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What do I know,

All I’ve got is overwhelming evidence.

We don’t see Pat Condell around much these day, probably because people like us, the Kittie Kounters, don’t post him any more. Still, he is still out there, growing ever more acerbic – if that is possible – as time goes bye.

God Bless his cotton socks.


  1. john in cheshire says:

    He speaks the truth.

  2. wh00ps says:

    I saw him posted on the Facebook, of all things, not long ago.

  3. David Gillies says:

    OK, is there a backstory? Why aren’t you posting him? Did he do something OTT and go beyond the pale?

  4. Tony Baird in Australia says:

    I am stunned that anyone with Mr Condell’s views is still allowed to appear on a UK website. I am sure he would be banned here, where recent Muslim immigrants are pressing for Sharia Law to replace our admittedly pretty shabby and incoherent system. Political leaders are all for tolerance when there is a vote in it, but they become stunningly intolerant when they are faced by those who have the temerity to disagree with them. More power to you, Mr Condell !

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