ageism to contend with too.

So what else does Naz have to say?

In 2010, a movie company should be representing all its viewers. It’s not just going to be white people seeing The Hobbit, but people from all over the world.

Well yes.  It’s a timeless story of good triumphing over evil.  That sort of thing tends to be popular.  And do you know what?  I won’t be worrying about what colour skin the extras have because I won’t be shelling out money to go see them.  They are peripherals.  Animated scenery.  I’ll be paying to go see my favourite childhood book adapted for the big screen and therefore will be concentrating one the main characters and the plot.  Just because the movie will have a worldwide release and you travel thousands of miles in the hope of being an extra because you are a big fan doesn’t entitle you to a job whatever colour your skin, Naz.  Or me for that matter.  Besides, you already have a job, dear.  Aren’t you being a little selfish depriving the locals of employment?

These leaks just get better …

When it’s not obvious and exactly what you’d expect, it’s good:

China is ready to distance itself from North Korea and accept reunification with the South, according to more leaked diplomatic documents.

One senior Chinese diplomat is said to have told an American ambassador that younger generation Communist party leaders no longer regarded North Korea as a useful or reliable ally.


Okay, there’s a good chance having this out in the open might put the kybosh on it, but I’m still waiting for the horrific inside scoop on how beastly those awful Septics are behind our backs.

There’s more on Prince Andrew, too (who I still think would make a better King than Big Ears … mind you, Noddy would make a better King than Big Ears):

He is said to have launched an expletive-laden attack against British anti-corruption investigators and journalists for getting in the way of lucrative trade deals.

Good for him. Whatever you think about going along with corruption in Foreign Parts in order to secure trade, that’s his job, and he’s obviously capable of standing up for himself.

Hillary …

… said the release of the secret diplomatic cables was an “attack on the international community”.

Not, I think, the Groan et al.’s intention. But excellent.

Update: added the bit about Andy, which I had intended to put in originally, and forgot. I don’t know where I’d be without editable text. Posting half-a-dozen comments in succession like I used to, most likely.

I Recant.

I am a retrograde conservative and enabler of misogynistic thought, Islamophobia and someone who forbids those that tell the objective truth to counter my twisted lies but, even worse, I have helped provide a platform for such people who by saying what they merely think and by attracting the like-minded forbid the righteous right of reply from those that know better and can correct the errors of thought here. I have even by the nature of the commentary allowed here discriminated against those who would merely provide balance between the evil here and their bountiful good.

I have been wrong and I recant my Kitty Kounting. I beg for forgiveness for I have for too long willfully ignored The Truth which that is self evident and incorrect to challenge. The Truth that is the One True Path of Socialism.

I shall now seek to re-educate myself and hope for forgiveness and though I shall suffer for this and am destroyed by it I seek solace in the fact that I at least now know my sins and have confessed them. I go to my silence knowing I was wrong and have wrought evils upon the blogosphere and take some small comfort in my acceptance of that.


Well, well, well…

In the midst of a global recession, Sweden has recorded a 6.9% year-on-year increase last quarter, and unemployment is falling. Unusual facts: the central bank has been raising rates and the government has been cutting taxes for all groups including the very rich.

… says From the Speccy we learn that the response of the conservative Swedish PM (yes, you read that right: Sweden has a conservative government) to the financial crisis …

… was to cut taxes, a move his critics said the country could not afford. The European Commission warned him it would end in tears. But instead, the lower taxes were a spur to growth and Sweden now has the fastest-growing economy in the Western world.

That shows what the European Commission knows, then.

The party fell 20 points behind in the polls, and braced itself for the ritualistic electoral ejection. It carried on regardless, with tax cuts for cleaners and baby-sitters (most home helpers were paid ‘black’, as the Swedes say, because the tax was so high). Tax on low-paid jobs fell sharpest. Nursing assistants, for example, saw their tax bill drop by a fifth. The aim was to make work compete more aggressively with Sweden’s famously generous welfare state.

Taxes for the rich also came down. Reinfeldt abolished the notorious wealth tax, which took 1.5 per cent a year from any Swede worth over about Skr1.5 million (£125,000). Anders Borg, the finance minister, faced predictable protests about a Bush-style tax cut for the rich. He replied: ‘The big winners are, in the long term, all Swedes, because we must create conditions for companies to match global competition.’ So while the Tories were endorsing Gordon Brown’s plan to increase the tax on the rich, the Swedes were cutting the tax rate – in order to collect more from the well-paid.

Hear that, George, you pillock?

Ask about the recession in Sweden now and you are met with a blank stare. Consumer confidence is at a ten-year high. Its recession was steep, but shorter than its downturn after 9/11. In fact, this had come to worry Reinfeldt. ‘Our medicine may have been just too effective,’ one of his state secretaries told me over the summer. ‘Voters don’t think about the economy now. The recession is becoming a distant memory.’

I assume he means that they won’t be grateful to him and might start thinking they can afford a spot of light socialism again (“Hey, it’s only a drop. I can give it up any time I like…”). Well, hard cheese, Fredrik. Life’s a bitch, ain’t it? But how about that, eh? The Swedish model, poster girl for a generation of British corporatists, has been given the heave-ho in her birthplace, to be replaced by something that works. Or works better, at any rate: their taxes are hardly low, the interest rate set by their People’s Financial Soviet still is, even if it’s gone up a bit, and as long as they still have fiat money there’s going to be fiddling, but they’re on the right track. We, needless to say, aren’t.

(Oh, and yes, I’m aware the Spectator piece isn’t new. The one is.)

What the papers didn’t say…

Something infinitely more newsworthy than the Wikileaks revelations that the Duke of Pork acts like a fat twat. While the media sticks a collective thumb up its own arse Katabasis pulls out a plum.


Leslie Nielsen

Farewell then Leslie. You brought pleasure to millions and rest assured that your legacy shall never be forgotten because movies like Airplane! are still as hilarious now as they were decades ago. That can be said about few films and few comic performances. Testimony to that is that the Wayans brothers are still packing them into cinemas with the same schtick thrity years after the original and greatest of the genre was first released.

Leslie Nielsen started, of course, as a straight actor and not only managed the incredibly difficult transition to comedy but then took comic acting to rarefied heights of brilliant silliness. Truly one of the greats and a talent I doubt we’ll see the likes of again. They broke the mould when they cast Nielsen in Airplane! and it remains broken.

Gosh, I Didn’t Know That…

The Daily Fail does Wikileaks and ends up looking Wikilimp.
Clinton ordered diplomats to spy on UN – even asking for DNA.

Looks like Billy Boy has been spreading it around again.

Claims of inappropriate behaviour by a member of the British royal family

I’m shocked, I tell you.  Shocked!  A member of the royal family being rude to people and behaving inappropriately? Impossible!   Oh, wait

Chinese operatives waging war on US

Those bloody Chinks!  I knew there was a reason not to trust them way back in January.

The bargains to empty Guantanamo Bay

Two terrorists for the price of one and ship as many of the bastards to the UK as we can even if they don’t belong there.

Arab leaders privately urging an air strike on Iran

Thus the Sunnis land themselves in the Shi’ite.  Can’t say I blame them.  Hardly an earth-shattering revelation though given they’ve been killing each other for ever.

Ahmadinejad compared to Hitler

Personally I prefer to compare the old religiofacist to this.

Stand-off with Pakistan over nuclear fuel

Pakistan is fighting a civil war with Islamofascists who just love blowing things up.  Who wouldn’t want a stand-off over something that leads to the potential to go bang big time?

Strong criticism of the UK’s military operations in Afghanistan

And this is news to the Daily Fail?

Attacks on both David Cameron and Gordon Brown, who is said to be branded ‘unstable’.

FFS!  Tell me something I don’t know!

US requests for specific intelligence on individual MPs

We have no specifically intelligent MPs. We do have a lot of thieving cunts though. Here’s all the Yanks need to know about our MPs.

You can read the rest of the Fail’s tedious and unsurprising security breach “revelations” here.

Bullshit BBC

So whaddaya think? Are these people, the writers and directors, so ignorant that they honestly believe this drivel to be true? Or do they hate Britain so much they are willing to shovel any dishonest crap they can get away with down your children’s throats in order to instil the same hatred in them?

Or both.

License fee folks, license fee.

H/T Biased BBC


Cat blogging at its best.

Edge of your seat, gripping stuff.

The music HAS to have been written for this, nobody could have choreographed these critters.

H/T Celestial Junk

Child protection

So, even by their own admission up to one in ten interventions can result in the destruction of happy relationships. And they regard this as acceptable…..

Years ago I had a close friend who was both a child protection social worker and a pretty committed lefty, although I guess social worker is fairly synonymous with lefty so I repeat myself there. Anyway, when we discussed these secret courts she simply could not comprehend my loathing of them. To her they were just fine and dandy, and there was no understanding of the need for openness and the cleansing effects of sunlight.

Twenty years later we see the inevitable corruption. Hell, even if every decision were flawless the system itself is corrupt in its very structure.

For justice to be done it must be seen to be done, and there ain’t nuthin being seen here.

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