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January 14th, 2012:

Don’t Mention The War!

A maths teacher put his German neighbour through four years of “hell” by blaring out the themes to Dambusters, Dad’s Army and Rule Britannia, a court heard.

Read the whole thing. Obviously the trial is continuing so God knows how it will turn out. If though a quarter of Geoffrey Butler’s Basil Fawlty antics are true then he is a pathetic and despicable man. More so even than the comedy character who unlike Mr Butler probably remembered the war. I shall just make a few small points. It always amazes me how these neighbour things invariably happen over something utterly trivial. Oddly enough you get this in comedy shows and movies where inevitably for comic effect a minor dispute ends up in murder. And yes, if anyone played Vera Lynn at me for four years it wouldn’t just be bluebirds going over the White Cliffs of Dover. That’s serious harassment perhaps (again it’s sub judice) almost amounting to psychological torture.

But is it racially aggravated? And should that matter? I would say no on both counts. Being thoroughly obnoxious to your neighbours is enough regardless of whether it is “racist”. And the last I saw the Germans didn’t in a meaningful sense constitute a “race”. Indeed the great irony is it was thinking along such lines by the likes of Hitler that to a large extent caused the bloody war in the first place. Does any meaningful legal definition of race exist anyway?


Just to let you all know, and warn you,

For those who don’t know, or care, the Cats server is a Windows Server 2003 computer running multiple FreeBSD virtual machines as web servers.

Last week I read a review on registry cleaners at Techrepublic, and one that received honourable mention was COMODO System Cleaner. Well, the host server is a bit flaky in the registry department these days, and it had been years since I did a good clean, so I installed it.


For the next 72 hours the thing was a nightmare. It kept running out of system resources, refusing logons and freezing.

Do not, I repeat, do not, install COMODO System Cleaner on any important or mission critical computer.

That explains the system problems in the last week. I think the server is stable now, but I am watching it.

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