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On Saturday this caper is takng place in my old stamping ground of London E1:

It is of course organised by the Popular Front of Judea Hizb ut-Tahrir. Now these are nasty but essentially harmless in terms of their stated aim because a global Islamic caliphate is not going to happen. I know about this shindig because I’m on Peter Tatchell’s mailing list (for reasons too obscure to go into). He has this to say…

“Hizb ut-Tahrir is an Islamist and fundamentalist organisation which seeks to impose its supremacist interpretation of Islam on the whole world. It opposes democracy and has the goal of establishing a global religious dictatorship, a caliphate. Non-Islamic political parties would be illegal. Gender apartheid and the segregation of men and women would become mandatory,” said human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

Mr Tatchell will join Saturday’s protest at 12 noon in the Mile End Road, outside Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Caliphate Conference. The protest is organised by the newly-formed Alliance Against Extremism, which includes Muslim campaigners.

If you’re mooching down the Mile End Road on Saturday drop by*. Why did I bold the last bit about Muslims?

Hizb ut-Tahrir is guilty of extreme intolerance towards Muslims who do not share its harsh, fundamentalist interpretation of Islam. It advocates the execution of Muslims who turn away from their faith or convert to another religion.

That’s why. This is not why (quoting Tatchell again)…

The anti-humanitarian views of Hizb ut-Tahrir are not shared by most Muslims in Britain. Its extreme fundamentalist policies are stoking Islamophobic prejudice.

The simple truth of the matter is that whilst Muslims protesting against the lunatic fringe (in much the same way almost all conservative US Christians think Fred Phelps is nucking futz to put it charitably) is excellent news the real core issue is not Islamophobia or at least it shouldn’t be. The real deal and the real reason why Muslims ought to organise against the likes of Hizb is that whilst a global caliphate is a very long way off (to put it optimistically for them) small scale enclaves of de-facto sharia (as defined by the likes of Hizb) are not and whilst that will not directly matter a jot to the likes of me it will matter a lot to Muslims living within these nano-caliphates. I’m talking about things like this. Creeping and localized sharia which will inevitably be run by a local thugocracy like a miniature Iran, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. One does wonder at times if the Archbishop of Canterbury ever gets north of the water. Muslims living in these areas will be the ones to suffer. It’ll start with the newsagents with Frankie Vaughn on the top shelf, and next will be the corner shops with fridges full of Stella or the curry houses where you can get a lager. It will proceed to anything deemed immoral by the self-appointed guardians. It will destroy small businesses that can’t segregate male and female customers (almost all of them). To the likes of Hizb this is a feature and not a bug. It is an excuse for them to circle the wagons ever tighter. Perhaps to set-up their own welfare schemes for their co-religionists they have otherwise made destitute and now stick to “the rules”. I think you can guess where the money for that will come from can’t you? A totally reliant client-base is something all totalitarians cherish is it not? It is essentially a blue-print for centripetal ghettoization – ghettoes imposed from the prejudice within rather than from the prejudice without.

It’s very sad and very dangerous. Perhaps I was lucky to live in E1 in the mid-90s when it was just all to various. I don’t know exactly now because I haven’t been back for years but what I do know is that if British Muslims don’t act against the likes of Hizb then their future is bleak in many places. If history has taught us anything it is that a relatively small proportion of highly motivated zealots can terrorise the majority and this even more so when operating at a local scale. This has nothing to do with Islam or indeed any other belief system – it is lamentably general. Muslims are therefore going to have to (and as that QMSU article hints will) step up to the plate. This partly because they will suffer first and hardest from the creation of Islamist nano-states but also because, to judge by the gnomic pronouncements of the Archbishop and the rest of the great and the er… good, nobody else will.

*pictures would be nice. Recall they exalt in and fear the image.


  1. john in cheshire says:

    I don’t want any muslims living in England. Anything less is not acceptable.

  2. freedom says:

    I can accept that muslims in their own small mindset want more of what they think they like, because that was the way they were brought up.

    I can even see that they may even want it here in these islands for some reason if only because there’s a whole bunch of countries which insist on islam that you wouldn’t want to go and live in.

    I can even appreciate that the advantage is all with the muslim males who benefit enormously from subservient (and indeed, masked) women.

    But what I will never understand is why there are converts to the Religion of Peace. A number of non-muslim people who weren’t brought up in that conditioning have, for reasons beyond sense, decided to embrace it all… and perhaps even fervently.

    I can only conclude there is something missing in the head of these people.

    (It is possible they think if the Caliphate does appear they will get some special pardon, forgetting of course that the vast majority of muslims who die violently are killed by other muslims. Merely joining them is no guarantee of peace.)

  3. ivan says:

    Sounds the ideal place to leave several kilo of semtex on Friday night.

    Either that or have some of the boys back from the ‘stans there fully armed to round them up and deport them to Islamic state.

  4. RAB says:

    There is a rather ugly tone building up here that I’m not very comfortable with.

    Well Freedom, on the subject of the converts, they generally are more fanatical and fuckwitted than the “Born and Bred”

    It was ever thus… How many did I know back in the 60′s and 70′s who hit the Hippie trail to India and such places looking to “Find themselves and their inner spiritual truth” Entirely ignoring the fact that they were taking all their hangups and inner selves with them.

    They rejected the culture of their birth as bogus and false. The hymns and sunday best hats and sermon etc, but somehow believed that piss poor sharlatans half way round the world were somehow in possession of the TRUTH, and not being able to understand a word of it was a feature not a bug.

    Most of the Beatles et al grew out of it pretty quickly, but some never did, Harrison for starters.

    Now we have twats like Lauren Booth, who is now up to page 64 of the Quoran (she’s a slow reader) spouting about her wonderful life affirming conversion. I wonder, when the novelty wears off, will she find it so easy to get out of the binding life contract she has fuckwittedly signed?

  5. CountingCats says:

    I am with RAB, this is getting ugly.

    Look fellas, I don’t like Islam as a belief system, but my attitude that people are allowed to grind their faces into the carpet and fart at the sky to their hearts content. Just as Christians can indulge their ritual cannibalism as they feel fit, so long as there is no compulsion.

    That Islam includes violence, intolerance and compulsion in its theology is the basis of my dislike. This being the case, John in Cheshire, and Ivan, if you have something rational to contribute then please do, but if these are the opinions you hold, intolerance, terrorism, violence and ethnic cleansing, then express them somewhere else. They are not wanted here.

  6. Roue le Jour says:

    Re converts, we have to accept the fact that many people want something simple and strong to believe in. If you remove all the alternatives, then Islam is the only option.

    I find it perfectly comprehensible. Our society is quite specifically designed to leave citizens as powerless as possible. You can’t then blame people for wanting to join a system which seems to offer real power.

    As a Libertarian, the government laughs at me. As a technically skilled Muslim quite capable of turning my talents to destruction – not so much.

  7. Lynne says:

    I don’t blame the sociopathic proto-megalomaniancs of Hizb ut-Tahrir for this crap because they cheerfully do what is printed on their box. I blame the lily-livered dhimmis law makers who have allowed them to believe it is their right to spew their hatred all over the streets and get away with it.

    As for Lauren Booth, she can’t help behaving like a lobotomised rat with a month’s supply of weapons grade capsaicin suppositories rammed up its arse. It’s genetic.

  8. Sok Draw says:

    If this religion gig was an honest venture, how come they are fighting instead of organising help for the million or so currently dying of thirst/hunger just over there in Africa?

  9. CountingCats says:

    how come they are fighting instead of organising help

    You are confusing religion per se with Judeo Christian religion.
    Religious works, in Islam, include financing jihad no less than it includes helping the Islamic needy.

  10. NickM says:

    It isn’t so much ugly as ignorant. John, did you actually read my post? I’m still awaiting a reply from you as to what the flying fuck using tau as a circular constant rather than pi has to do with socialism BTW.

    My vague understanding was that Lauren Booth was trying to get a gig at Al Jazeera at the time. Like Cherie she’s so transparent you could grow tomatoes in her…

    Good points but the one thing reverts tend to say about Islam is that it has rules for everything. and it does!

    Most brands of Sunni or Shia Islam and especially the Salafi/Wahhabi sorts are pure heaven for jobsworths and perennial arguers of the toss*. An issue here is vinegar/wine. There is an hadith where Muhammed expresses his fondness for vinegar which in his day of course was invariably made from wine. Now some rules lawyers** bitch about this because whilst the end product is halal it’s production involves handling the haram. The vast majority of Muslims would find this very silly because the Qu’ran is pretty clear on forbidding intoxicants purely because of the intoxicating effect which obviously to anyone but the most traffic-wardenly soul means intent is at least as important as substance.

    Which raises an important point. Is the current resurgence in Islamic punctiliousness not just their version of our own quest for rules for everything? It could be a general zeitgeist which expresses itself differently in different cultures! (technically the H&S means it is illegal for me to climb a step-ladder at work because I haven’t been trained for climbing step-ladders). That general idea actually makes a lot of sense to me. And of course strict rule-following for the effing sake of it will inevitably lead to cultures that used to rub-along OK getting spikier.

    *The fundamental reason why Sufis get such a bum deal. They seem to me like really nice guys overall. Well, we all know what tends to happen to them don’t we?
    **A term I learnt as a kid GMing role-playing games (mainly MERP). There is always one who will totally scupper a pleasant afternoon in Middle Earth by interrupting a climatic battle scene with a scurry around the rules. In the context of MERP this is frequently because they have a copy of MERP’s big brother Rolemaster. “But,” quoth I, “We’re not playing Rolemaster and that orc gave you an E crit so I’m gonna roll the percentiles and you my friend are going to shut the fuck up”. It spoils the generally convivial atmosphere of slaughter and pillage. An E crit is bad BTW. Are crit rolls in Merp open-ended or not? I forget. See! It’s happening to me too!

  11. CountingCats says:

    Are crit rolls in Merp open-ended or not?

    I acknowledge it is English, but the meaning completely escapes me.

  12. CountingCats says:

    BTW: Sufis can be as violent as the next Muslim. Just because they inject a bit of spirituality into an otherwise staggeringly materialistic religion does not mean that they don’t adhere to the rules.

  13. CountingCats says:

    And no, we disagree. Ugly is the word I use. These days the language around here can get a bit violent and unpleasant. Not something to be proud of.

  14. NickM says:

    I have done my level to moderate myself.

    MERP – Middle Earth Role Playing.

    Open-ended – I honestly can’t recall the details but essentially it goes like this… A percentile role above x means another roll added to it and a percentile roll below y means another roll taken away. If you keep on rolling low and high you keep on rolling. I think the x is 95 and the y is 05 but I could be wrong.

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