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The Arab Autumn

So it looks like Gadaffi is finally screwed beyond all redemption. His sons are caught and the fat lady is warming-up with scales. For all the hellfire, damnation, death and suffering that the Idi Amin of North Africa has caused I hope he gets to meet Mussolini by a similar route Il Duce took. Satre said “Hell is other People”. Well Muammar and Benito ought to get on like a house on fire. The revolutionary and the former colonial potentate. Excellent! They shall have so much to discuss. And next stop Syria. That’s you Assad Minor! Is the scalp of Comrade Kim too much to wish for? I think it would be fitting and sweet for him to be beaten to death with 42″ Samsung LED panels. South Koreans of course having been so oppressed all these years…

What I haven’t heard about though is the effect the fall of Gadaffi will have on his great mate Bob in Zimbabwe… Zimbabwe is through the looking-glass fucked which is appalling because it is essentially a very rich country. I am informed by that from my parents who taught in neighbouring Zambia in the early ’70s. Rhodesia (as was) was an agricultural wonderland. We can argue till the cows come home (assuming there are any left) about how the pie is split but the question becomes somewhat academic when it’s only crumbs left to scrabble for. We all know about the land “redistribution” at the hands of “war veterans” but what is less well known is that the landlord for much of that is (hopefully) soon to be hung by his knackers in Tripoli*. Yes, Libya did land for oil to grease the wonky wheels of Mugabe’s jalopy. Let us hope they fall off soon.

Revolutions of course work out all sorts of ways. But that should not take from the fact that we can rejoice (for a moment) in a mad dog getting put-down.

*A more moderate (and commercial) solution is these loons are put in the Big Brother House because Jedward dressed as mummies and Mohammed Al-Fayed doing a turn dressed as a pharaoh isn’t floating my boat. Not that I watch. No really I don’t. I just see the papers.

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