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January 6th, 2013:

An information request

Okay, I don’t know what I am talking about here, insert your own jokes.  Not a promising start to a post I grant you.  I am hoping fellow kitty counters can give me their opinion/knowledge.  Two things today got me thinking about this.

First, ‘er indoors took the boy to see our local pantomime recently.  Yesterday she spied one of the cast in town.  She was waxing lyrical about how gorgeous the young man was and seemed oblivious to the fact he makes Peter Mandelson look heterosexual.  This surprised me not at all.  Gay people are well represented in the performing arts and gay bloke on stage is really, really ‘dog bites man’ stuff.

Second, some footballer or other was banging on today about the need for premiership footballers to come out as gay, a la Gareth Thomas* in rugby.  That said, I have never knowingly met any gay footballers and I have played for a few teams over the years at a really, really crap level.

So without wishing to sound like the Iranian President (no gays here guv, etc), and don’t name any for reasons of possible libel, but are there any gay footballers in the Premiership?  Logic says there must be and yet, I cannot think of a single candidate (I exclude the entire Swansea squad from consideration because being a Cardiff fan I can’t think remotely rationally about them).  If you must, name the team and no more.

Can it be that straight men are attracted to football and gays to the theatre?  Surely not, that has to be bollocks right?

* this was widely known back home in Wales but when I told a ‘rugby lad’ in 2008 that Alfie did indeed stroll the Bourneville boulevard, it was like his entire belief system collapsed and he simply could not accept it.

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