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January 9th, 2013:

Good Mammal Goes Bad, Bites Hand that Doesn’t Feed It

From PJTV’s Trifecta: Scott Ott, Bill Whittle, Steve Green.

I’m afraid the guys are making sarcastic jokes here and there while telling the story (with film) of this dreadful event at Sea World. Something must be done!

9 minutes.

Insight of the day…

Newly-released diaries contain an account of the Joint Intelligence Committee’s report on Hitler’s final days in his bunker.

Dr Stephen Twigge, head of the Modern, Domestic, Diplomatic and Colonial team at The National Archives in Kew, west London says the dictator is portrayed as, “a rather depressed, demented, mad individual“.

No Shi’ite Sherlock! I mean for fuck’s sake!

From The Telegraph which is going so rapidly downhill* a UK skiing gold must now be contemplated.

*I was going to comment on that tomfoolery but what indeed is the point?

Sa i chên e-raug

Serial (and valued) commentator John Galt put up something in “Klingon” so I must riposte with something else in translation…

Sa i chên e-raug

Am eriol, a buin rath

Dorthannen, gernin vronwe


Si im bell

Da menn ah i innas dín cuinad lim

Lui evyr, sa ledhiant ellint

Annal i vîl lín an aglar

Avo leithio in elei lín i lui gwennin

Boe maethal assan cuinathar

Sa i chên e-raug

Sa i ’lass e-maeth

Am eriol nan berthad

E-goth vín

Ah i guidir vedui istannen

Aphada i ben farnen dín ne dû

Ah e díra ven guin

Hên e-raug

Nîf na nîf, ennas min brass

Im bell, boe medin

Re ú-fael

Dam me buin rath

’Ni ben farnen i bôl cuinad lim


Eriol am nan gaw

Im beren, gerin i aglar


Si ú-dherithon

Dam menn ah i innas dín cuinad lim


I chên e-raug

Now, I suspect there is an easy way here. Do it hard. You know it makes sense. This is but prep for a cipher I worked out a few years back that ultimately goes back to my first attempt to code a version of “Penetrator” for the Speccy. “Penetrator” was itself a clone of “Scramble” and that shows my age. It’ll be written in my fave lingo, QBasic (64 bit version!) Yikes!

I mean politics! What is the freaking point when you get shafted every which way (without an orang-utan) when you can have cool stuff?

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