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November 29th, 2011:

Quote of the day

The European Union faces financial collapse in the near future. It is a good thing that they have devoted the last decade or so to destroying the economy by taxing  an essential trace atmospheric gas.

This is what happens when millions of people collectively stick their heads up a NASA scientist’s rear end.

Global warming fraud is not a  victimless crime.

Professor Keith Biffra

Email 5189

it seems we got the balance between realism and hype about right.

Anyone care to comment on the appropriateness of a scientist writing this?

H/T Tom Nelson

CCIZ quote of 1922

Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz

(“The common good before self-interest”)

– Rudolf Jung, Der Nationale Sozialismus (1922). It became Hitler’s favoured slogan for his philosophy.

It’s a measure of the success of the Left in disowning National Socialism that it’s still something of a surprise to come across nuggets like this. It would fit right in at the Occupy protests. In fact, I’m tempted to troll some Lefty sites with it (omitting the title of the book of course) to see how many of them spot who Jung was. Not many, I’d bet.* Part of that success lies in equating the ideology with the madness of its most successful proponent, ignoring the fact that it had an almost-respectable intellectual history (on the Left) before Crazy Adolf had even heard of it.

Dangerous ideas are dangerous ideas, no matter who advocates them.

(There should be a hat-tip to someone here, but I followed so many links on the way to the quote and after finding it that I’ve forgotten where I first saw it. I think the chain started with David Thompson.)

*I wonder how many would mistake him for Carl…

Aarggh – Disaster

Global Warming causes smaller tits……

If WWII happened now…

…I think we’d hear about it like this.

H/T Infidel753