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January 12th, 2012:

Al Hunt is a C*** – but actually it is the “mainstream” media in general.

The ulitimate establishment show on American television, where business leaders as well as political leaders (and …..) go to be guests and get asked softball questions is the “Charlie Rose” show of “Public” (i.e. taxpayer financed) television and Bloomberg television. Bloomberg being the financial news operation created by Michael Bloomberg the establishment Mayor of New York, who has been a member of both political parties and an “independent”, and spends his time inventing new regulations and taxes especially on cigarettes, fatty foods and so on….

I watched part of the Charlie Rose show yesterday, and Mr Rose asked Al Hunt (a Bloomberg “journalist” who also has his own show – yes it was one establishment media person asking another establishment media person questions) “which is more optomistic?” Mitt Romney or Barack Obama – the point being that the person who presents the more optomistic vision of the future tends to win American Presidential elections.

Instead of answering the question Mr Hunt said the following…

“What is is interesting is how similar they are. Mitt Romney is a son of privilege, whereas Barack Obama comes from a very different background – the son of a father from Africa and a mother from Kansas. But both are very intelligent and policy wonks. And both are wonderful human beings without a whiff of scandal about them….”

This is what the media call being “unbiased” – after all Mr Hunt said they were both nice people and so on. But look more closely at the messages Mr Hunt was actually sending out.

Romney a “son of privilege” (a nice class warfare point in semi Marxist agitprop language), Barack Obama very different background – accept that his background is not quite as Mr Hunt implies.

Barack’s father may have come from Africa but was from an important family (and later bacame a minister in the government) – and, more importantly, was a socialist whose ideals Barack dedicates himself to in “Dreams From [note it is "from" not "of"] My Father” (this book was partly written by Comrade Bill Ayers – but Barack approved it, see Jack Cashill “Deconstucting Obama”). The mother was “from Kansas” – oh how sweet! How “Wizard of Oz”! Accept that she lived the vast majority of her life nowhere near Kansas – and (like Obama senior – indeed this is how she met him) was also a socialist – and one with an intense hatred of the United States (which she passed on to her son in daily three hour long indoctrination sessions before he was even old enough to go to school – and this is before she sent him back to the United States for further training from Frank Marshall Davis).

“Still very different from Romney” – but not in “PRIVILEGE”, far from a life of poverty, Barack went to exclusive private school in Hawaii, and then on to Occidental, Columbia and Harvard Law. And in each case he got in, NOT on merit – but by INFLUENCE (wire pulling). The family (oddly enough) had all sorts of far left academic friends who could…..

Barack Obama may be “very intelligent”, but there is no evidence of this in his school or undergraduate work. As for his work at Columbia (a thesis on Soviet policy) we are not allowed to see this (surely it could not be a pro Soviet work? what a shock that would be) – so its worth is hard to judge. But I suspect that the Comrades at all the Marxist conferences Barack attended in New York loved the work (even if they did not write it for him).

As for Harvard Law School there is only one published work from there – a short piece on abortion law (standard “liberal” boiler plate that reads as if it had been copied from a reference work). This does not stop Barack being made an editor of the student law review – and then being given a job at the University of Chicago teaching Constitutional Law (even though he had never published anything on this).

You try getting a job at an elite university without either a doctorate or a list of publications. Go on – try.

So hardly a life without privilege. And please do not forget the job at the elite law firm – where the only work he seems to have done is political training (rather than much court work) for organizations like ACORN. Spending the rest of his day with his feet on the desk (no I am not making that up) trying to write “Dreams From My Father” before giving up and handing the work over to Comrade Bill Ayers (who he likely first met in Marxist circles in New York before Bill went back to Chicago, where they both sat on the boards of various charitable trusts which they looted for “the cause”) to finish for him.

Go on, you behave like that at work in a high paid professional post – see what happens to you.

“Policy Wonk” – actually the Centre of American Progress and the Apollo Alliance (and on and on  – all the standard rent-a-Red people) write the details of Barack’s stuff. He has never shown any real interest in the details of policy (the policy “wonk” stuff) the “cause” (destroying “capitalist” America and the evil West in general) is what interests him, paper work is for lesser mortals.

As for “no hint of scandal”   – actually the financial corruption of Mr Obama (and Mrs Obama, and their associates) is extensive. See “The Case Against Barack Obama” and “The Culture of Corruption”.

I am no fan of Mitt Romney (to put things mildly) – but see how the Mr Hunt has set things up.

The real Barack Obama has vanished. No mention of his Marxism or of his financial corruption – on the contrary he is a lovely man whose mother came from Kansas (heart of the heartland). And he is so hard working (not the lazy man he actually is), and he had humble origins (which he did not) and has had to do everything for himself,  all his life – in fact he has had everything in his life given to him on a plate and has never done a day’s work in his life.

“O.K. Paul so Mr Hunt is a C*** – what of it?”

Because he is TYPICAL.

The propaganda he comes out with is the standard stuff that people (even supposedly informed people – who watch business television stations) are given, EVERY DAY.

When you really grasp this (and the implications of it – in terms of far left control of the media and so forth) it will show you just how bad things are.

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