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Comment trail

If someone from outside the orthodoxy comments on Australian lefty sites, such as, there tends to be a defence which is little different to a group assault, a veritable avalanche of verbiage, rather than a thoughtful rebuttal. All local habitués descend and shout down the heretic using a standard set of tools. Within a short time the free thinker is labelled a troll, can be banned, or even have their comments deleted.

Yep, that is how open to free discussion the Aussie left are. Still, I oft times go read, after all, know thine enemy.

Anyway, on this article I encountered a serial commenter I have come across before, but this time without the normal horde of thinkalikes backing her up, ready to collectively smother dissent.

So, we got into discussion. Anyone care to comment on the exchange?

Now, my feeling – the woman is intelligent, informed, educated and thoughtful, but committed to her ideology first, and she doesn’t seem to have any experience in defending her position outside the warm and fluffy world she shares with her friends and ideological soul mates.

I warn you, it is a long comment trail, and some of the matters raised are specific to the Australian debate.

Update:   BTW, I am posting under my real name, Chris Harper. That may make it a little easier to follow.


  1. Leo G says:

    Sorry Cats, but when i read the word amalgam 47 times in the space of 4 comments, I am not impressed. She appears to be the type that uses her vocabulary as a way to hide her ignorance. Besides, she’s a marxist, so no matter what, it is all about the war on capitalism, which of course is the main source of CO2.

  2. Hollando says:

    If only she’d admitted to being a Marxist earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted that hour of my life…!

    Should have guessed – only people with idiotic belief systems feel the need to obscure them with all them big words.

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