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Martyrdom or Victory!

It would appear that Col Gadaffi (God knows how you spell it) has buggered off leaving only that somewhat cryptic statement. Like a sort of turbaned Cheshire Cat.

The whole thing is a bit odd. Yesterday I saw on the tellybox a “technical” with an aircraft/attack-helicopter rocket launcher mounted on the flat-bed! Respect! I kept on watching the news to see if Max had got his paws on the last of the V-8 interceptors but it was just blokes in leisure-wear with AK-47s.

The whole thing looks like Scrapheap Challenge went to war with a drag-artiste out of torch-songs. I know people have been killed and maimed but isn’t it brilliant?

If freedom is a loaded gun (and it is) then what is a rocket launcher on the back of a Hi-Lux?


  1. Sam Duncan says:

    Some of the footage yesterday looked more like a paintball game than deadly gunfire. Actually, come to think of it, paintballers tend to look more military than that lot.

    The thing I’ve noticed about the Libyans – and maybe it’s just because so many of them appear to be reasonable English speakers – is that they seem so much more normal than most Middle-East/North African rebels. There were fat blokes in T-shirts and tall bearded black guys with more of a relaxed West Indian air to them than what you expect of North African muslim militiamen. “We’re finally free of that asshole Gaddafi!” “Where are, you Muammar? We came here looking for you!” There was a bloke on Sky last night waving an American flag. How many times have we seen that in that part of the world?

    Okay, no doubt there are Islamists and other nasty pieces of work waiting in the wings (I noticed one rebel graffito portraying Gadaffi plastered with Stars of David, which is a bit worrying) but the scenes we saw yesterday have left me rather hopeful that we might actually see some kind of friendly, peaceful nation rise from the ashes of the Great Socialist People’s Arab Jamahiriya. Which would be a pleasant change.

    I wonder what Gorgeous George Galloway makes of it all. They burned down the tent where he met the “great leader”.

  2. Rivrdog says:

    I dunno, Sam. there’s a strong contingent of Jihadis amongst those laid-back and ingenious rebels, and the prize is still in the field, some Scud launchers, complete with Scuds (old, but heavy throw-weight missile, capable of carrying a modest {Pak?} nuke or bio-war elements out to 3-500 miles), some mobile SA-11s (very bad news at low altitude), 30,000 (not a typo) SA-7 and newer shoulder-fired anti-air missiles and other man-portable rockets. My guess is that the Jihadis will let the Libyan patriots form their government, but the Jihadis will work to secure and spirit off the bulk of those important weapons south towards Sudan, where they operate with impunity, and can trans-ship to other battlefields later.

    Our only hope is that our CIA guys on the ground have kept up with the Ghaddafi weapon caches, but that may be too much to hope…

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