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BBC “A Point of View” – as long as the point of view is from the left.

The collectivist Alan De Bonehead, was “balanced” by the leftist “Karl Marx was correct” (about almost everything) John Gray (see my previous post on that scumbag), and now John Gray is to be “balanced” by the leftist Will Self.

Three leftists in a row – giving their “point of view”, which is (of course) also the point of view of all BBC news and current affairs programmes, and almost all of their fictional and entertainment output also.

So the BBC clearly use the commitment to balance, in their Charter, to wipe their backsides on.

And Mr Cameron is finally going to get rid of the BBC tax (the “license fee”) and defund the left?

Not a chance.

“It is because he is government with the Lib Dems – they will not let him get rid of the BBC”.

If anyone believes that is the reason…. well I have a nice bridge to sell you.


  1. Churchmouse says:

    I went off AdB a few years ago after his BBC (surprise!) programme on architecture. He — a continental European (at least half [mum is British?], but psychologically 100%) — doesn’t like our bricks-and-mortar houses in the UK. He wants us to have Dutch-style wooden houses (they were in the show). Brick is so … you know … British. ‘Why don’t Britain’s houses look like everyone else’s in Europe?’

    That did it for me. Will Self is a disappointment, too. Grrr.

  2. Paul Marks says:

    AdB is (of course) entitled to his own tastes. However, it is his knee jerk habit of assuming that his tastes and opinons should be forced (by the state) on everyone else, that I find irritating.

  3. Rabbit says:

    If only will self ‘ s talks were not so banal and obvious. They contain all the predictable cliches of left wing thought. And implicit in every one of them is the notion that we should all behave as he would have us do. Be uncritically accepting of a requisite number of black friends or working class friends, accept global warming guilt, Believe that drug dealing pimps will be cured by doing community work in our gardens. They may peddle such shallow cliches at public school and Oxford, Will. But the rest of us deserve more considered thoughts on Sunday

  4. Paul Marks says:

    Mr Self’s only complaint against all the racial P.C. stuff was that it was not class P.C. stuff as well – not enough “working class” people invited to parties and so on.

    I live in a Council House and have worked as a security guard or a gate man for most of my life – but, of course, he would not consider me “working class” because I do not favour “the revolution” and oppose “social justice”.

    Will Self is just another boring leftist who has never even considered the possibity that state interventionism (let alone “the revolution”) hurts, rather than helps, the chances of poor people doing better over time. No doubt he would even call this government dominated country “capitalist” – thus proving that the word means nothing.

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