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Sack her

Jacqui Smith either knew what was going down and failed to prevent it, in which case she should be sacked forthwith for contempt of Parliament, or she didn’t know what was happening, has no control over her department, and should be sacked forthwith for incompetence.

 Sack the bitch



  1. RAB says:

    To the Tower with her, and all her vile crew!

  2. A Concerned Student says:

    Thanks for expressing exactly what I was thinking!

  3. NickM says:

    Concerned Student. We either have a huge Vulcan Mindmeld here or…

    It’s just beyond the obvious. I can hardly believe this affair. I saw Harriet Harman (for my sins) on Sky this morning and the brass-faced mooishness of her was unbelievable. The whole bally lot of them need to be hung, drawn and quartered with a Kirgizian disembowelling cutlass. Some might say a Kazakh eviscerating scimitar but for me it’s just gotta be Kirgiz.

  4. RAB says:

    Oh and this is what happens to you if you are a nobody.
    Well a nobody who has faught for your country.

    And he got convicted of assaulting them!!!!
    Overturned on Appeal thank god.
    How the fuck could magistrates watch that and convict???

  5. Nick M says:

    But RAB… RAB… He was drinking with his mates. He was a drinki-criminal and deserves our most heinous punishments.

    We are now under the rule of the twatocracy. We are now under the rule of people who are technocrats who don’t do “techno”. We are under the rule of the kids you and I knew at school who were nerds but no good at science or maths. You know how it is. L Cpl Aspinall returns from some fucking hell-hole they sent him to and has a few drinks (wouldn’t you?) and then gets twatted. The whole “epidemic” of drink-fueled crime is bollocks. It is a further myth designed to further control.

    If drunken hooliganism was that rife in our city centres do you not think I would have noticed it in Manchester? It’s tabloid scaremongering in order to crack down on us in the most puritanical manner possible. We have a government that is spectacular on that front.

    And they can fuck off.

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