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Well I was watching the BBC this morning and on the news there was some chap from the OECD and he was saying Britain is going to get the recession worse than any other developed nation.

Cats, get that truckle bed out already! I’m crashing at your gaff because this is going to be horrendous.

But before I flee these green and bankrupt lands can we all please lynch the Maximum Leader and that shit “Captain” Darling?

Please for the love of God, Allah or whatever you do or don’t believe in just do it!


  1. RAB says:

    I can hardly bear to write anymore about this.
    Yes we are well and truly screwed this time.
    I hated this Govt for it’s attacks on our freedoms, and for generally fucking up big time. But this has been the worst Government in my living memory, and boy have I seen some cretinous ones in my time (Wilson/Heath two sides of the same coin)!

    But if we are getting out the rope and looking for lamposts (they may be hard to find soon. Well what do you need lamposts for when the lights go out?) then the first two should be Bliar (hasn’t he gone quiet lately!) and his Ho Bitch in chief Toynbee.
    Guido has a thread on this, but I’ll link to the article here anyway.

    It really is something else!

    Oz would be good Cats, so buy extra beds just in case.
    But I have a bolthole in N Cyprus I bought a few years ago, that is looking very attractive. Where better to weather the global meltdown than an already rogue State?

  2. Nick M says:

    Polly really is utterly deranged.

    Darling is hitting folk earning over 40k a year as well and 40k is not by any stretch rich.

    RAB, thanks for introducing me to a genuinely novel experience. There isn’t a single syllable in that demented screed that I do not violently disagree with. She is truly a piece of work.

  3. CountingCats says:

    Hmmm, and this is all about Gordons careful managemenr is it? Well, Thatcher must have been a sheer bloody genius – it has taken Labour fifteen years to screw her legacy.

    The story we are being fed here is that Oz may avoid recession completely, wot with our having China buying up our iron ore and like.

  4. Sam Duncan says:

    “some chap from the OECD … was saying Britain is going to get the recession worse than any other developed nation.”

    As if we didn’t know. The most maddening thing about all this is that anyone with a pair of eyes saw it coming a mile off.

    “40k is not by any stretch rich.”

    Indeed not. Having said that, I wish I was on 40k. But here’s the thing: I grew up in the posh end of our street, I went to an independent school, my dad was a lawyer; I have friends from the smaller houses at the other end, who went to the local comprehensive, whose parents were bus drivers and what not, earning more than that. It’s not unimaginable riches.

    And by the way, that was in the ’80s, Polly; they’re Thatcher’s children. The ones from the age of helping the privileged (ie, me) and grinding down the poor (my newly supertaxed mates).

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