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Feed-in Frenzy

According to Ronan McGreevy of the Irish Times, the Irish Government has today come calling and it’s brought along a Mr. Creosote sized begging bowl.  The impecunious Hibernians have probably heard about Cameron’s largesse with pointlessly pissing our money up the wall in order to inflate his head ego international prestige.  Mr. McGreevy’s article is both depressing and blood-boiling in equal measures.

THE BRITISH government could massively subsidise the Irish wind energy industry under proposals to be considered in London today.

The British Government isn’t subsidising a single fucking thing because it isn’t their fucking money.  The wind turbine industry is massively subsidised by a massive stealth tax masquerading as forcibly increased domestic energy bills.  How many Brits will plummet into energy poverty to pay for an Irish wind industry that will never live up to the exaggerated claims printed on the packaging?

Britain believes the west coast and the seas around Ireland can provide it with a large amount of its renewable energy and could be willing to subsidise offshore wind farms there.

Britain believes no such thing.  The Westminster village idiots, on the other hand…

Industry groups here say such a move could be worth up to €1.6 billion a year to the Irish economy.

And how many tens of billions is it going to cost the British taxpayer to subsidise that pathetic return?

Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Minister for Energy Pat Rabbitte will be attending the British-Irish Council, where the issue of electricity interconnectivity will be high on the agenda.

Advice to the O’Pollies: if you believe windmills are the answer I suggest you plant more spuds because you’re gonna need all the fucking battery power you can get.

Mr Rabbitte will have separate meetings with his British counterpart, Charles Hendry, who said at the weekend that the proposals could bring “significant wealth [to Ireland] with very little downside”.

Significant wealth with no downside, eh?  Maybe Charlie “pants on fire” Henry will explain the “no downside” angle to the British taxpayers who will be significantly impoverished by footing this bill?

Mr Hendry said the west coast of Ireland was an ideal location for wind farms, but the small Irish market meant there was no demand for the potential power generation. “We want to put that right,” he said.

Government speak for:  We’re fucking up all of our breathtaking scenery for no good reason and now we’ll do the same for you.

The British government is considering directly subsidising electricity through its feed-in tariff system, which would be a subsidy to private investors operating on Irish territory. It could also operate by a system known as “supplier obligation”, whereby British power companies would be mandated to buy a certain amount of renewable energy from Irish sources.

The fucking lowlife fucking cunts in the fucking British fucking cunting government are fucking considering fucking subsidising fucking WHAT?  Can’t say I’m that surprised, really.  I mean, what the fuck are we going to do about it?  Protest?  Mewl feebly as we freeze to our fucking armchairs while staring at a screen blacked out by unpaid energy bill arrears?

Although Britain has significant wind resources of its own, especially in Scotland, it does not have enough to meet its targets of having 15 per cent of all energy from renewables by 2020.

What part of windfarms don’t work and they are the most expensive folly ever foisted upon a nation don’t you people understand?  The British government is either insane or it has deliberately turned on its own people.  And the Irish want to buy in on this?  Oh, I forgot.  Someone else will be picking up the tab…


In addition, onshore wind farms are facing considerable opposition from environmentalists and offshore wind farms are having to be built far out to sea.

Why aren’t the O’Pollies asking for money to build something that actually produces energy? You know, like a power station or something? Why  wind farms that are so successful they need massive subsidies to keep them going in order to produce piddling amounts of the most expensive electricity on the planet?

Despite Ireland’s offshore wind potential, there is only one wind farm off Irish coasts. Offshore wind is considered uneconomic because of the extra costs involved and because of the belief that Ireland can meet its target of generating 40 per cent of electricity from renewable resources by 2020 by using onshore wind.

Yeah, the Irish do understand the economic downside to wind generated power which is why they want us to pay for it.  It’s too much to hope that the Westminster village idiots will tell them we can’t afford it so fuck off.  Therefore I’ll do it.


The development of the east-west electricity connector between Rush North Beach, north Co Dublin, and Barkby Beach in north Wales is expected to be completed by the end of next year and will dramatically improve the capacity for both countries to supplement each other’s electricity grids.

And we’ve all seen how well that works.  So, not only will we have to foot the bill for the Irish wind farms, we’ll probably have to subsidise them not working too.  Nice.

A spokesman for British department of energy and climate change said the British government would be seeking assurances that investment in Irish wind farms could be met within the existing regulatory framework.

But if you can’t, not to worry.  We’ll just pile the extra costs onto British domestic energy bills.  It’s not like our tax slaves proles possess sufficient intelligence to notice and complain or anything…

Irish Wind Energy Association chief executive Dr Michael Walsh welcomed the wind farm proposal.

There’s nothing like a vested interest cheering on the blatant arse rape of taxpayers.  It high time these scumbags and government twunts get what’s coming to them.  It’ll be a necessary act of self defence.

He said Ireland needed to generate 4,500 to 5,000 megawatts a year by 2020 to meet renewable targets. He believed there was capacity to generate 6,000 megawatts from onshore and a further 4,000 from offshore, meaning half of all Irish wind-generated energy could be exported to Britain.

KA-BOOM!  Bugger, I think I’m going to need a bigger bullshit meter…

In my opinion, Dr. Walsh is just another government favoured, opportunist cunt who is happy to make himself rich off the backs of people who can’t afford to have a fucking parasite like him sucking the blood from their veins and the cash from their pockets.

He estimated that 5,000 megawatts of exported electricity would be worth €1.6 billion annually at current electricity prices.

So not only will Brit taxpayers stump up for these wind farms and stump up even more for the windfarms not working, they will also stump up more than a potential billion annually thanks to the legalised theft know as the feed-in tariff.   And how do you think the arrogant mental pygmy we call a Prime Minister will respond to this request?

Angry yet?

H/T Bishop Hill


  1. ivan says:

    Lynne, I see you have been to Bishop Hill which was my first thought as I started reading.

    I often wonder what part of ‘if it is worth it people will pay for it therefore it doesn’t require subsidies of any sort’ don’t these idiots understand.

    If any subsidies are handed out it should be for the building of nuclear power stations and research into thorium molten salt reactors, both of which would give secure supplies and a descent return on investment to the government. But then I remember that Greenpeace are dead against anything nuclear for some strange reason – just look at Germany.

  2. cuffleyburgers says:

    Time for some of us to put windmills on our heads and chain ourselves naked to the railings outside westminster

  3. Chalcedon says:

    Is it sensible to take a load of energy out of the atmosphere? Won’t that disrupt global weather patterns? If so we don’t know what effect that might have long term do we?

  4. nisakiman says:

    God give me strength. How many more billions of our money are these wasters going to piss up against the wall before it finally dawns on them that windmills are never going to cut it?

  5. Laird says:

    I’m interested in Chalcedon’s question. I hadn’t thought of that before. Does anyone have an answer?

  6. Monoi says:

    But Chalcedon, its FREE energy!! So how can it possibly have any costs?!?

    The interesting thing is that most envirozealots will talk about the butterfly effect, but I do not think I have ever heard that “effect” mentioned in relation to fucking huge wind turbines.

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