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Australia, 2011

Australia, free, open, tolerant. This is the country where I grew, this is the country I remember.

In the last few months, Andrew Bolt, a journalist prosecuted for expressing an opinion disliked by lefties – he dislikes racial classification laws and thinks they may be being scammed. This gets him compared to NAZIs by people who want to censor him.

Yep, that’s right, that’s Oz today. Supporting freedom of opinion and questioning official, state enforced, racial classification gets you up before the courts and your arguments defeated through the magic of reductio ad Hitlerum by the self righteous and tolerant left.

These are the people who lecture the rest of us on history.

In the last month, fifty academics, many with no skills, training or experience in anything relevant to physics, let alone climate change, cooperated in a letter demanding a university, a centre of learning, debate and open discussion, gag Christopher Monckton and ban him from lecturing on climate change – all in the name of scientific and academic integrity. Yeah, right.

In the last month, a different lot, a pack of lefties named Getup, did manage to intimidate a Brisbane venue, a rugby league club of all places, to cancel a Monckton talk.

In the last month, how about a commercial enterprise punished by government for not being sufficiently sycophantic? The Green and lefty Australian government really doesn’t like Rupert Murdoch. I mean really and truly, they do not like Rupert Murdoch. Is there any other name so garlic to the vampire left throughout the Anglosphere? Can you think of any other explanation for this?

And then, in the last month of course, we have Australian journalists getting truly 1940’s on our collective asses. Richard Glover wants ‘deniers’ to be tattooed so they can be recognised by all for all they are, and Jill Singer, a tolerant and oh so sympathetic lefty, has suggested her own final solution, dealing with everyone who doesn’t agree with her. Ok, so they were talking tongue in cheek, maybe, and they didn’t really really mean that, maybe, they just want people who disagree with them to shut up, maybe. Right? So no Evelyn Hall from them regardless. But, do you think Jill even knows her preferred gas, carbon monoxide, was the first choice of gas for the Einsatzgruppen? You think that, like them, she will graduate to Zyklon B? After all, once you start gassing your opponents you would be amazed how rapidly the number of those opponents rise.

Nice people.

And that’s in the last month.

More from the last month? How about the last week? And we have protests and boycotts of Jewish owned businesses. Of course, they were anti Israeli protests, on the surface anyway, but these days? Who really believes that?

My father spent six years of his life being shot at by people who wanted all of these things, for all of us, forever. Why shouldn’t I judge these people on that basis?

A letter printed a couple of days ago in the Sydney Morning Herald:

The current Israeli government is more responsible for the spread of anti-Semitism worldwide than any ratbag racist groups waving symbols of Germany in the 1930s…

It’s all the fault of DA JOOOOSSS. That’s right, when it comes to exacerbating Jew hatred, world wide, the Israeli government is worse than the NAZIs.This was actually printed, in a major metropolitan newspaper, in Australia, this month. A left wing paper, of course.

You think these people might truly believe they are the first, ever, to blame Jews for their own Jeudophobia? Could they really be that self assured? And that ignorant of history not to understand the company they keep?

How long before we start reading criticisms of rootless cosmopolitans? A bland euphemism with impeccable left wing credentials.

Andrew Bolt writing yesterday:

I never dreamed I’d live in a country in which Jewish businesses were boycotted and blockaded.

The shame. The utter shame.

But then I’d never dreamed, either, that I’d be taken to court for expressing my opinion. Or that a news organisation would be denied a government contact for being politically unsympathetic. Or that news outlets would be banned by government ministers for asking basic questions. Or that academics could protest against free speech.


There we have it, Australia, 2011. To reprise Andrew Bolt –

The shame. The utter shame.

It isn’t much, but if the boycott, disinvestment and sanctions crowd are going to protest Max Brenner for being Jewish, the least I can do is immerse myself in a hot chocolate. So I did, today, and a Belgian waffle as well. I’ll do the same tomorrow.

Please join me.

Update:   If I may stereotype, tongue in cheek, for a few minutes; Max Brenner should gladden the heart of any Jewish mother. After a thick hot chocolate and a chocolate soufflé I think I am going into sugar shock.


  1. NickM says:

    Aren’t racial classification laws well, er, NAZI? Nuremburg 1935 and all that.

  2. CountingCats says:

    Nick, that’s kinda the point I was making.

  3. Sam Duncan says:

    “Could they really be that self assured, and that ignorant of history?”

    Yes. Yes they can. (To coin a phrase.)

    The increasing obsession with WWII in historical education should have rung alarm bells: what went on is gone into in great detail, but there’s not much about why, or the historical background to the National Socialists’ ideas. That they were “far right” is taken as read. This isn’t learning the lessons of history; it’s whitewashing history and making damn sure people don’t learn any lessons.

  4. Roue le Jour says:

    What they are is Totalitarians, what we are is Libertarians (OK, Libertine in my case, but close enough), what they call themselves is irrelevant, as is what they call us.

    NickM, well, yes, that’s the whole joke, isn’t it? The NAZIs classified people for bad reasons, while we’re doing it for good reasons. Totally different. You’d have to be a NAZI not to see that.

    In reality, the Totalitarian state divides people into groups and sets them against each other, so that it has an excuse to grant itself the power to intervene to ensure ‘fairness’.

  5. NickM says:

    I know… But has anyone influential taken them to task over that?

    But how easily can it flip-over. The last Labour government presided over a demented confabulation of immigration/asylum which allowed enormous (though arbitary – and usually grossly unfair) immigration from various countries and ended (pretty much) with Gordon Brown going on about “British jobs for British workers”.

    I suspect much of this is due to the simple idea that the NAZIS (along with 4×4 drivers, millionaires*, gun-ownng Americans etc) are more easily deposited in a Pandorica marked “Evil!” without any attempt at seeing history or context. It comes ultimately from their belief that like benevolent tyrants they grant rights. It’s like Eva Peron chucking money off the train for the peasants. Their slogan ought to be (think “Gladiator”) “Am I not benevolent?”with the entire implied threat of the query there.

    *apart from our “doing things for charidee” ‘slebs, obviously.

  6. Roue le Jour says:

    Am I not kind? – Xerxes/300

  7. CountingCats says:

    I know… But has anyone influential taken them to task over that?

    Well, there was Monckton, but he was vilified for doing so.

    Don’t forget, what’s sauce for the right is NOT sauce for the left.

  8. Paul Marks says:

    Sadly what is happening in Australia is not really just an Australian thing – it is the international left (with the help of some fools on the conservative side).

    The campaign against Rupert M. – just as strong in Britain. The “telephone hacking” story has been the lead story in the British media for some time now (with politicians leaping into it) – the whole thing is normal “yellow journalism” (just as common with the Mirror group as the News of the World), however that is not how it is being presented. It is being used as a way to try and undermine the whole of News International (yes as big as that) with the BBC (the primary source of news in the U.K.) and the Guardian newspaper leading the charge.

    Internet censorship?

    On the agenda of the left in the United States – via “net neutrality” (“we will save you from discrimination by greedy internet providers – just give us the POWER to help you”).

    Anti freedom of speech laws on race (and other) grounds?

    The “anti hate speech” movemnet is international. And it is based on lies – such as claming that Glenn Beck is an anti semite, or that he advocates violence.

    Attacking freedom in academia?

    Again universal – total control of the education system is the aim of the left in all nations (not just Australia).

    What is out of the ordinary about Australia is that examples of all these evil things have all appeared at once.

    If anyone still can not see the true nature of the left, now that the mask is off, they must be blind.

  9. Roue le Jour says:

    What is out of the ordinary about Australia is that examples of all these evil things have all appeared at once.

    Can’t help noticing they got a new Labor PM last year…

  10. Paul Marks says:

    Fully supported (at that time) by the Economist magazine. The leader of the Liberal Party in Australia was “common” you see (not that they used the word in their magazine – but the writing was all done with the “he is common as muck” sneer).

    The “free market” Economist would much rather support a far leftist (for example dear Julia used to work for a Marxist group), than some common person.

    There is nothing more snobbish than the “intellectual elite” – the 15th Duke of ….. has got nothing on their level of contempt for ordinary people.

    Indeed real aristocrats are often not snobs at all. They are often people who know they have been fortunate to have been born into families with an interesting history (if not, normally, much money any more), but also with a lot of responsbilities and family traditions to try and maintain.

    But the “intellectual elite” regard themselves as special people – fitted (by their vast brain power and education) to rule every detail of the lives of everyone else.

  11. Roue le Jour says:

    I wonder if there isn’t a generational thing in play here. The UK government has always been able to do as it pleases, yet we didn’t get multiculturalism when the Windrush boys came over, or a War on Terror during the IRA bombing campaign.

    One might imagine the last of the reasonable old boys has gone and the new generation looks at the unlimited power and thinks “It would be wrong not to use it for good”. Thus ignoring all of the many warnings against absolute power.

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