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It’s Saturday night

Or, at least it is here, on Queenslands Sunny Gold Coast, so relax and listen to a little Rosemary Clooney.

She is Georges aunt, you know. Better looking too.

You want a second? How about Vikki Kerr crooning to Les Brown? I got to say, I prefer Gene Teirney on this song, but I couldn’t find a video, just a recording.

For the rest of the evening? Relax, pull up a DVD, lie back and immerse yourself in Greg Hildebrandt’s fantasy of a perfect Saturday night.

For the rest of the weekend? Talk amongst yourselves. I’m gunna catch that DVD.


  1. Ian B says:

    Cats, did you receive my emails? A simple “yes” will suffice if you did.

  2. CountingCats says:


    that email.

    Gimme a bit of time. Haven’t looked at that email address for a long time.

  3. Tim Newman says:

    Funny….I’d never heard of Rosemary Clooney before reading this post, then a few hours later her name pops up when I’m searching for the lyrics to Beautiful Brown Eyes. I guess she did a version.

  4. Laird says:

    I agree that I prefer the Gene Tierney version, but frankly I find the lyrics to that song so insipid I’d rather just hear an instrumental version anyway.

    Tim, I guess you’re not up on Big Band singers. Rosemary Clooney was one of the most famous (and one of the best). Which, I suppose, isn’t really saying much as a lot of them were pretty mediocre*, but she really was good.

    * Fats Waller wrote a song called “The Ladies Who Sing With the Band” mocking them pretty harshly. Here’s an extract:

    Should your career need a springboard
    Here is the best in the land
    Rise and rejoice, for you don’t need a voice
    Join the ladies who sing with the band.

  5. CountingCats says:

    Big Band? Nah. Her career started and flourished in the 50′s, not the 30′s and 40′s. I guess she would be better described as a lounge singer.

  6. Laird says:

    That was the end of the Big Band era. Some of the most interesting music came from that period, before it was supplanted by early rock (Bill Haley et al). Every hear of the Sauter-Finnegan Orchestra?

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