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Absolutely nucking futz

And this is just from The Telegraph.

A Jerusalem rabbinical court condemned to death by stoning a dog it suspects is the reincarnation of a secular lawyer who insulted the court’s judges 20 years ago, Ynet website reported on Friday.

Frankly if that is the level of their judgement they probably ought to be insulted more.

Greece is definitely going utterly tits-up. Can the EU sell the Bubbles to Turkey or something?

Morale in the British Army is rock bottom. Is anyone surprised by this? I’m not. Of course the best and brightest are getting out. D’oh! They saw the mass sackings of almost trained RAF pilots recently.

Meanwhile Argentina is rattling it’s rusty sabre. Could we re-take the Falklands? No. But there is a bright side. Could Argentina mount the sort of operation it did in 1982? No. The country is a basket case. We stick a couple of nuclear attack subs there and we can prevent it. One to watch.

And finally Trevor Phillips proves that he is the gift that keeps on giving. It is a while since I read something as incoherent as this. It’s all over the place.

And that is just the Telegraph. I don’t dare yank-up the Mail and the Express is almost certainly suggesting put a paper bag on your head and waiting for the rapture.


  1. Laird says:


    Sound like the Express might have it about right.

  2. RAB says:

    Bugger! I almost posted on Not so Clever Trevor this afternoon.

    He needs a lie down in a darkened room, preferably rubber lined, doesn’t he?

    Christians are not intigrating as well as Muslims??? We have been a Christian country for sixteen hundred years you prat! Christians built this country, arsehole!

    As for our warm fuzzy Mussie friends, well they are getting along famously arn’t they? You can barely get a seat down the pub at weekends for them raucusly singing Jihadi rebel songs and slugging back pints of Mint Tea can you?

    They are intigrating so well we are up to the ninth or tenth, Muslims grooming underage white girls for sex story, and the Gay Free, Islamic Republic of Brick Lane is going great guns. Slogan…You’d have to be a berk not to wear a Burka (or we’ll smash your head in and burn down your business). Yep the cultural diversity Trevor knows, loves and ignores.

    Turkey used to have the Bubbles in their remit until Lord Byron manfully freed them single handed. Why isn’t the BBC etc, instead of relentlessly grinding on about our domestic fleabite non cuts, screaming about the 21 billion we give to the EU every year, not to mention the bailouts we are roped into? We could afford properly equipped Armed forces and probably a sace programme for that.

    And yeah the Falklands. Well I hope you are right there Nick. A friend of mine died on the Sheffield, I’d hate to think he died in vain (goes into convusive cynical laughter).

  3. It’s hard to mock someone who Ken Livingston disagrees with, but Whaaaat?

    One hardly knows where to start with this guy, can one honestly say that Christians are more militant than muslims? Sure both believe that the sky-fairy will be very angry at gay people, but it’s really only some of the muslims who try to give them a direct pass to the celestial headmaster’s study.

    We pay this guy!

  4. Ian F4 says:

    Aside from the “militant” gaffe, the entire idea that victimising a religious fascist ideology that considers certain people sub-human needs it a bit of sympathy and protection is abhorrent.

    The money quote has to be:

    “Muslim communities in this country are doing their damnedest to try to come to terms with their neighbours to try to integrate and they’re doing their best to try to develop an idea of Islam that is compatible with living in a modern liberal democracy.”

    I read this as Muslims doing their damnedest to integrate their neighbours into Islam, which sounds about right, though probably not in the way Philips intended.

  5. Kevin B says:

    Fortunately for our sanity, the Dog from Hell story appears to be a totally false newspaper hit piece.

    Who knew the Israeli media was as advanced as ours in modern media techniques?

  6. NickM says:

    The reason I lifted the Phillips story is not anything he said as such but the simple fact that taken in toto it makes no sense. It is wildly incoherent. Just consider the language,

    “Muslim communities in this country are doing their damnedest…”

    Their “damnedest”? Phillps was brought-up Christian – member of some Caribbean holy-roller outfit big ladies with bigger hats and all that. He must know what “damnation” means in a religious context yet he uses a phrase like that! He could have said “level best”.

    But overall Trev gave the impression he was on primary school yard duty. “Now play nice with the bishop Prof Dawkins!”. “Oi! you Mormons over there! stop picking on the gay kid!” but what really got me was he accused Christians (amongst others) of seeking political power with no hint of irony despite his job being about as politicised as you can get. And it is such a bust flush. Nobody really cares. I know no Christian who ever complained about the Dawkster. Quite a few have told me, “He’s a bit of a tit, really”. Hard to argue with that when Dawkins spends every waking minute berating a fictional entity. That’s fictional by his own definition. I guess my point is most of this country is extremely religiously tolerant. We quite frankly don’t need Trevor and his barmy army telling us not to beat-up the Seventh Day Adventist. I mean we have Queen Elizabeth II on the throne and not Bloody Mary. And priest holes are an architectural curiosity we see in National Trust properties of a weekend.

    It might come as a shock to Mr Phillips but for quite a few years we have in England and Wales been able to have full, frank and robust debates on religious matters without burning heretics at the stake. That is because we are not primary school children. It is something I like about my country.

    And frankly – it must be said – the only significant street violence (or vileness) comes from a minority of Muslims (this is England and Wales again – least said about The Old Firm or Ulster…) and is truly deranged. The MoToons of Doom outrage is the exemplar. What shocked me was the narrative the rabble-rousers used. I’m glad the Danish PM didn’t apologise. It was not his place to apologise for the actions of a privately owned newspaper. So why protest outside the Danish Embassy? The people who did that seemed unable to grasp basic concepts of freedom such as the fact this wasn’t an act of the Danish State. I found that inability to separate state and private scary.

    But it goes back. In the early/mid ’90s I was a student at Nottingham University and we heard news from Derby. Roving gangs of Muslim men were clearing the streets of “prostitutes” late at night. Well they weren’t prostitutes, they were Derby University students coming back from a night out. Again a complete culture FAIL. I would contend that you can’t integrate with a culture (whatever that means) without understanding it at all. And if we have a problem here it is that. In parts of North Manchester 80% of the primary school intake don’t speak English. And this is not like in parts of the USA where that’s because they all speak Spanish. It’s worse. They don’t even all speak the same language. I have tried to teach maths to international students and it wasn’t fun. And they all had some English but retired to their grouping like sailors in a sinking ship finding an air-pocket. Especially the Chinese who formed a clique. I am a linguistic dunce so I don’t blame them. Having said that my last few foreign holidays: Poland (an assault of consonants, Czech Republic (supremely weird), Malta (the only semitic language written in Latin script), Turkey (no bloody clue – again not an Indo-European language but also written in Latin script) so I understand the fish out of water thing.

    When I did my MSc at Queen Mary (I know Brick Lane very well) I noticed something though. Their were a lot of foreign students. Indeed some flats in the student residences had no native English speakers – not even Americans. But our flat had five English lads and a French fella. OK, I’m sure he was glad to get his MA in Economics at the end of his stint but he got value added by living with us. He was forced to learn English. Raphael pitched-up with fairly poor English but was fluent by the end. Thing is in the entirely international flats they spoke English but they weren’t interacting with native speakers. Sometimes not even Canadians. Makes a hell of a difference. Some of those folks just reinforced their pigin English and Raph learned English as the English speak it.

    Yeah, language matters. It is the first step to understanding. Not least because language drives and is driven by culture. How on Earth do you explain that Ed Milliband is a parrot-faced wazzack to someone who learned English from a book?

  7. Paul Marks says:

    Belief in reincarnation is not part of the Jewish religion.

    Different religions have different doctrines. Reincarnation is part of the Hindu and Buddhist faith – but not Judaism.

    On religious (and other) tolerance.

    Trever seems confused (most likely becauee he is confused) between tolerance and indifference.

    For example, an athiest may tolerant a Christian – but may still think the Christian spending a lot of his time building a church is really silly. And if an athiest wants to ARGUE with the Christian about this that is (or should be) fine.

    Or (another examples) most of the major religions (and some athiests as well) beleive homosexual acts to be wrong. And they must be allowed to state this opinion – and to avoid association with homosexuals (if they do not wish to associate with them).

    What they must NOT be allowed to do is attack homosexuals (burn them at the stake, or whatever).

    “I do not want you in my shop” or “listen my child – sodomy is wrong” is totally different from killing people.

    And it must work the other way also – for example homosexuals must be allowed to have clubs (and so on) that exculde hetosexuals.

    Again “tolerance” means “non aggression” (not killing each other), it does NOT mean indifference or bland acceptance.

    Peoiple must be allowed to disagree and to STATE their disagreement.

  8. NickM says:

    I agree totally. And I agree even though I would never tell a child of mine “sodomy is wrong”. I’ve always found it quite amusing actually. So on that basis I would be a veritable David Laws of a hypocrite.

    What a lot of this “equality” gubbins (and I have had friends of various nationalities, races, sexes and sexualities) is about is about “tolerance”.”Tolerance” implicitly implies something like you don’t really like gays but you put up with them because that is the right thing to do.

    I find this risible. No gay man is ever going to out-compete me for a vagina.

    I mean really! The whole idea of “tolerance” is a sort of forbearance. one of my next door neighbours has a Chinese-born lady friend. I once sorted her laptop. The entire tolerance industry is predicated on the idea that unless educated by the elect I find this unusual. Well, my brother had a Japanese girlfriend. Seeing as he lived in Osaka at the time… But bugger that! My great uncle Harry returned from service with the RAF in India in 1945 with a “coffee-coloured wife” who was greeted back home in the East Durham coal field with… bemusement rather than malice. The only real “racism” she encountered was folks being over helpful in assuming she didn’t know English too well or how many shillings to the pound etc. This was good-humoured bumbling and totally understandable in the context. Very few people in the area had even been to France (Essential Works Orders made it very difficult for lads to join the forces in mining areas) so an Indian was truly exotic. (She was also extremely beautiful). She was convent school educated and a WAAF (which is perhaps why she became preggbnant by my Great Uncle aged 15) so her annoyance was due to the well-meaning but alas ignorant. They were essentially trying to help someone who really didn’t need help with English language, society, money, stuff… I can understand that annoyance. But that wasn’t racism. It was misapplied help. It ws a helpfoul soul at the foot of your step-ladder whilst you’re trying to install a lamp-fitting sying, “You don’t want to do it like that…” Really annoying because you know their heart is in the right place and they are only trying to help. “Trying” being the operative word.

    And that is Sir Trev. He is trying. Very trying to solve a problem that by and large doesn’t exist and I would say probably never did until loons on the far-right and the far-left differently created it.

    We are much more tolerant than our “betters” tell us we are.

  9. Paul Marks says:

    There is a lot of truth (and good feeling) in what you say.

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