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Guess the Country

I’m in a good mood after Murdoch’s missus lamped that UK Uncut nutcase (no wonder Rupe was so quiet… “Yes, dear… anything you say…”), so let’s play a little game…

The [country's] economy is facing a complete breakdown, yet no political party is even putting forward economists or coherent economic visions to their shop front.

Many of them support unsustainable subsidies and populist policies of expanding employment in state sectors.

The [country's] state continues to brush all of the ills under the carpet with cheap talks … and feeble public gestures.

Naah, it’s… well, actually, I’ll leave it for a bit and see if anyone (who hasn’t read the article in question and doesn’t Google it, although I’m not sure how I’ll tell) gets it.

Update: Yes! I finally got the Cats server to co-operate, so I can post the answer. It’s from this Commentator piece about… Egypt. But since nobody who hadn’t obviously read it already figured it out, the glittering prize of exclusive hand-crafted Counting Cats brand kudos goes to Lynne for taking my point that it could really describe just about anywhere.


  1. I always thought of Wendy as a bit of a gold digger (well in fact the uber gold digger) but fair play to her, the way she set about that tosser was awesome, and she beat the cops to the scene.

    What about some comparative justice, the comedian against Wendy Murdoch, MMA style?

  2. Roue le Jour says:

    In my experience gold diggers are fanatically defensive of their gold mine, so not as surprising as you might at first think.

  3. Lynne says:

    Since you’ve broadly described what passes for “democracy” these days it could be just about anywhere…

  4. cuffleyburgers says:

    How about Russia – early post Gorbachev / Yeltsin?

  5. Paul Marks says:

    Glenn Beck would not be surprised by the nation (and it about now) as he said this for months.

    To be fair the previous regime (statist though it was) the President did move away (a bit) from the socialist system he inherited, as did the President he replaced.

    But the basic structure of state controlled distribution (both transport and prices – basically the wholesale trade) and penny packet sized peasant plot farming, remained.

    And the new regime shows no signs of moving away from the basic statism – if anything the indications they are giving is that the activist groups want more statism.

    It reminds of another country – where there were too many university graduates and even selling fruit and veg required a license.

    Whatever happened after the change of regime – cutting back on state supported education and getting rid of permits for selling stuff, were not likely to be the first order of business.

  6. RAB says:

    Sam, would you drop me or the management a line on a viable returnable email address please. We are having a little internal chat at the moment, and your address keeps coming back Mailer Demon. Ta.

  7. Sam Duncan says:

    Done, RAB. Nick’s the only one I have an address for, I think, so I’ve sent something off to him with a working one for me. The one you’ve probably been using abruptly shut up shop earlier this year; I thought I’d notified everyone.

    (I haven’t checked the one I use on comments in years; I should probably do something about that…)

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