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January 20th, 2013:

Earth shattering news

Forget the Algerian hostage stuff or our involvement in Afghanistan, forget the budget deficit or QE, forget the gloomy economy, forget even the snow.  Small beer the lot of them compared to this cataclysmic news,

Yep it seems like this guy won’t get free money to practice jumping in the water in unison with Tom Daley any more.  Without free money he can’t do that apparently and he doesn’t sound happy about it.  He could even lose his house.

Perhaps it’s a silly idea but he could try getting a job and engaging in voluntary commercial interactions like half of the country.  Can anyone be sympathetic to this guy?  Sure he maybe a good diver but I have to pay him to practice?  I kinda like the gym, but I am not asking him to pay for me.  So really Peter, get a job, practice in your spare time if you have any.  If that’s not possible than accept the fact that if you want a jaunt to Brazil in 2016, you’ll have to pay for it.  Stop calling for the state to jail people who don’t want to fund you.  Because that is what you are in effect doing.  Please don’t imagine this is an anti-diving rant, if it was my decision, I wouldn’t fund even a single athlete of any kind.  If it means less (or no) medals for ‘Team GB”  meh….

We also had the quite predictable news that the taxpayer had been raped again for 8,841 tickets to allow scores of top civil servants, ministers, actors and business leaders to attend the Olympics and Paralympics.

Perhaps they should buy their own tickets in tough (or any) economic circumstances?  Tax revenue is seen (and always has been seen) as for the disposal of the collecting elite as they see fit.  Once people accept that, the scales will fall from their eyes. This isn’t one off corruption it is quite normal, par-for-the-course behaviour.  It was ever thus and the only way to get rid of it, is to get rid of taxes.

Lard of the Glen.

Apparently a consignment of lard has washed-up in Scotland.

Storms over the east coast have resulted in several unusual relics from World War II washing up on an Angus beach.

Staff at St Cyrus nature reserve said four large, barrel-shaped pieces of lard have appeared on the shore.

The fat is believed to have escaped from the wreck of a merchant vessel that was bombed in WW II.

Scottish Natural Heritage said the lard was still a brilliant white and smelled “good enough to have a fry up with.

Only in Scotland could they elect celebrate…

A washed-up tub of lard.

A washed-up tub of lard.

Angus McHardy [who might just be Scottish], a local resident and retired fisherman, said he remembers similar events in the in early 1940s.

“I’d never seen anything like it,” he said. “There was quite a lot washed up at St Cyrus and beyond, not quite to Montrose.”

“Some barrels were complete and others were just lumps. People collected it. My grandma boiled it up to get the sand out. It was great because we couldn’t get fat during the war.”

He added: “After a storm in the late 60s or early 70s, the lard came up on-shore again. The seagulls thought it was a bonanza.”

Scotland has found a seemingly inexhaustible supply of saturated fats. The First Minister must be delighted. The Hell with North Sea oil when Scotland can lay claim to fat deposits that would put Überwald to shame.

Does this mean the Scottish people will re-elect…

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond

…despite the best nannying efforts of Ms Sturgeon (why are these Scottish pols so fishy?) to nanny and coerce the population into “health”?

And I speak as someone who has had a lunch of deep-fried cheese washed down with an excellent beer in the Czech Republic.