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Modern ideas

Tell me, what do you think? Is Johann Hari indulging in Post Normal Journalism?

Is the pursuit of The Greater Truth at the expense of mundane truth, or ‘reality’ as it is sometimes known, now just standard intellectual practice?


  1. View from the Solent says:

    “Greater Truth” Would that be newspeak for Noble Lie?

  2. NickM says:


    I’ve been saying such things for some time.

    If “truth” is merely a tool…

    A step towards a higher truth.

    A noble lie.

    That’s Plato that is.

    Or the Matrix movies. Recall the Oracle tells Neo not what is true but “What he needed to know”.

  3. NickM says:

    I crossed over with VftS and said much the same so it must be true!

    I mean true, true, type true. I mean the lesser truth in the sense that it is reality and not the prescription for some New Jerusalem.

  4. View from the Solent says:

    Thanks Nick!
    Yes, shadows in the cave etc. With Hari as one of the self-appointed philospher kings who will take care of us.

  5. NickM says:

    I did a physics degree. My first elective was in philosophy. Alll my subsequent electives were:

    Radio Communications
    Pascal programming (we built Lego robots!)
    Discrete Math (I&II)
    General Relativity
    Fluid Dynamics

    Philosophy is just a circle-jerk by gits without orgasm.

  6. RAB says:

    Well as your humble in house journalist, I suppose I had better bung in my two penneth worth…

    What Harri has been doing is despicable and deceitful, but alas, hardly unusual. it isn’t even the worst sin a Journalist can commit. Flat out lying and making shit up is, but as I’m sure you’ve all noticed, that is standard practice in the MSM these days.

    There is a format for the interview type story that must be adhered to. The whole point is to make the reader believe that they are actually in an intimate situation with the Interviewee, hence all the colour that the Journalist bungs in…

    There in the corner of the hotel room overlooking Hyde park I found Amy, legs akimbo over the back of a sofa, picking her nose and downing her fourth whiskey of the day. So I asked her how she thought the tour was going…

    It’s the novelisation that is the important bit, but it is the novelisation, the colour, that is usually the invented bit, the quotes really aught to be Kosher or you have a work of complete fiction. You might as well have done the story by phone or post otherwise.

    Now I’ve interviewed a lot of people in my time, but I have never invented a quote. Often (especially in my branch of journalism) Interviewee’s come across as inarticulate braindead morons. A good journalist copes with this by asking the same question in many different ways until they get an half way decent reply.Ve haff vays of making you talk! That’s what we get paid for.

    So Harri isn’t even a good journalist, just a lazy egotistical cunt, who thinks he is as big or bigger than the story being reported.

    I am so glad that now every word he writes will be scrutinised with lasers, because I loathe the asshole and all he stands for.

    The best bit of all this is the delicious fun everyone in the press and on Twitter have been having with Mock Harri interview quotes. So I may as well have a go too…

    The Ritz waiter had just brought the tea and cucumber sandwiches and a weary careworn Jesus muttered a quick “bless you my son” and slipped him a Shekel.

    It had been a bad week for the Messiah. His unexpected plummet in the Mori poll ratings after the magnificent triumph of Palm Sunday.

    Jesus held his head in his hands, ran his fingers through his tousled long blond hair and said… Why have they forsaken me, Harri mate?

    Well perhaps because you are spending your time hanging out at the Ritz, not canvassing the Wilderness? I ventured.

    You reckon? I could use a man like you in our PR department Harri. Look, me and the boys are having a little supper party tomorrow night, come along and we’ll talk strategy and salary.

  7. LJ Hills says:

    Why not? We’ve already got post-normal science, sorting the data to fit the grand idea in order to justify taxes for a non-existent problem, and post-normal economics, spending money we haven’t got to grow state apparatus to take care of us using our grandchildren’s taxes. Johan Hari’s failure is not to find an exploitable tax angle from his manipulations.

  8. Lynne says:

    A journalist makes things up. I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked!

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