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January 11th, 2012:

Gun Crime

I don’t believe it exists. Obviously if you wish to employ (or threaten) lethal force against an individual then a gun is handy. It tends to get your ridiculous, immoral and illegal demands listened to in a way that fisticuffs just don’t. Obviously a gun is a game-changer but that goes both ways.

So I say such crime doesn’t exist? No it doesn’t. Attempted or actual murder does but that can be done with a chair-leg. There have been people beaten to death with ornaments. A King of England, no less had a table dropped on him, a horn stuck up his rectumanal passage and hot lead poured into him until he was dead. I have no idea how I shall die but I will swear to any God hopefully not like that. And this is why I ought to be able to have a gun, legally. I don’t because some nutcase in Dunblane decided to shoot the gaff up. By the way I don’t have any form of gun. I obey the law. And I don’t want to be buggered for five years in Strangeways.

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