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Welcome to the United iStates of Apple!

Apple now has more cash to spend than the United States government.

Latest figures from the US Treasury Department show that the country has an operating cash balance of $73.7bn (£45.3bn).

Apple’s most recent financial results put its reserves at $76.4bn.

Fancy a new challenge in 2012 Steve?


  1. Ian B says:

    Interesting spin this has been getting. Surely a more meaningful statement would be,

    “The United States Government now has less cash than Apple”.


  2. John Galt says:

    I doubt that the US government is too worried about the comparison between it’s own cash in the bank and Apples. Remember Apple can’t print money without going to jail.

    It should also be remembered that the US can use all “all assets public and private” to settle it’s debt. If push comes to shove some minor bureaucrat can simply write a confiscation order and it all belongs to Uncle Sam.

    I wouldn’t get too comfortable in the UK about this either. While the UK government is a long way behind the US in the power of its minor bureaucrats, given the ‘big hard shove’ of economic collapse and we could still surpass them.

    Rather glad I left the UK in 2009 now…

  3. JB says:

    John Galt: and where did you go? Which country isn’t going to do the same thing if it finds itself in dire straits?

  4. NickM says:

    Exactly! There is nowhere left to run. Maybe Somalia if you fancy being the Ayatollah of Rock’n'Rolla! I don’t (bondage gear chafes). “Dire Straits”? Otherwise we are all thoroughly and cuntingly Knopflered to utter Bee-Gee-ation. We are all anally worm-tongued beyond the playing of the kazoo at the most moving part of a war requiem. We are, Ladies and Gentlemen, fucked beyond human cunting comprehension. You might think David Mellor in a Chelsea strip flatulently playing your rusty trombone is bad but the last time I saw something this fucked I was eleven and watched “The Evil Dead” – and that was the arboreal rape scene.

    I’d like to say we’re going to hell in a Tesco trolley with a wonky wheel but even that’s on fucking tick and we won’t get our quid back. We are supremely bollocked. I feel like Charlton Heston at the end of “Planet of the Apes”. Jeezuz fucking wept! An economy is based upon providing goods and services not borrowing against the myth of house-prices forever increasing way above inflation. And that’s just “little people”. What government have done is…

    Yet, still, just last week the fucking Daily Mail or the Express was trumpeting increasing house prices as our salvation! Well, fuck ‘em. Manufacturing is now 11% of the UK economy. Give me fucking strength!

  5. Laird says:

    It should also be remembered that the US can use all “all assets public and private” to settle it’s debt. If push comes to shove some minor bureaucrat can simply write a confiscation order and it all belongs to Uncle Sam.

    What a silly statement. The five quoted words are from the “legal tender” laws. All they say is that we’re forced to accept the official currency in payment of debt. No “minor bureaucrat” can issue a confiscation order; that would require at the least a proper condemnation proceeding (I’m not defending eminent domain, merely pointing out that there are procedures to follow, including payment of “fair value”) and at most an Act of Congress.

  6. Kevin B says:

    Fancy a new challenge in 2012 Steve?

    “Does your current government charge you an exorbitant price to watch mindless video on a too small screen? Does it make you pay over the odds to listen to tinny music in your own home or car? Does it threaten you with jail if you don’t pay the money it demands when it demands it? Does it offer lousy service at an enormous cost? No?

    “What you need is iGov. With iGov, all these things and more can be yours at ….

    “What did you say? It does? Who are they? What’s their name? They’re definitely violating the ‘look and feel’ of iGov. We’ll sue the bastards.”

  7. Paul Marks says:

    Errr Laird – 1933.

    The confiscation of gold – and handing out bits of paper which could not be redeemed in gold.

    “But that was unconstitutional Paul”.

    I agree with you Laird – but the Supreme Court did not (you know the cases).

    So, most likely the President (if not a “minor bureaucrat”) could steal everything you have got – and sell your family for dog food as well.

    All he needs is a Supreme Court who will play ball.

    And a politically correct military.

    And they are working on the last one – remember the military is the one major government structure not dominated by the left, they have long worried about that and worked on “the problem”.

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