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Britain* 2011, a few snapshots

… from the Telegraph’s live blog:

16.37 The government’s epetitions website has crashed under the weight of people rushing to sign up to a petition calling for looters to “loose” their benefits.

Educashun, eddycation, edumacation, eh, Tony? At least all that government borrowing hasn’t been in vain.

Also, Britain’s leading “right-wing” paper gives us this (note the scare quotes):

16.14 For a “fair and balanced” perspective on the riots from Fox News, have a look at this offering from Bill O’Reilly.

The link leads not to Fox itself, but the lefty site‘s sneering commentary.


15.37 A blog set up in support of Aron Biber, an 89-year-old barber whose shop was smashed in Tottenham, has raised £13,500.

Excellent. But, per Bastiat, think of what that £13,500 might have done if it wasn’t needed to fix up a barber’s shop. This stuff (and spelling) seriously needs to be taught in schools. It’s hardly advanced economics; ten-year-olds would get it.

*Yes, Alec, Britain. The only reason we haven’t had anything kicking off in Glasgow is that they knocked all the slums down in the ’50s and built new ones miles from anywhere, with no shops to smash up. Plus it’s been pissing down. (Proper stair-rods, all day, non-stop. I haven’t seen rain like it since… well, since last month, actually. Worst. Summer. Ever.) “Different society”? Part of me almost hopes something does happen, if only to wipe the grin off your fat face, you smug, pompous, not-so-little twat.

Update, 30 seconds later: Spelling. Tsk. Always the way, isn’t it? There’s probably another one lurking somewhere, too. My finger slipped, honest.

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  1. Lynne says:

    And then there’s Kenny Clarke, taking the piss out of the cast iron promises worthless crap spewed by Cameron yesterday.

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