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February 7th, 2013:

Usain Bolt, you’re famous, taxes are for the little people, not you!

What? What the hell?  George, do you think you can arbitrarily choose who pays taxes and who doesn’t?

Well you can of course, because you have all the guns and powers of coercion backed up by the threat of violence and kidnappping, but aren’t you even pretending any more?

If surgeons and oncologists and engineers and programmers and a host of people who actually do useful things have to pay their taxes, then surely so do runners.

But wait, this is because you’ve engineered the system to tax people regardless of where they earn money; they have to pay you tribute right?  But if you exempt runners, don’t you have to exempt entertainers and footballers and half a dozen others categories of people each spending slightly more and more time in the UK.  Doesn’t this arbitrary measure show the whole system is a nonsense?

Well yea.

Yes, you argue that they are only exempt from overseas earnings and appearance money is taxed at normal rates, (and no-one can possibly guess what percentage of the fee will be appearance money and what will be foreign sponsorship of course!) but if Usain can have this exemption, I want it, otherwise we are not all equal before the law.  and if we are not equal before the law then it’s not ******* law it’s just government by arbitrary preference and favour and any legitimacy you claim is lost.

And of course it is a tacit admission that high taxes like George’s drive people away be they runners or investors and employers.

Eleven questions with Anna Raccoon

‘Anna Raccoon’ lives in the Monbazillac area of South West France, renowned for its fine wines and gourmet food, so she frequently finds better things to do than sit in front of a computer all morning.  That said, anyone who has read her blog could hardly fail to be impressed.  The series on Duncroft in particular shows the strength of the blog when the MSM was in hysterical meltdown.  Anna was kind enough to answer the eleven questions.

1. Who was the greatest political leader in the Western world?

Undoubtedly Gordon Brown, who so enraged the docile population of Britain that a 1000 blogs were spawned awakening a latent interest in politics in the hitherto trusting and supplicant population. Probably the most positive development in politics in living memory.

2. If you could change, introduce or abolish one law, what would it be?

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 that allows civil servants to decide that anyone not behaving in the ‘approved’ manner lacks capacity, and thus can have their decisions made for them by a government apparatchik. Chilling.

3. What advice would you give to a sixteen year-old today?

Enjoy what is left of Western civilisation now – it won’t be there by the time you reach my age.

4. Who do you most admire?

Vicky Pryce. For letting it quietly be known that she thoroughly enjoyed her dinner in London – and thus allowing the rest of world to draw its own conclusions that husband Chris Huhne was a lying, cheating untrustworthy politician for claiming that she was driving his car when it was speeding. Classic slow burning revenge delivered with an air of innocence. Classy.

5. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of your country?

Optimistic that there will be a revolution, pessimistic that it won’t happen and the UK will die quietly and uncomplainingly.

6. If you think voting for establishment parties changes little or nothing, what is the one thing we can do as individuals to cause real change?

Blog. The Internet has given us the freedom to have widespread conversations that may seem futile but have real effect. See Huhne above.

7. When will we finally say good-bye to the state?

Probably about the same time that Prince Charles becomes King. It will be the death knell.

8. Should free people have the right to keep and bear arms openly or covertly without government permission, sanction or registration?

Yep, and sharp knives, lengths of rope and all the other ways in which you can kill people. I’m not in favour of killing people per se, but banning just one method is ridiculous.

9. What annoys you most about current politics?

That we have to pay virtually half of everything our labour brings in order to pay for it.

10. Gold standard or fiat currency and interest rate control?

Gold Standard. Something solid that we can all understand.

11. Do we have an obligation to help the poor?

We have a moral obligation to help anyone in need, not just the poor. Money is not the only need.

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