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I was going to title this post some thing like “Chris Huhne: utter cunt” but then decided the “cunt” was superfluous as, at least in my vocabulary, “huhne” is a vastly more shocking cuss-word. It is now even challenging “balls” in my dictionary of insults.

Chris Huhne attacks energy companies over price increases.

Now, Mr Chris Speedy-Alibi-Gonewifeless* Huhne why might increasing energy costs be the case?

Could it be to do with you Chris? From wikipedia

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

A noted and vocal environmentalist, Huhne accepted the role of Secretary of State with the stated intention of making the nation more ecologically conscious. Among his first actions was launching National Wind Week by speaking at an event in London’s Leicester Square on 15 June 2010. Underscoring his personal commitment to wind, Huhne has erected a wind turbine rising 8 feet above the roof of his constituency home in Eastleigh where he spends his weekends.

A lot of wind there. He is indeed at least as full of both that and piss (the piss he is taking) as the barber’s cat.

He of course utterly failed to underscore his personal commitment to energy conservation by simply sticking to speed limits like what normal folk have to. Correction! By having his ex-wife stick to them. Women, know thy place! You know behind the chap with the red-flag (flags are powered by wind) and all. The hubris of a man who expects his ex-wife to take the rap is not so much tragic as pathetic. Not so much pathetic as dismal. Not so much dismal as cuntish. Not so much cuntish as utter huhne. I mean who the fuck is Chris Huhne anyway apart from a twat over-promoted beyond the wildest dreams of things you find at the bottom of ponds?

There are of course swings, roundabouts and eye-watering bills in the energy market (it’s a market of course) but totemic (I use the word in every sense) Greenism such as Huhne playing Windy Miller is actually a distortion of the market beyond any human comprehension. A distortion he and his predecessors and acolytes have created. Huhne has basically put himself in the position of the arsonist who complains that it wouldn’t entirely have burnt down if the fire brigade had arrived more promptly. He is the sort of utter bastard who kills his parents and then begs clemency for being an orphan.

And that is almost why he is to be despised. I suspect though keeping the proles down via his quixotic windiness is to Huhne a feature, not a bug. Joe Public can’t afford to raise such totems to Gaia as his (practically pointless) turbiniculated offering – we can’t even afford him to do it either (it’s heavily subsidised of course). But then such things are never about actually making electricity at market rates are they? They are about the elect staking their claim to be morally better than the rest. Huhne is exactly the same as a corrupt old medieval robber baron who rapes and pillages and then pays for a few extra pews in the cathedral in order to be holier than the peasantry who might sit on them.

And that is why Chris Huhne is indeed a huhne. And that is why I hope the “unrelated” driving charges kick him into the long grass. Because they aren’t unrelated. They are symptoms of the same underlying moral pathology.

And yes, I do mean the analogy to feudalism pretty much exactly. That is precisely what Greenism is about. It’s not back-door socialism (“watermelons” and all that) and it certainly has nothing to do with the environment. It is simply neo-feudalism with a religion so new many don’t even realise it is a religion.

*Allegedly. And Robbie Williams isn’t gay and Ryan Giggs is a devoted family man. More controversially I’d say David Cameron is a conservative.


  1. john in cheshire says:

    My sentiments exactly. I just wish there was an underground resistence movement, such as the 5th. column in V, which would exterminate the vermin that infest our country.

  2. Dutch Steamboat says:

    You could have briefed Huhne to be Minister for Paedophilia and he’d have taken it up with the same sort of alacrity. He’s a political animal and we should not delude ourselves into thinking that he’s the only one.

    The ting is that governments know full well that they need to do _something_. If they don’t, they’re superfluous and can be discarded.

    Ask yourself: What’s your biggest gripe? Nine times out of ten, it will have something to do with money. Immigrants swarming in and going on the Nash. Immigrants stealing your money at knifepoint. Feral cunts doing your house over or stealing wire from the train signalling system.

    That’s why people such as Paul Flynn the republican, representing an impoverished shithole, make me want to vomit. He can take his country and fuck off. We don’t need Wales and if we want it back we’ll simply invade again. Republic? He should be swinging at Tyburn. Not only that, Flynn doesn’t sound Welsh to me. Go to Merthyr Tydfil and be proud of what you’ve done while you suck up your princely (snork) salary.

    Sorry, became rather sidetracked there.

    When will Cameron finally accept that people just want their money? Don’t pinch it and spend it on community initiatives in Tower Hamlets or throw it at Indian astronauts. Don’t waste it on Wales or NI or Scotland. Stop taking it, full stop.

    Unless it’s to buy a revolver for our favourite Greenie friend, who has a mouth like a glazed doughnut.

  3. Adam Collyer says:

    Now steady on.

    Calling David Cameron a Conservative is really going a bit too far.

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  5. RAB says:

    I must confess that I had to google up Paul Flynn to find out what your were banging on about Dutch, and find he is an ancient Labour backbencher of no consequence whatsoever. Why all the heat and light over him?

    We Welsh are actually more Monarchist inclined than most of the citizens of these fair Isles, we were with the Royalists during the Civil War for instance, you can’t say fairer than that can you?

    We don’t need Wales and if we want it back we’ll simply invade again.

    Yes, er well… It wasn’t as simple as that the first time round. It took from 1066 to 1450 or so to subdue us. The Irish and Scots were pussycats compared to us Welsh.

    And what’s up with Merthyr Tydfil all of a sudden? It was, and is, a shithole. An early centre of Ironmaking. It was the largest town in Wales up to about 1860 mind, Cardiff was a village of 1200 people until the coal in the Valleys was discovered. We Welsh never did towns, not even villages, that was something the Normans foisted on us via castles (see my upcoming photo essay).

    Now then Huhne the loon. Yes, swear word in his own right. What is palpably missing from the bash the Power companies article is the fact that Windmill and solar power is being massively subsidised by the Govt forcing the Power companies to pass on the cost to the public by mr Huhne his very self, which will put at least £200 on domestic power bills that have fuck all to do with global oil, gas and coal prices. Disingenuous piece of shit that he is!

  6. NickM says:

    “What’s your biggest gripe? Nine times out of ten, it will have something to do with money. Immigrants swarming in and going on the Nash. Immigrants stealing your money at knifepoint.”

    No immigrant has ever fucked me over the way our own home-grown huhnes have.

  7. Leg-iron says:

    What’s in a name? A Hoon by any other spelling would smell as fishy.

  8. John says:

    It’s just another typical piece from the Coalition.

    Gas companies hike the price of fuel by 19% in a single step. Ofgen and the legions of Government quangos and officials who exist to “protect the consumer” do fuck all about it. So Huhne puts to sea and effectively starts to pre-blame consumers for not shopping around enough.

    Secondly it’s a piece of classic misdirection. In the same week that we uncover shitloads of covert green taxes being loaded onto our bills via the mechanism of forced renewable purchase, not to mention the fucking 20% VAT, Huhne patronises us to shop around instead of having a more honest debate about why the Government actually has a financial interest in higher fuel prices and why they are not looking to ease the burden.

    Finally, I don’t think you should do this man any favours. His arrogance and record as a pathological liar is there for all to see. He is a first class cnut and you shouldn’t hold back from calling him one.

  9. Lynne says:

    Huhne, a cunt in so many ways. A clustercunt if you will.

  10. Henry Crun says:

    “He is the sort of utter bastard who kills his parents and then begs clemency for being an orphan. ”

    There’s a Yiddish word for that: chutzpah.

  11. NickM says:

    Are you suggesting that the gov wants higher fuel prices so it can get more VAT?

    And no, I wasn’t holding back. As I said I could have called him a cunt but decided to co-opt his name (I am not exactly breaking new ground there) as the new most offensive word in English (TM).

    Fishy I can deal with. At the weekend I had the amusing task of recovering the corpse of a long-deceased squirrel from a water butt in the garden. It was all swollen and horrible. That is more the sort of timbre of Dame Judi we’re talking about in terms of Huhne.

  12. Paul Marks says:

    The BBC (still the biggest source of news for British people) ignored the fact that Mr Huhne was responsbile for the very energy price increases he was trying to get people to “attack back” or “hurt” energy companies for.

    He is a textbook case of the establishment “liberal” left. A man who tries to stir up hatred of other people for things that he is the real cause of.

    And a rich man (a millionaire in fact) who is constanty trying to sponge more money off the taxpayers.

    Everything he could possibly try to claim for he did – on his expenses (down to cups of tea).

    Of course he is cunning – he does not claim for stuff that did not exist (like those morons who are going to prison), and he does not directly call for violence against energy companies (“I clearly meant that people should shop around…..”).

    But he is an utter scumbag.

  13. Stonyground says:

    If I was in charge of an energy company it would be sending out itemised bills with the wind-power subsidy listed seperately so that every customer knows what this nonsense is costing them.

  14. NickM says:

    Interesting point Stony. My suspicion is that the energy companies are doing nicely out of government hand-outs for being Green (or pretending to be). Note all those energy monitors they’re giving out to “help you use less”. They are not doing that for the good of the planet. No other company advertises saying, “Use less of our product!” unless government has either a carrot or a stick and most likely both. It’s fascism in the purest form – though they call it a “regulatory framework”. Ownership with ultimate control in the hands of the state. Look at the train operators. GNER were doing OK. But they only ran trains on the East Cost line by the grace of the government. Their tenure come up for renewal and National Express (!) wins instead, predictably bollocks it up and it’s now genuinely nationalised.

    Look, if the Nick & Stonyground Electric Co. set-up selling Watts to the grid from a load of coal sets (or Heaven’s forfend some new-tech nuclear*) with the slogan, “We ain’t Green but by Gaia are we cheap!” how far would we get. The two of us would probs wind-up in jail over “accounting irregularities” with a lot of time to ponder the poor wisdom of operating a genuinely private business in this day and age.

    *technologies the Greens are treating like unwanted kittens – sack, brick, canal.

  15. Kevin B says:

    When, during Good King Chuckie’s first state opening of parliament, a large asteroid strikes the Houses of Parliament wiping out Chuckie, his Lords, his Commons, a host of top civil servants and a load of hangers on, will future historians refer to the event as the death of a thousand cunts?

  16. Paul Marks says:

    Even if a company does not benefit from a government intervention it takes a very brave manager to attack such a government policy (if it is a PC one) – for the government (especially the full time government – the administrators and so on) have lots of ways of taking revenge.

    And remember, as a manager you are not risking yourself – you are risking all the employees (their jobs) and the investment of all the shareholders.

    So companies try to “adapt” – either keeping their heads down, or even acting as cheer leaders for the latest government insanity.

    But there is something weird about the present government.

    Hulme has been exposed (again and again) as not just a “cunt” (although he is), but also as crook.

    Yet he is still there.

    So is “Uncle Vince” Cable – in spite of the Daily Telegraph tape exposing the fact that he planned to make war on the (rival media company to the Telegraph group) News Intenational.

    That is called “malfeasance in a public office” – seeking to use your (in this case semi judicial powers) as a government minister to harm an individual (in this case Rupert M.) or group you do not happen to like.

    It is a criminal offence – “Uncle Vince” should be in prison, but he was not even made to resign from the government.

    And (of course) “Ken” I-do-not-bother-to-think-about-any-policy-before-I-rubber-stamp-it Clarke is still there.

    He is a sick joke – but he has an important government job, even after stuff that would have led to resignation in any previous government.

    And it goes on and on…..

    Ministers are not being forced out (let alone sent to prison) – no matter what they do.

    What is happening?

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