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Oh, I do find it weird to be beside the seaside…

I wish I’d filmed it! I was in a sea-side town yesterday. Jeez, I wish I’d took video and stills respectively of these things but I was saving my SD card and charge for the airshow. Anyway there was a waltzer playing – I kid you not – the theme from Schindler’s List and just nearby a hoopla stall which gave the opportunity to win what can only be described as Michael Jackson gollywogs.

And that was in Southport. Lord knows about Blackpool just up the coast.


  1. john in cheshire says:

    I prefer Southport to Blackpool any day. And I need to see the sea at least once a year. I think it’s genetic from living on an island, but the sight of the sea is one of the few things that makes me happy.

  2. Matt says:

    “I wish I’d took video and stills”

    Is that some form of English?

  3. NickM says:

    The two are like night and day to me. And I agree with you about the sea. I cn’t imagine living in, say, Kansas for that very reason.


  4. RAB says:

    Well we both did lived in the British Kansas, Nottingham, didn’t we Toto? Freezing cold, flat as a pankake, and no seagulls, as you once said. I cannot imagine not being within easy striking distance of the coast.

    We don’t seem to have places like Southport and Blackpool down my way. Went Morecombe once though, but that, apparently far more refined.

    Still I grew up with Barry Island and Coney Beach Amusement park in Porthcawl, all Kiss me Quick hats and candy floss. I loved the big dippers and the Ghost trains.

    But next time Nick, take the bloody photographs!

  5. Phlip Scott Thomas says:

    Pfft. And Southport has what to offer over Tynemouth? :-)

  6. john in cheshire says:

    I’ve just been banned from posting comments on the Reuters website. I have no idea why.

  7. Lynne says:

    I’ve lived on or near the coast most of my life. The sea shore is around 300 yards from my front door. Blackpool is a 25 minute drive away but I do not go there unless it’s absolutely necessary because, having lived there, I can’t stand the place. I usually catch the airshow though because I love watching the Red Arrows in action. I’ve been seeing “unusual” aircraft flying across Morecambe bay over the last week, including a low flying Chinook, probably heading for the Southport show. I’ve very occasionally caught sight of a Hurricane. What a treat!

    Will we get to see some of your pics, Nick?

    RAB, I lived in Trimsaran and Clydach for a time as a child (Dad was put in charge of the respective TA drill halls while he was coming up for his 22 years). I remember regularly visiting Porthcawl, the Mumbles, Tenby, Saundersfoot, Pembroke Dock, Caswell Bay – the area is a beautiful part of the world. Compared to them, Blackpool is a boil on the bum of Britain.

  8. RAB says:

    Ah yes Caswell Bay. If someone blindfolded you and dropped you down there on a hot summer’s day, I swear you would think you were in the French Riviera, apart from the accents. We Welsh don’t tell English people about Gower, unless we really really like them. :-)

    Incidentally, those of you who have been watching Torchwood, that cottage and beach that The Welsh woman of the team, her hubby and baby were living in, and they end up shooting down the helicopter, that’s Rhosilli. The beach is two miles long and completely unspoilt.

    I used to think that I aught to go to Blackpool just once for the experience like, but fuck it, I’m getting too old for Ironic adventures, I’ll stick to just plain beautiful.

  9. NickM says:

    Considering I live around South Manchester it has proximity for a start. And this time a big airshow. I really like Tynemouth. God knows why they built that coastguard station there though.

  10. NickM writes: “Matt, huh?”, WRT Matt’s “[... took ...] Is that some form of English?”

    I don’t think this is a Northern to Midland English dialectal variation of took/taken (imperfect/perfect past tense), but will stand being corrected on that. “Took” (capitalised) is, of course, a fairly common Hobbit surname: has IanB been confusing that somehow (and previously unnoticed by me) with issues of English grammar?

    Or maybe Matt just prefers “photographs” over “videos and stills”.

    Best regards

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