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December, 2011:

Two Interesting Facts about Samoa

There are precisely two entries under “21st Century” in the Wikipedia article about Samoa. One is about the country changing from driving on the right to the left in 2009. This goes against the trend somewhat, but it turns out that it’s easier and cheaper for them to import cars from (relatively) nearby Australia and Japan than from the Americas, so it made sense.

The other one is about today. Or rather, not today. Today… well, whatever the Cats server says over in Australia, I’m writing this on the 30th of December 2012, and I couldn’t have done that if I lived in Samoa. Today didn’t happen in Samoa.

The country straddles 180° longitude, and has up till now placed itself to the East of the International Date Line, on GMT-12. But, largely because of these same trade links with Oz and whatnot, it’s now on the West, GMT+12. So they skipped over the 30th of December. Perfectly simple, but the more I think about it the more my head hurts.

Trade, though: the two Interesting Things Samoa has done this century are both due to pressures of trade. I’ve categorized this under “Real Life” because that’s what trade is. All the other multifarious worries and panics of political types are nothing compared to where your stuff comes from and how much it costs. It’s a powerful thing that can erase entire days from the calendar.

Why they didn’t just wait until the 29th of February next year isn’t quite clear.

Update: Somehow I managed to turn commenting off. Fixed it.

Aryan Lass Speaks…

A few nights ago me and my partner were having our 372183th LOTR marathon session and as usual, we got talking about the messages that Tolkein may be trying to convey to us in his works.

I have recently begun to wonder if the Tale of Beren and Luthien, and the Tale of Arwen and Aragorn, both ending in the death of the Elvish princesses after they wed mortal human husbands, are referring to the loss of the immortal beauty of white women to race-mixing? And are they be a warning to the women of the west to only mix with their own kind?

I would love to hear some thoughts on this one.

There are thoughts. Read the whole thing here. It is bizarre beyond comprehension.

Comrade Kim – the new model.

Supreme Leader? – looks like a fat git to me.

Put a Li(e) in the tank…

One of my themes here is the extent to which the mainstream media can get anything technical spectacularly wrong.

Bolivia has vast reserves of lithium, seen as the green energy fuel of the future, which it wants to exploit on its own. But the lithium is locked underneath a 10,000 sq km salt flat.

Except it isn’t a fuel is it? It can be made into batteries but they need charging don’t they? The whole mindset of that article is that lithium in and of itself can replace burning stuff. It can’t. It is the entire “renewables” argument writ large. It is fantasy. It’s reversing the polarity of the neutron flow “science”.

Anyway, read the whole thing here. It’s a hoot. There is one pearl of wisdom mind. Apparently Bolivia is bestest chums with Iran and Venezuela (magic) and seeing as those two are knee-deep in four-star aren’t exactly heralding the age of the ‘lecky car. But they’re mates so what can you do?

But what really creased me was the idea from the Bolivian vice-minister for mining that they want to mine “sustainably”. How? I mean once you’ve dug it up it’s gone. You can farm sustainably but mining don’t work like that. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America and is clearly making a hash of this bounty. Anyway do read the whole thing. It’s a classic example of the failure of socialism.


Quite a few people were pointing out that what we in the west watching the funeral saw as manufactured grief, out of fear of being shot, might indeed have been genuine.

That’s a whole new level of wrong, isn’t it?

- JuliaM on the Dear Leader.

One of the pleasures of blogging is getting comments that put into words vague thoughts you have that you haven’t been able to articulate. Yes, I think Julia is right. It is not fear as much as love, “genuine” love for him and that is deeply, staggeringly, almost incomprehensibly wrong. And that is why we see but we don’t understand because we can’t conceive of an entire nation with Stockholm syndrome.

Current Status

This is communism.

North Korea has not yet resumed its food self-sufficiency and relies on external food aid from China, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

They receive food aid from Pakistan? I think the technical term for that is fucked. I won’t even mention the vile invective they have for the “puppet regime” South of the Yalu or the Japanese or the Americans (or indeed even the Chinese) who are preventing wholescale famine.

In 2002, North Korea requested that food supplies no longer be delivered.

In the mid-2000s, the World Food Programme reported that famine conditions were in imminent danger of returning to North Korea, and the government was reported to have mobilized millions of city-dwellers to help rice farmers. Agricultural production increased from about 2.7 million metric tons in 1997 to 4.2 million metric tons in 2004. As of 2011, famine continues to be a problem for North Korea, although less so than in the mid to late 1990s. Flooding in 2007 and reductions in food aid exacerbate the problem, however.

In 2011, during a visit to North Korea, US ex-president Jimmy Carter reported that one third of children there were malnourished and stunted in their growth because of lack of food. He also said that the North Korean state had reduced daily food intake from 1,400 calories to 700 calories in 2011 (by comparison, a normal food intake for a healthy European is 2,000-2,500 calories per day). Some scholars believe that North Korea is purposefully exaggerating the food shortage, aiming to receive additional food supplies for its planned 2012 mass celebration by means of foreign aid.

Escaped North Koreans report that starvation has returned to the nation. A study by South Korean anthropologists of North Korean children who had defected to China found that 18-year-old males were 5 inches shorter than South Koreans their age. Roughly 45 per cent of North Korean children under the age of five are stunted from malnutrition. Most people eat meat only on public holidays, namely Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il’s birthdays.

Because they are real reasons to celebrate! Dear Gods the RoK leads the planet in high-speed broadband yet those poor fuckers are starving! And yes the big “do” next year is the 100th birthday of Kim I. Alas Kim II didn’t manage to make it. Kim III (who hardly looks starving – one wonders why?) will have to do the festivities. It shall be one of the true glories of Communism. If only those 20-million could see how the other 2/3 live Pyongyang could add to it’s list of shortages piano wire…

The truly weird thing is you can’t in principle emigrate to the DPRK. Like you’d want to!

Goodwill to all Men.

It was a trivial problem that … occurs every year,” said police Lieutenant-Colonel Khaled al-Tamimi. “Everything is all right and things have returned to normal,” he said. “No one was arrested because all those involved were men of God.”

Men of God very clearly. Some of them were fucking going for it mind!

This statement followed an epic Barnabus Rubble between priests at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. They were supposed to be cleaning the gaff and it ended in broomie-cuffs and fisticuffs between them. God alone knows what the followers of Judaism or Allah thought of it!

Lt Col al-Tamimi had to deploy 100 riot cops to the site. I guess that is “trivial” in copper lingo. I mean in the sense of Samuel Vimes.

I am a Quaker Warden and have to clean the gaff (which does involves a broom) and whilst the premises committee might get feisty I’ve never seen an actual pitched battle, yet. But this is England.

The BBC has the video.


The morality of beer, condoms and bombing.

As a Brit I’m used to terrorism – the IRA and all that but the IRA had standards. No they didn’t – they blew-up a remembrance day ceremony. Cunts. Utter cunts but the recent bombings in Nigeria raise the bar somewhat.

Let me be blunt here. Blowing up a churches on Christmas Day is unbelievable cuntery. It is beyond cuntspicable. It is profoundly evil. The people “responsible” for this outrage, Boko Haram did it for the glory of Allah. Well I hope He is fucking proud of His slaves. These are essentially the same fuckers who rioted over Miss World (remember that hilarity) a few years back – like anybody cares! Of course this is all to do with bringing about shariah law. Perhaps they ought to consider whether the banning of beer and bacon and breasts (in a “tasteful” swimsuit mode – the owners of which want to bring about world peace and work with children and animals) is morally more important than not blowing people up. Because regardless of your “morals” (and some folk think of a ham sandwich as a sin) not blowing-up places of worship on an especially holy day really ought to be on your radar but if it isn’t you can supremely fuck off because your “minor morals” are something I cannot take seriously at all. I simply can’t comprehend how you can fuss over dietary laws but are OK with carnage and slaughter.

Because almost every fucker on the planet figured that one out millennia back. Or maybe not. One of the most outrageous things I ever heard was the IRA figured out that a vital part of the initiator of a fertilizer bomb was a condom and being “good Catholics” they worried about the “use of an immoral object”. That was the condom, not a bomb that filled a Transit van. It must be cute to ponder such small moralities but not worry too much about killing and maiming. It must be wonderful to have such moral clarity.

A Christmas Tale Pt. 2

It is Christmas Eve 1959, and all our kith and kin are safely gathered in Brynhyfred for the festivities.


My Uncle Eddie has driven down from London in his Jag, which in 1959 takes all day. No motorways and Seven bridges then, just the long route round Gloucester or the Aust Ferry, 8 cars an hour. He is an engineer and he builds Steel Works for a living, and consequently rather rich. He is also the funniest man I ever met.


My Granny B, my fathers mother, has come up the hill from her house in the town, as has Uncle Lewis and Aunty Madge . There were a couple of close neighbours present too, all invited to our traditional Supper on Christmas Eve.


The tables we groaning under the weight of all the food. In those days getting all this stuff in really did make sense as shops did close for a week or so. There were cooked hams and chickens, joints of Beef ready to roast, a goose for the Xmas dinner, cos none of our lot liked Turkey.

Plus all the things that you never saw for the rest of the year, except Christmas. Oh you all know… Nuts, hazel, Brazil peanuts, all in their shells so nutcrackers to the fore. Dates in funny wooden boxes (bloody hated those!) tangerines, Turkish Delight, pink sickly wobbly stuff coated in sugar, also in boxes. Salted peanuts in sealed tins, you used a sardine type key to open them, and they made this very satisfying Sssss sound when the seal broke and the aroma flooded out.


Then it began to snow. It snowed and snowed then snowed some more, and it was the right kind of snow, the heavy wet type, ideal of snowballs and sledging. Alas it is also ideal for bringing down power lines, which it promptly did, so we were blacked out.


A Christmas Tale…

Well it’s Christmas Eve and even the most curmudgeonly of us are likely to have succumbed to the subtle charms of Santa by now.


The manic last minute shopping done, the fridge bulging , the drinks flowing freely,  and the same old crap on TV. I hope you are all cwched up with your family and friends, because that’s really what Christmas is all about. To appreciate what and  who are closest and dearest to you.


Christmas is for kids. It is they who get the joy and magic of it, and us adults who get the hell on earth hassle of creating that magic for them.


So here is a little tale from my childhood, in a Land long gone and far removed from the one we stare down the twin barrels of today. Pull up an mince pie, pour yourself something libacious, smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em, and let me entertain you…


The Spirit(s) of Christmas…

I was recently in my local convenience store buying a bottle of wine and at the head of the queue at the check-out was a lady (perhaps mid-60s) who was, at the time, clearly a considerable fan of high romantic composers of the Germanic tradition and at least one movement short of a concerto. There was a queue and it was a bit late but she felt the need to regale us all with her joke…

You know what’s wrong with Santa Claus? He only comes but once a year and then just down the chimney!

Well, it’s not a great joke. It’s not even a passable joke (more like something Jim Davidson thought better of back in ’87) but you had to be there and everyone was kind of sort of amused. Not least when she returned looking utterly meerkatted having “lost” her hand-bag and told it again and collapsed into ribaldry.

She was wearing a vaguely Chinese cut zip-front blouse in black shiny stuff with many small pictures of terriers emblazoned upon it.

I guess if that joke could be improved (which it can’t for it is awful – though funny as hell in the context) then it would be with the addition of something like, “… despite having both sacks full!” I mean Wilde or Wodehouse it was not. But is that the point?

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

That lady was clearly having one.

Epic Fails

So I switch on BBC News and it is the funeral of Vaclav Havel. And you know what these rolling news things are like. In the left pane of the screen is “Live From Prague: Vaclav Havel’s funeral” and in a smaller right pane they have on shuffle Mr Havel’s “greatest hits” – Mr Havel, greets Bill Clinton, Mr Havel signs a treaty etc. This the BBC helpfully flags as “library pictures”. You don’t say.

(At this point I don’t have to remark on the difference in tone of the morning for the two “Father’s of their Nations” who recently joined the choir invisible).

Anyways now onto something else. I went out for some washing powder this morning and I clocked the single cashpoint (the other one was in the Co-op and was stolen months back and not replaced) in the village I live in. It belongs to one of the two banks on my high street – the NatWest. It is out of monies. Great! The day before Christmas Eve. Anyone betting that it won’t be in service till the day after Boxing Day at the earliest? Now this does happen but it has happened more often since that bank only opened on Mondays and Fridays to “cut costs”. Fair enough and all but the other bank in the village is an RBS (and doesn’t have a cashpoint). Now call me simple-minded but seeing as NatWest and RBS are the same companies nationalized institutions a more sensible and prudent option would have been to maintain full service at one of the buildings and sell the other one. NatWest’s advertising slogan is “Helpful Banking” and they boast things like “UK only call centres”. Magic! But you know what I’d find helpful (and I bank with NatWest) is being able to get to my money.

This explains a lot…

I suspect if all the copy written on our current financial woes was to be piled up we’d have a true tower of Babel.

I have a simpler answer. The Deputy Director of the Bank of England since the 1st of July 2008 is Mr Bean.

I have only just found this out but it explains a lot.

Telegraph Comments and Cultural Defeatism.

I wrote this a while back and left it for some reason. But reading this has made me dust it down…

This story in the Telegraph isn’t very interesting (way to blog Nick!) but the comments are astonishing. They read like something from the Third Reich.

vonmises (yeah right!)

Chips in with this…

Fascinating report. It gives the true feelings of the Norwegian people about the culture-destroying immigration to their country.

But the same report could be made about Britain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland. The whole of Western Europe has experienced welfare-driven, Third World immigration that is, predictably, turning our European continent into a Third World, largely Islamic state.

It goes on…

Now my view here is almost Darwinian. If a culture is vibrant enough to count it can assimilate anyone without force. If a culture deserves to continue then it is strong enough to stand on it’s own feet without draconian measures to “protect it” (I believe in free markets in all things). For example in Britain we have no official body to maintain the “purity” of the English language.The French do. One of these actions is a statement of self-confidence and the other is culturally defeatist. One is bold and optimistic and the other is a “managed decline”. That is why English is a global “lingua franca” (and of course even that is a loan word with a curious etymology) and French is a cultural back-water fighting a rearguard action via ever more state intervention (hence they have the Académie Française and we own the field of popular music. It is the cultural equivalent to trade protectionism and just as dismal. It is an admission of defeat. It is going three goals down in a footy match and then taking the ball home in a strop.

But what if it isn’t culture. What if it is coded in the DNA?

John Piggott says…

First, race-replacement immigration is an issue of genes, not culture. In its action, the genetic dissimilarity of the colonising peoples constitutes a gene-killing event – a genocide – for the Norwegian people, as it does for all European peoples.

Second, “the answer” is a total removal of the colonising peoples, and their seed.

We must be clear what our racial objective – to remain who we are – and its moral primacy, and we must be clear about what is required – total removal – so that is delivered.

And “their seed”. Bloody hell! And that is a comment in the Telegraph. That’s verging on the Biblical! What a depressing outlook – see what I mean about cultural defeatism here? This assumes people are hard-coded to be Muslims, Christians or Hindus or whatever. It is a total denial of one of my fundamental beliefs – human free-will. It is outrageous.

Now let me explain something. On the palm of my left hand I have a benign growth. It’s called a jupitron. It is indicative of Scandinavian ancestry. And indeed most of my family (on both sides) derives from the North West Coast of Ireland that was heavily Vikinged. So I’m an immigrant of largely non “Angle-folc”ishness. More to the point my Dad was born in Donegal. But I am English. Not Irish, not Norwegian. I can’t stand Guinness and I have never pickled herrings or hit anyone with a battle-axe or Shillelagh. But I is considered OK here by he racial and cultural loons. Is it because I is white? I once dated an American who was DAR on her Dad’s side but her mother was of Russian/Romanian Jewish descent and her family pitched up at Ellis Island in 1900. Who was more American between her parents? It’s meaningless*. My ex’s great grand-parents turned up in New York not speaking a word of English but according to family-lore were quick studies and did well (clearly well) and celebrated their first Christmas in the New World with a hog-roast which caused some family history controversy of the “Are we actually Jewish?” variety. I can kind of see why because a family hog-roast for Christmas is not exactly kosher is it?

Or take a lad my wife (who has a Danish great grandparent) shared a flat with as a student. Rahul was a lovely bloke from India doing an MBA. He was already from everywhere having Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Christian branches to his family and had been educated at an Indian Public School (modeled on the old English system) and spoke with an accent that could cut glass. He, despite being an Indian national, was arguably the most “traditionally English” person I have ever met. He understood the minutiae of cricket in a way that stunned me. I mean it makes quantum mechanics look simple! Oddly enough despite having a job-offer here and qualifications up the kazzoo and liking London he was denied a work-permit. The Home Office’s ludicrous decision is presumably Britain’s loss and India’s gain. But banally vile incompetence from the Home Office is what they do..

Now I mentioned cricket (a sport I know very little about) so I ought to mention Norman Tebbit’s infamous “cricket test”. Now I sort of understand where Tebbit was coming from but in a larger sense is it not self defeating? The real point is not that immigrants to the UK retain a loyalty to the Indian or Bangladeshi team but that they are fanatical about a game that was invented in England? Who are the cultural “imperialists” here. And yes, obviously I mean that in scare quotes. Try telling the average Pakistani they have to stop playing cricket because it’s culturally inauthentic”. Or telling me if I moved to the USA (I nearly did) that I’ve got to stop watching “soccer” and supporting England.

Well not until last year’s World Cup and England’s gutless and shambolic performance (I watched the Germany game in the pub at the end of my mate’s stag weekend – dreadful – all us lads wound-up staring disconsolately into our pint pots). You see my point? It is not who you support but that these English games have conquered the World. That’s what really matters and on my travels – which range from the USA to Turkey getting a taxi from airports this always happens. “So you were on the Manchester flight?” “Yes”. There then follows a conversation about football (because of Manchester United and now I guess City – Stockport County is never mentioned because they’re dreadful). That’s what matters. Anyway for various perverse reasons the English FA didn’t bother entering the World Cup until 1950 (we thought because we’d invented the game we had a right to win so it was unsporting to embarrass the natives). And then in 1950 we get knocked-out by rank outsiders (500-1 in betting circles) – the USA. The point is not that we’d lost the cultural plot but we’d been staggeringly successful culturally to the extent to which we had exported a key point of British culture so well that we could be beaten at our own game.

You can view that in a dull and misererablist Frazer-ish “We’re doomed!” sense and (as I hinted before but now mean quite literally) take our ball back and harrumph from the sidelines or we can celebrate the fact this little set of islands gave the World football, or rugby or cricket or Shakespeare or the Beatles or the Mini or…

I guess what I’m saying is that cultural protectionism is utterly self-defeating and the fundamental reason some people play les buggeurs risible is that we are being protectionist when we ought to feel triumphant. Our language, sports, drama, literature and music dominate the globe. The global standard for male formal wear is based upon a British design for hunting. Even Mr Dinnerjacket of Iran wears it though without a tie because he is a cad and bounder. Those people commentating on the Telegraph are worried about a cultural swamping of us? Do they have any idea how big the global TEFL trade is? Do they not see that their argument is not just wrong but a self-fulling prophecy. Do they not see that the worst blow we can suffer is a lack of self-confidence in the fact that Newton, Donne, Darwin, Kipling, Christie and Ringo Starr are global figures. That is something to be truly proud about.

The minute we circle the wagons we lose and I would argue we lose not just actually but morally. And not just internationally but domestically. Europe does suffer from a cultural invasion but it is not down to immigrants but a lack of self-confidence which arguably can be traced back to The Great War. We don’t need to be afraid. We just need to believe that Western, liberal, free-market democracy is the way ahead and can win on it’s own merits rather than being state imposed. Because if it is state imposed we have lost.

*My ex and her mother were extremely proud to be American and grateful for the opportunities it had given them. Most notably not having most of their family gassed.

Benefits of big government

Seems it is official, we are all Italians now….

The geniuses have done it, US debt, forgetting the unfinanced liabilities everyone pretends don’t exist, has hit and exceeded 100% of GDP.

Argentinian financing standards.

$15,182,756,264,288.80/$15,180,900,000,000.00 = 100.012%

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