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January 7th, 2012:

A climate scientist speaks out

IPCC should not only be defunded, it should be deleted as an agency. The reason is its misuse of the concept of science. It has never been meant to rely on correct science and uses science for one simple reason. People believe in science, since people have seen the result of powerful applications of it during 100 years. IPCC uses this fact to “sell” its political message to get support from ordinary people. Science is a “brand” for selling propaganda. The only way to keep the IPCC is for it to skip any claim of being scientific at all and clearly declare what it really is: a political organization.

My tutor when writing my exam paper in meteorology was Bert Bolin, the founder of IPCC. He was for sure a screwed influential politician and a dishonest and ordinary scientist.

Hans Jelbring, BSc, meteorologist, Stockholm University, Civil engineer, electronics, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, PhD, institution of Paleogeophysics & geodynamics, Stockholm University.

It is not just the IPCC which is culpable. The Motley CRU and their compadres, world wide, are perverting the word science, and will bring all and every scientist into undeserved disrepute.

As Tallbloke observes, this man is Spartacus, and every scientist who values scientific integrity needs to proclaim the same.

I can understand why some sceptical scientists (as they should all be, by definition) don’t speak out. They have families, children and other obligations, but if they don’t object to the methods of the leaders in climate science they need to understand that they are colluding in the denigration of their discipline and their role, and their standing.

I cannot claim to be Spartacus because I have nothing to lose, it would be meaningless and hubris, but I can support those who do.

Anyone ever heard of Ivo Andric?

Nope, me neither.  I’ve certainly heard of this bloke though.


Ah the Nobel Prize eh? The same Organisation that gave a Peace one to Yosser (giss a State, go on giss it!) Arafat, and Barry O’Barmy, two months after he was elected. This kind of nonsense has a long history apparently!