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November, 2012:

Two bad cases of the DTs

From The Telegraph on the subject of the predecessor to the Bloodhound SSC project…

Thrust SSC was, at 4m wide and 10 tonnes – powered by twin Rolls-Royce Spey turbofan engines, more commonly found beneath the wings of an F-4 Phantom II jet aircraft – an unwieldy beast. Rather than simply tweak its design, Noble and Green opted to begin from scratch. A slimmer, lighter car could, they reckoned, significantly outstrip Thrust. But first they needed jets.

This is what an F-4 Phantom looks like:

Do you see any engines under the wings? Now obviously I knew this already but finding that (and many more) images took 5s with Google. And it’s not like it’s an obscure ‘plane so anyone writing on this sort of stuff ought to know anyway.

If I were editor of the DT I’d carpet Mr Ross for such sloppy idleness. Now I’m a fair man so I’d give him a start before I released the hounds and wouldn’t spray his genitals with aniseed first. I reserve that as a unique punishment.

The second is this gem of bollocks reporting and woo-woo headlining.

Look, you numpty, this is what the USA thought of doing… They were going to detonate a kT range-yield nuke (I hate the term “atomic bomb” which is used in the article) to show the Soviets that the USA could hit the Moon or even in principle weaponize it. Bear in mind this was the ’50s when serious popular science journals were considering the (stupid and unworkable) idea of missile batteries on the moon. Unworkable because it took an entire Saturn V rocket to get three men there and stupid because it took three days to get there (or back). Who wants to launch a nuclear strike giving the other side that much notice? Of course in those days small (and not so small) boys were reading action comics in which the USMC (Space Division) and the Spetznaz (Space Division) would be slugging it out (with ray-guns, natch) over Copernicus Crater.

It all goes back perhaps to Arthur C Clarke (and maybe John Wyndam) and the concept of orbital weapons. Again a militarily ridiculous concept if you think about it*. Ultimately technical, military and economic logic won though against SF dreams and the sub-orbital ballistic missile was born. Couple that with a nuclear powered submarine and you have a far more potent weapon at orders of magnitude less money. You think a Vanguard or Ohio class submarine is expensive? Compare with the cost of building nuclear silos on the Moon…

I guess it hit a popular Zeitgeist based, perhaps, on the feeling that we’d gone from the Wright brother’s stick and string to Sputnik in half a century and from lobbing hand-grenades from primitive biplanes to Little Boy in even less time.

“Everyday it’s a-gettin’ closer
Goin’ faster than a roller coaster”

-Buddy Holly.

Perhaps it’s also down to other little boys fantasizing about using their ray-guns to waste some tentacled horror and win the heart of the alien princess who might be green but that’s OK because she has unfeasibly large breasts (that’s Zero-G for you!). Seriously, the interaction between popular culture, fashion, trends in aerospace and governmental policy can’t be underestimated. Perhaps whoever wrote this Telegraph schlock was one of those little boys but of course this persisted long after the ’50s. Consider two films from about 1980. There was a sort of proto-“Deep Impact” movie (I forget the name) which featured pre-existing Soviet and US nukes being turned against an incoming meteor or some such and also of course “Moonraker” with the USMC in space-combat with Drax’s mob. Drax also has deadly weapons in space. Of course he does! And he wears a Mao suit.

Instead we had Apollo. You know they left medals commemorating lost cosmonauts as well as the astronauts who died in the Apollo oxygen fire?

Back to Earth! The wider problem I see with this hopelessly sloppy reporting on aerospace related issues by the dear old DT is that this is a subject I know a lot about. And it isn’t just the DT. They are all at it. The contempt the MSM scribblers show for basic fact checks and employing anyone competent** in the first place is staggering. And this is something I know about so I can chortle but what about the huge numbers of things I don’t really know about? That’s a worry. I don’t have the internal knowledge to appraise immediately nor the time to acquire it. They can’t sell me a load of pony on certain things but on others… And the same dear reader applies to you. None of us are polymaths anymore.

But as to the aerospace specifically, suspect deep-down it is a symptom of an ingrained belief amongst the “serious” papers (the ones without unfeasibly large breasts – more honest – you know where you are with a tit) that the really important stuff only happens between Whitehall and Wapping and getting actual facts – easy, non-controversial, non-debatable facts correct about all that nasty, complicated stuff with “like sums with letters in them” doesn’t really matter to their journalism trained minds. Something Michael Gove said is ever so much more important. No. It. Isn’t. When the Govester and his EBacc are mere footnotes in Hansard (some other wanker will be re-arranging the deckchairs by then anyway) studied only by the dullest of graduate students people will remember Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins.

Well, that tech-stuff does matter and I’d much rather read something written by someone with no qualifications in journalism but an understanding of the area they are reporting on anyway. As I said, in many areas I don’t know what to think because I don’t trust what I read not just because it is propaganda or lies or deranged opinion but because I can’t accept the basic, verifiable, “truths” they use within the piece as real or otherwise because I know how sloppy they are on things I do know because I know they don’t even care to find out an F-4 Phantom has fuselage mounted engines rather than under-wing ones. I’ll leave the penultimate words to a quote from Bertrand Russell (I think this is about right),

I’d rather be reported by my worst enemy in philosophy than someone ignorant of it.

Quite, Bert.

Without facts to argue from analysis and opinions are devoid of meaning. Without a respect for facts analysis and opinions range from doubtful to disingenuous to out-right “Noble Lies” (in the Platonic sense).

I want to know truth and not an unreality built upon a lack of genuine, objective facts. Every ignoring of reality (whether deliberate or through idleness or stupidity) contributes towards an “invented reality” so let’s ultimately hear from Jorge Luis Borges.

Ten years ago, any symmetrical system whatsoever which gave the appearance of order — dialectical materialism, anti-Semitism, Nazism—was enough to fascinate men. Why not fall under the spell of Tlön and submit to the minute and vast evidence of an ordered planet? Useless to reply that reality, too is ordered.

Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius

PS. I know this rambles. I’ve spent too long on it.
PPS. I know (see PS) this is posted after Levenson introduced (BBC – “His long-awaited enquiry results”. Not by me it wasn’t. I wasn’t calling for the DT to be taken to task by the “Regulators” (think Western movies) over these inexcusably bad pieces of journalism. No. I was calling for the likes of us to point out and laugh because, like a small boy who sees a potentate in the nip.

*Either geostationary over Moscow and DC or in predictable orbits or burning lots of fuel to vary orbit which would mean a very limited life-span or some form of space refueling.
**In the first article there is some wibbling about “Computational Fluid Dynamics”. Clearly the author hasn’t a clue what he is on about.

Pearls of Wisdom

The free press is the ubiquitous vigilant eye of a people’s soul, the embodiment of a people’s faith in itself, the eloquent link that connects the individual with the state and the world, the embodied culture that transforms material struggles into intellectual struggles and idealises their crude material form. It is a people’s frank confession to itself, and the redeeming power of confession is well known. It is the spiritual mirror in which a people can see itself, and self-examination is the first condition of wisdom. It is the spirit of the state, which can be delivered into every cottage, cheaper than coal gas. It is all-sided, ubiquitous, omniscient. It is the ideal world which always wells up out of the real world and flows back into it with ever greater spiritual riches and renews its soul.

Karl Marx – On Freedom of the Press

H/T Brendan O’Neill

No m’Lord

Maybe you thought totalitarians were a bunch of gruesome, friendless, socially mal-adjusted creeps?

Well it seems you were right, because they really, really don’t get satire.

Seems like our friends at ‘The Onion’ have fooled another bunch of murdering sociopaths, this time your friendly neighbourhood Tiananmen square apologists, the Chinese Communist party.

And remember ‘The Onion’ doesn’t set out to spoof people, it is meant to be satire.

And this is why a free press is so vital.  Yes, they might behave badly, yes they might be vile, but the freedom to be vile, the freedom to be racist, the freedom to mock divers etc is the freedom to hold the government to account.  It’s the freedom to be …. free.

So Brian, sorry m’lord Justice Leveson, but Guido Fawkes with his intrigues, The Telegraph with MP’s expenses or ‘The Sun’ with tits, protect the last vestiges of our freedom.  Parliament has long since given up its role as defender of our rights, the courts do as they are told, Guido is the last line in the sand between us and Kim-Jong-Cameron/Milliband.

That and the various folks at Cats and Dick Puddlecote and Anna Raccoon and Ambush Predator and Leg-Iron and the Snow Wolf and two dozen others I read that heckle the steam roller.

M’Lord, Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici and I cannot in good conscience be silenced.

Heroes of the Day…

In a daring raid intended to boost the morale of the French [hmm…], Wing Commander Ken Gatward flew just feet off the ground to put the wind up the Germans.

After dropping a huge French flag on top of the Arc de Triomphe, the British pilot headed towards the Gestapo headquarters which he raked with 20mm shells.

The attack sent the German SS troops running for their lives [and crying like girls], to the delight of Parisians.

Just read the whole thing. It’s awesome.

It reminds me oddly of this.

Simpler times

I guess you have seen this before, but what the hell.

In the spirit of the times – To heck with all them ‘isms.

To hell with them all

Why is everyone waiting on Leveson?

Where is the outrage at the idea that anyone should even consider that the state grant itself the right to speak truth to anyone?

Truth? From those with power? Are you out of your tiny cotton pickin mind?

Who cares what Leveson reports, why would anyone think the enquiry is anything bar an abuse in the first place?

Update: Govt will ‘err on the side of freedom’ – Hague

When it comes to regulation of the press the Government will "err on the side of freedom", William Hague has said.


The problem is that he even thinks he has any authority to exercise in the first place.

Drought your fault

Correction, that should of course read Flood your fault.

I am grateful to the “Nanny knows best” for this link

which was too good to miss.  I suspect the potato farmer in question may now be considering switching to rice, but there is a serious point.

The ever-charming and truthful BBC were telling us only seven months ago that we would have a drought until Christmas, blah blah and you know it’s all part of a certain narrative.  So remember the drought is caused by you driving cars or flying or something, and so is the flood because they have been interviewing utter halfwits saying “argh… tis the worst I’ve ever seen it, so it is”

It’s not like there are comprehensive records available anywhere that show heavy rainfall is quite normal in late autumn, no. Let’s rely on the panicked observations of poorly educated simpletons.

Remember plebs, it’s all your fault.

In some way.

So we will have to increase taxes.

Who published this?

Putin in 2009 outlined his strategy for economic success. Alas, poor Obama did the opposite but nevertheless was re-elected. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. The Communists have won in America with Obama but failed miserably in Russia with Zyuganov who only received 17% of the vote. Vladimir Putin was re-elected as President keeping the NWO order out of Russia while America continues to repeat the Soviet mistake.



Please, please, please.

To the Great Kitty Kounter in the sky, let this be true.

In the event of failure

Do you know much about data communications networking structures?

The most common type of network you are likely to come across is is what is called a client-server network. The local device, the phone in your pocket, the computer on your desk at work, register themselves with a big fat central machine, and as the client then make requests that the central machine provide services. Your phone, for instance, along with every other nearby phone, registers with a local base station and asks that that station provide the service of relaying on telephone calls, SMS texts, Internet accesses and so on. As you move around the phone detects which of many base stations have the strongest signal and continually re registers with new ones as you pass them. Of course, when you get out into the wilderness the phone can be stuffed, no station signal strong enough to allow registration or communication.

Thing is, it isn’t just wilderness areas where communications can drop away either. Consider a natural disaster, an earthquake in a city, or a wild fire in the countryside, where the local base station infrastructure can be wiped out; situations where communications are critical but suddenly non existent?

With current client server models you are stuffed.


The Black Spider Returns…

And returns and returns.  Chuckles Buggerlugs 111, our future (unless he falls under a number 47 bus) and final King, is at it again. The Air-miles Airhead assails us once again. The Private Frazier of the Monarchy tells us that we are “Doomed! Doomed !!”  if we don’t follow his example in Saving the Planet.

I’d love to follow his Horsesarsedness, jetting around the Planet spreading gloom and doom, running my motors on left over wine from Banquets, and having a Butler prime my toothbrush with toothpaste of a morning, wouldn’t you? But hey ,I have to live in the real world, Chuckles doesn’t . And in the real world, we sentient beings know the Planet stopped warming 19 years ago, and that Windmills and solar panels are not the salvation of Mankind, but the biggest scam since the Holland Tulip lunacy and the South Sea Bubble.

“His comments came in a pre-recorded video speech accepting a lifetime achievement award at the 7th International Green Awards at Battersea Power Station in London. “

[ there’s a deep irony in there somewhere, can you spot it boys and girls?]

Ah but now with this pat on the head from his Fellow Travellers, he feels emboldened to indulge in a bit of self righteousness…

Speaking of his early warnings of the environmental threats to the planet he said the lifetime achievement award was an acknowledgement for what he described as his ‘rather inadequate efforts’ to create change.

He added: ‘All those years ago when I began to see that this could be so, I found myself labelled with every term that describes a crank.

[That’s because you are, your Hopelessness ]

“I don’t actually recommend it as a pastime but, extraordinary as it may seem, nowadays … that intuitive feeling has been backed up by a mass of scientific evidence in every possible field confirming that our predominant approach is having a very adverse effect on nature.’ [ In a Pig’s eye!]

Ah But the Green Ink King isn’t going to stop at just saving  Gaia is he? No, every subject under the sun is in his fiefdom, and he demands his fifteen minutes of attention er… every 15 minutes.

Last month the government blocked the release of secret letters Prince Charles wrote to ministers because they would ‘seriously damage’ his political neutrality and his role as future king.

The letters were requested under the Freedom of Information Act, but the Attorney General Dominic Grieve stopped the release saying they were ‘particularly frank’ and would ‘potentially have undermined his position of political neutrality’ if published.

Well fancy that! Dominic Grieve eh? The toady’s toady. 

Mark my words; the infantile mentally unarmed  self regarding and self righteous imbecile , Chuckles Buggerlugs 111, will be our last Monarch.

BBC Radio 3’s “Late Junction”

Fiona Ralkington’s varied musical mix includes Alpine yodelling [Dear Jebus!], vintage German electronica [some Kraut in a black suit beating the living cuntery out of a ZX-81 with a fucking claw-hammer] “Transylvanian lament” [Buggery help us]! and a microtone piano.

Which (I am just listening to) and is just as piss-flappingly cunt-bugling dreadful as all the rest.

This is all brought to you due to the unique way the BBC is funded.

Gillard’s colours shine brighter

Andrew Bolt expressed an opinion on the appropriateness of Australia’s race classification laws, and questioned whether aborigines who were, in appearance, indistinguishable from non aboriginals of European background, were appropriate recipients of measures designed to make up for past discrimination.

Well, he got sued and silenced under Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act.

Now, as you can imagine, Progressives went doolally with joy over this. Andrew Bolt, silenced. Race, and the government policies which surround it, is now off limits to any discussion because it has now been firmly established by case law that anyone can be shut down, at massive expense to the defendant, by anyone who whines that they have been offended.

Even in the event that some bod evades conviction – the process is the punishment.

Well, Gillard’s at it again:

THE law that was used to silence Andrew Bolt has been supercharged by the Gillard government’s proposed changes to anti-discrimination laws.

Bolt was found to have breached section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, which says it is unlawful to offend or insult someone on the basis of racial or ethnic characteristics in a public space.

But Attorney-General Nicola Roxon’s proposed changes massively expand the list of characteristics people can be offended by, expanding the jurisdiction into shops, workplaces and sporting clubs.

The regime will provide a new weapon in the war on free speech by even including "political opinion" as a ground on which people can be discriminated against.

This extraordinary change makes even innocuous political expressions subject to the law – a person need only be offended or insulted in order to make out a claim. Shop owners displaying signs in support of a political candidate may now be legally discriminating against employees who want the other guy to win.

So, if you don’t like Gillard’s worthless carbon tax? Don’t express an opinion at work, You and your employer, both, can be sued by someone who has drunk deep of the GoreAid.

But wait, it gets worse.


More is uncovered

I am running a very unsophisticated blog on a laptop and an iPhone.   Just imagine what information about the trustworthiness of Julia Eileen Gillard has been uncovered by the security agencies from countries that Australia deals with.

Please resign.

She’s gunna have to go, and soon.

The ABC, even the ABC, has started asking questions, and when she’s lost that lot, the media arm of the ALP, she has lost the whole lot.

This is unsustainable.

And Pickering seems to be inviting a lawsuit.

and no-one would have been the wiser, except…
Except that one of these two people decided they wanted to be Prime Minister.

I think nothing would give him greater pleasure than for Julia Gillard to sue for defamation. She won’t of course.

BTW, Nicola Roxon is the Attorney General, and Bill Shorten is Minister for Employment and Minister for Financial Services – both of em members of the Gillard Cabinet.


At the time of Julia Gillard’s last visit to Afghanistan

Extreme Centrist said:                          

                                I’ve got a few mates over there at the moment. When Julia last visited, she was really impressed that the diggers saluted her all the time
For those who need a little help, Phil is happy to oblige.

Phil Gibbs said:                          
                                Extreme Centrist…   I am surprised that nobody has picked up on your innuendo "ref" the saluting in a war zone.   What a bloody pity that the Taliban don’t have a single sniper worth his shekels.

Thing is, the Prime Minister is a civilian, and NOT the CinC. My understanding is that she has no entitlement to a salute in the first place. Anyone know the the correct protocol in Anglo style militaries?
Is David Cameron saluted? Surely not.

Interview: Thursday, 11/22/12, 0100 GMT, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Elisabeth. Opinions on everything. Outspoken on everything. Very concerned to share her understanding of Islam – in workshops, in interviews. And then, legal charges. Convicted for “denigrating a recognized religion.”

If you haven’t done so, please register (it’s free), on her “about” page,

or at the World Truth Summit’s home page: