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Soldiers of the IDF

I haven’t put up any piccies of Israeli soldiers handling big weapons lately, so here -



  1. agb says:

    They are beautiful! Am Yisroel Chai!

  2. Yosef ben Abraham says:

    Long life to Israel!
    Masada never falls again!

  3. Jim Hartmann says:

    Only in israel you will find wimen with such a high moral and will and ability for defending their country, and the stunning beauty allover amongst the Israeli girls inside allso reflect on their physical atributes and make them the worlds most marvelous female poulation. They got both looks and brains :-) No problem to find a good wife in Israel if you are a decent good boy, with such high standard on the girls ! And she will defend your home and children together with you. Israel is truly amazing.

  4. FreePalestine says:

    Remember chaps, its illegal not to serve the state of israel as an israeli. They have no choice but to become palestenian death machines, and protect some megalomanic relegious cause. Down with the wide zionist lobby and conspiracy to go against their “god” and kill and disobey all the rules to give the “zionist” movement a center. Down with Zionist Pigs. Thank you.

  5. FreePalestine says:

    And excuse me international community for thinking for a second that the state of israel exists, its an illegal occupation.

  6. FreePalestine says:

    I’ve seen some beautiful nazi soldeirs…and it doesn’t inspire words of awe…just pure and utter disgust.

  7. FreePalestine says:

    How ironic that after WWII the “Jewish people” thought they would improve their “pursuit” by taking the palestenians land away. Innocent people just like the ones who died in ovens in WW2 were either massacred or run over by demolishin trucks. Learn to be human and take away this idea that you are a chosen people, learn to be HUMAN. Its megalomania. ITs so easy to believe when you are the chosen people. Its a scam, please research the zionist conspiracies.

  8. CountingCats says:

    What makes you think I haven’t researched the ‘zionist conspiracies’ already?

    And the Islamic ones?

    And decided which I prefer?

  9. FreePalestine says:

    Very half baked comment with no substance. Why even comment at all? So you must have a side then eh? Thoughts murky and clouded with bias? The israeli flag veiling your eyes from blatant truth. I have no side, I see the lucid and clear ugliness in these women, they are political tools to obtain a cause of an ancient megalomanic cult fueled by resentment and discrimination, justified by a brutal holocoust of the same magnitude as theirs.

  10. FreePalestine says:
    “Pray for the speedy and peaceful dismantlement of Israel” Rabbi Dovid Weiss

  11. FreePalestine says:

    @countingcats – Dont use such fallacies and shift the conversation over to the Islamists. Another megalomanic cult…”De los dos no se hace uno.”

  12. CountingCats says:

    Thank you for reminding me, It was about time:

  13. FreePalestine says:

    I like the recent picture you posted for me, I like how you take a very serious issue and turn it into a joke, as a child will tend to do at his own amusment. She looks like a fine tool for Israel. I hope “god” is proud of all the palestenian children that have died in the name of the cult. So you have nothing to say? I would really like to hear you justify the cause with some holocoust stories.

  14. CountingCats says:

    Why would I use holocaust stories to justify the existence of Israel? That was a long time ago and much history has passed under the bridge since then.

    Tell me, would you care to list all those states which you believe should have no right to exist? Or does the Jewish one stand alone on that?

  15. FreePalestine says:

    Israel will only burden the jewish people with infamy and fuel anti-semitism. I dont want a state for my people! I can be a proud jew (pro-self and pro-other) and follow my GOD’s laws and my peoples culture in a non jewish nation. Live and let live, does it sound like naiive utopianin thought to you my brother. Lets not mix religion, politics and the nuclear bomb, the outcome can be devastating. I dont understand how these IDF soldiers dont feel like nazis in 1942 kicking jews out of their home, its parallele, pure and utter hypocracy. Nationalism will only blind the inhabitants, instill unquestionable submission to the state and reinforce the cattle to move forth and follow the “monarchies”, “rulers”, “aristocracies” agenda. Leave the herd my brother, if you truly believe in your religion do what you know is right and free yourself.

  16. CountingCats says:

    So, just the Jews huh?

    That tells me all I need to know.

  17. FreePalestine says:

    Any radical religeous state is a road to ruin. Dont put words in my mouth, and dont talk about the jews as if they were a race. I’ve seen jews ranging in all shades of genetics.

  18. FreePalestine says:

    Do you feel superior to palestenians? Are you Israeli?

  19. FreePalestine says:

    I’m sorry international community I ment to say “Do you feel superor to Palestenians? Are you part of the Palestenian Occupation/Siege?”

  20. johnpd says:

    I’ll take 2.
    Purely for personal protection, you understand. ;)

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