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Jena Mason, 65, is accused of placing the controversial black doll on her window sill (a Gollywog) following an argument with her neighbour Stephen O’Donnell. Mr O’Donnell made a complaint to police after his wife Rosemarie, who is Jamaican, and their mixed race children were offended by her actions.

He said: “I am pleased the police are taking this seriously.

I’m not. For starters the cops ought to be looking into rapes, murders and stuff like that. You know crimes. Now obviously it was deliberately offensive but it is only PC culture that makes it so. As a small child I had a gollywog. I loved that toy and would really like to know where it went. So I’m a kid thirty years back and I’m out in my wellies with my Golly (and no I’m not shortening that because it is racist – I’m shortening for the same reason I’m “Nick” and not “Nicholas” – a term of affection – I loved that thing). Gollies have only been constructed as racist because it was decided they were. Like any symbol. A Swastika used to be a Hindu thing. Ain’t now is it?

The PC bunch assumed a child’s toy (my toy) was a racist icon. The display of such was probably a racist act but only because they invented the sin. They made it so.

As I said, I loved my Golly. I thought it a toy because it was. Even as a kid I didn’t think it a patronising representation of black people. Nick Griffin might think that. I didn’t, I don’t. You do wonder at the mindset. It is very similar.

It doesn’t see black people as people. I do. What is your major malfunction? Why do you need to demonise a toy that no one had a problem with until they were told they ought to?

And I am amused The Terriblegraph has to point out the white bloke and his Jamaican wife have “mixed-race children”. Well if they didn’t there would be one hell of a load of Barney Rubble at the divorce court.


  1. Paul Marks says:

    It just gets worse and worse Nick.

    The problem is that suicide (the logical way out of this world of nonsense) just gives the P.C. vermin victory by default.

  2. LJH says:

    Oh, for the right to give offense! So many people to offend, so little time and an army of enforcers to pursue one. Perhaps if the populace went on a mass offense-giving spree, the serious minded could round up the political/banking classes for deprogramming while the police are otherwise occupied.

  3. Patrick Harris says:

    There is, or more likely there was, a whole branch of the Royal Navy called “Gollies”, it was a relatively new branch involving the use of electronic warfare, on account of the newness of the branch promotion was relatively swift, some members of other branches, who’s promotion was through “dead man’s shoes”, averred that to get promotion in the EW branch all one had to do was send off two golliwogs from a Robertsons jam jar, promotion was by return post.
    Hence the “Gollies”.
    Although it was pretty nasty to begin with, it soon became a term of endearment.

  4. Ian B says:

    Are we allowed to describe such actions by the State as “fascistic”, I wonder? Or would that be an hysterical over-reaction?

  5. NickM says:

    At the risk of sounding pedantic only the state can be fascist by definition. You and I could wander around Kettering in our brown shorts ’till the cows come home. We could even bring our gollywogs. We’d be merely eccentric. Might even get a grant from the Arts Council.

    I watched TV last night and what a cavalcade of jackanapes! It was weird. I no longer recognise the world.

  6. mike says:

    “Are we allowed to describe such actions by the State as “fascistic”, I wonder?”

    Don’t know: best check with comrade Pearce first.

  7. John Galt says:

    And I am amused The Terriblegraph has to point out the white bloke and his Jamaican wife have “mixed-race children”. Well if they didn’t there would be one hell of a load of Barney Rubble at the divorce court.

    To be a bit pedantic (did biology in the dim and distant past), from a genetics perspective they are most likely to be mixed race (i.e. somewhere in between the colour of the mother and the father), but there is nothing to stop everyone of them being as dark as their mothers darkest ancestor or as white as the driven snow.

    Genetics is a bit like probability (with a few curve balls such as recessiveness thrown in for good measure). Most of the time you get what you expect, but just because you don’t doesn’t mean the white guy isn’t the biological father.

    Yes – I know, just saying…

  8. Nelsontouch says:

    Also pedantic – but the children could be from earlier marriages (or relationships – careful!).
    And now the PC crowd want to legislate for more black Premiership managers. Yep, the world’s nuts – the most ruthlessly demanding jobs have to be filled by consideration of colour.

  9. David Gillies says:

    I had a Golly too and loved it very much. I think he’s up in the attic, or he may have been passed on to one of the next generation. You shouldn’t gratuitously give offence, but you shouldn’t turn over every rock and stone looking for it, either.

  10. cuffleyburgers says:

    Seems to me most likely it was put there to offend, but whether it was or not makes no difference, to make a complaint about it is absolutely stupid.

    I mean it seems to me there are other things going on about which to get seriously upset, such as being pauperised by a bunch of utter cunts be they the cleggalition, or the EU, or being forced to live in a PC hellhole where individualism is increasingly becoming “denormalised” to use their word.

    Get a life FFS.

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