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“The Teleprompter Jesus”

The Whited Sepulchre has a post about Robert Reich’s idiotic idea of

… a “severance fee” on any large business that lays off an American worker and outsources the job abroad

and the stupidity of politicians trying to second-guess business decisions generally. A sample:

Before we started bringing some of the simpler products in from China, our company had 300 employees in the United States.  And less than a decade after “outsourcing these jobs”, in Reich’s phrase, to China, we had….
600 employees.
Yep.  We started making some things in China and this allowed us to double our U.S. workforce.  (We’ve cut back to around 500 since our peak a couple of years ago, but then, there’s a madman in the White House.)

It’s really rather teriffic and you should all go and Read the Whole Thing.

But what caught my eye was his nickname for El Presidente, His Highness King Barack, as per my heading here. Ridicule is like kryptonite to political types, and that’s quality ridicule. Made me laugh, anyway.


  1. Lynne says:

    Excellent piece. Whited Sepulchre highlights the argument that our politicians should be recruited from the real world, where real people, with years of practical experience and expertise, perform useful functions and contribute to society. We’ve had enough of being governed by airy fairy, head up arse morons who’ve never done an honest day’s work in their low lives but think they know better than the ones that do.

  2. John Galt says:

    Life would be a whole lot easier if the countries PPE Courses (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and explicitly those taught at Oxbridge were banned.

    They are just a breeding ground for exactly the wrong sort of Lib/Lab/Con Apparatchiks. Look around at the politicians you seriously despise and chances are they are a PPE graduate.

    To use the Douglas Adams quote “they’ll be first up against the wall when the revolution comes”. Too right matey, them and all their Marxist cohort at Common Purpose will be up against the wall.

  3. Paul Marks says:

    No need for any form of study to be banned – just stop subsidizing it, no “student loans”, nothing (for any course). Let universities go back to being independent institutions (and something that is financially dependent on the taxpayers is not independent) – not extentions of the state machine.

    As for this idea – I am less concerned about what the left talk about, than what they do.

    As Glenn Beck is fond of saying “watch the other hand” – while we are all looking at the latest demented idea from Robert Reich the Obama people are actually out doing things (every day).

    Also Congress is not now the place where laws (in the modern sense of regulations) are made.

    The “horse and carriage view of the Constitution” (as the vile FDR put it) where Congress had to explicitly pass something for it to be law has long passed – under vague enabling statutes “delegated legislation” statutory instruments (to use the British term for arbitrary edicts) are passed all the time in both Britain the United States – the “legislature” never debted them or voted on them, but you go to prison (and have your property stolen) if you disobey them

    The warnings of Chief Justice Hewart (“The New Despotism” 1929) are ignored – as or the warnings of the American “Four Housemen…” (the four Supreme Court Justices who had some regard for the Contitution in the 1930s).

    But now we have something new ……..

    Congress can explicitly vote AGAINST something – and it can have the force of law anyway.

    For example, Congress refused to pass “Cap and Trade” – but the EPA (a part of the Executive not the Legislative branch of government) has created regulations that will close down coal powered plants (and so on) thus de facto having the same destructive effect as Cap and Trade.

    Also Congress voted (repeatedly) against “Card Check” – which gives the unions vast power. But the NLRB (another executive agency) is passing regulations that have the same effect.

    The effect of unionizing business enterprises (whether most people in the enterprise really want to be unionized or not) and, thereby, undermining and destroying what is left of industry.

    Whilst the lying pig Barack Obama talks about how he wants to increase “jobs” – his servants in his agencies are busy passing regulations DESIGNED to destroy them – and to hand over power to the left.

    For, yes, for the first time since the 1930s American unions are now under Communist control – the do not carry party cards (they have learned from this mistake), but the background and objectives of the key people are Marxist.

    They they do not mind about destroying the American economy and throwing yet more millions out of work – indeed that is their INTENTION.

    They (and their media friends – includo) will blame everything on “the rich” and “the corporations” with the help of some very rich people (and some important corporations) who foolishly think that no of the violent talk applies to them.

    And the vast numbers of desperatly poor people who will are being created will be totally dependent on government (there are record number of people on food stamps already) and will be told if the evil Republicans take power, they will have their benefits taken away and will starve in the streets.

    “Paranoid Paul – paranoid”

    Wait and see.

    If I am wrong then these things are not happening and will not continue to happen.

    But they are happening and they will continue to happen.

    By the way – “Common Purpose”…..

    Like their friends working on “Agenda 21″ (indeed they are often the same people) there is no need to shoot them.

    Just politely asking them a few questions is quite enough to make them go into a blind panic.

    “What is the Common Purpose – exactly, please be specific in policy terms…”


    “What was the political philosophy of the individuals who actually wrote Agenda 21?”

  4. Sam,
    Thanks for the link and the traffic from The Feline Enumerator site. Most of my links from you good folks have come from Nick and CC.
    All that having been said, I had no idea when I was pounding this rant into the internet that it would seem relevant to readers outside the U.S.
    I guess lunacy is universal.
    Hope you boys are doing well !!

    Allen in Fort Worth TX

  5. Ian B says:

    John Galt.

    Just for a laugh, go over to Samizdata and repeat what you just said :D

  6. Paul Marks says:

    The Whited Sepulchre.

    The lunacy may be all over the place – but it is still lunacy, an advanced economy (with a vast population) can not survice following crazy policies like this.

    In the American context – 2012 is the last chance (it really is). Unless their is a fundemental change of direction (in the opposite direction from the “fundemental transformation” so desired by Comrade Barack and co) then Texas (and other relatively sane States) are going to have to try and go their own way.

    That is not something I write lightly as I know (ever from thousands of miles away) just how loundly the establishment will scream “Confederate” and “racist” at you if you do seek to go your own way (forgetting that the Confederacy was in everything, from fiat money creation to “Progressive” income taxes to endless regulations, MORE statist than the Union), but you may have no other way to survive.

    If you do not win in 2012 there is still the option of calling a Constitutional Convention to get the insanity of the Federal government back under control (the collectivists having “interpreted” out of existance the old limitations on government power), but that requires two thirds of the States to agree.

    Just leaving the Feds and going your own way may be the only way out.

    There is plenty of folly at State and local level also (and always has been – “closer to the people” does not automatically mean “sensible” although some people forget this) – but the evidence is overwhelming that it is in the Federal government that things have got totally out of control. To the point where things just can not carry on.

    “But what of Britain”.

    I can think of no plan of action for the context of Britain.

    I (and millions of other people) can say what needs to be done – but there is no way to do it, with the political system in its present condition.

    After all (as far as the media and so on are concerned) we already have a government following “free market” policies (20% national sales tax, 50% top rate income tax, a government deficit of about 10% of GDP, endless regulations that cover every aspect of human life, a credit bubble financial system……) so we can not have free market reform.

    Because “we have already got it”.

  7. Laird says:

    Not nice, Ian!

  8. Sam Duncan says:

    You’re right, WS, it is. I said when BO was elected that it all seemed dreadfully familiar from this side of the Atlantic, and nothing that’s happened since (save the robust defence of common sense by the Tea Partiers – our “conservatives” just went into a blind panic, followed by a kind of Stockholm Syndrome from which they have yet to emerge) has caused me to rethink.

    And what Paul said. Especially as regards our own situation. How can you argue for a free market when most people think the regulatory welfare state is one?

  9. Sam Duncan says:

    Rather serendipiti… serendipiticous… er, conveniently, the Commentator has an article today about this “teleprompter Jesus” phenomenon:

    “In Christian theology there are two views of God’s role in the universe. Some see Him as the First Cause. In the beginning, He created all matter and the laws of nature. Then he stood back and let the universe get on with it. In effect, He has been on holiday since creation.

    On the Sustaining Cause view, God is actively involved in everything that happens. He is the glue that holds the universe together. If he went on holiday, chaos would reign.


    Advances in science have made it difficult for most educated people to keep believing in invisible spirits. But it has not killed off the underlying religious urge. We are still so keen to be saved from harsh realities – for example, that consumption requires production and that idle young men are disposed to violence – that we soften our minds sufficiently to believe that we have found saviours. And politicians are glad to exploit this urge. They fly back from holiday to save us.

    Perhaps we will grow up in the next millennium.”

    Worth reading.

  10. Laird says:

    Indeed, Paul. This country is in turmoil now, and a currency collapse could push it over the edge. A Constitutional Convention, while nice in theory (and I would support it) is probably unrealistic simply because I can’t see 2/3 of the states linking up to call for one. I’m sure that at least 17 would balk, thereby quashing the idea. Which leaves only secession or some other form of dissolution.

    For the record, I don’t dispute any of the harsh things you say (and have said) about the Confederacy or its motivations for attempting to withdraw from the Union. I merely suggest that it was their legal right to seceed, to sue for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences if you will, whatever the merits of their cause or the defects in their implementation. That right was denied by the application of brute force. Might makes right. ‘Twas ever thus.

  11. David Gillies says:

    There is a better, and far more apposite nickname for le Roi Soleil, his Imperial Magnificence, the Ayatollah of Rock’n'Rolla: SCOAMF (look it up, feline-enumerators.) It’s so pervasive that as of the time of writing, Google’s top link is to a Downfall parody with blatant Ace of Spades HQ* shout-outs. I dare not put any more links in or I’ll get spam-trapped.

    * yes, it’s a thing. Google it.

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