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January 2nd, 2013:

Science isn’t dull…

Tom Chivers is on top form at the Telegraph.

God help me I have met such ignoramuses.

And yes, I use that term advisedly. My take on Chiver’s piece is not that everyone ought to know science but that it is bizarre – and I think very British – for people to revel in their ignorance of science. Oh, I’ve met them. Arts students mainly. The attitude of some of them – not all by any standard – to science is shocking. They seem to think scientists are dull, unimaginative plodders who do something hard and essentially mysterious. They also don’t see science, technology or engineering as “sexy” or “creative”. They see us as sex-less beasts who lack an ability to understand the arts. Well, I read novels, listen to music, visit galleries and have pulled fit birds so…

Anyway, discuss.

NickM (BSc Physics – Nottingham, MSc Astrophysics – London).

PS: Update. Link fixed. Thanks Mr Ed!

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