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Spoiled Brat

It is often said that professional footballers are brats. Some are and some are not. Carlos Tévez is definitely a brat. He refused to get off the bench last night in Munich and his team Man City lost. Roberto Mancini – the manager – looked mad as hell about it. And I don’t blame the man. Tévez claims it was all a misunderstanding. Right. Not bright then if that’s the best he can come up with.

“I didn’t feel I was right to play, so I didn’t.” Tévez said. “I was the top scorer last season and I always act professionally.” Now the problem with that Tévez is that Mr Mancini didn’t drag your carcase all the way to Bavaria so you could polish the bench with your arse. And also that Mr Mancini is the manager – it’s his call not yours.

Carlos Tévez is paid £200,000 a week. I hope he is finished at City and I hope the the only people prepared to sign him are Accrington Stanley.


  1. Bandit 1 says:

    Ah, but Accrington Stanley wouldn’t be able to afford his wages, y’see.

    No, Carlos will end up somewhere big and rich and successful, like Milan or Real Madrid or such like. And he won’t have learnt a thing.

  2. Tosh says:

    File this one under “sports stars being petulant and then realising they have made a huge mistake so here comes a feeble excuse.”

    The time wasn’t right? I used to feel that way every time I went on a sports field: the time simply wasn’t right because I had chronic LoT (lack of talent.)

    Not I presume an excuse that Carlos will use often.

  3. RAB says:

    The full name of the team is, of course, Accrington Stanley Nil…

    What an utter utter unctuous cunt! A misunderstanding? I know with so many foreign players in the premiere division there may be language difficulties, but what did he think the Manager meant when he said “get your tracksuit off Sunshine, you’re on!” Some unpleasant sexual proposition? Or perhaps he thought that big green rectangle was a field of wildflowers, for him to contemplate whilst counting his money?

    The twat should be given his P45 and shown to his Maserati and waived goodbye. Can’t do that these day though can you? What with agents, watertight contracts etc.

    Jesus! the likes of the Charlton’s Jackie and Bobby, would have gone on with two broken legs if the manager had asked them to, for the pride in the team, not the money. Those poor sods missed out, they were on £100 a week not bloody £200,000! But they’d have played for free if they had to, because they loved the game .

    I hate to make value judgements about money, but £200,000 a fuckin week is a ludicrous amount of money for such a long on petulance and low on talent twat like him!

  4. David Gillies says:

    I’ll try that on my boss next week. I won’t turn up on Monday and he’ll ask why not. I’ll answer “I didn’t feel I was right to develop back office SQL data-mining algorithms. I’ve always been a professional except fuck you.” That will go down a treat.

  5. Lynne says:

    He was probably worried his nail polish wasn’t dry. What a tit.

  6. Lynne says:

    Accrington Stanley Nil


  7. The Apiarist says:

    “I hope the the only people prepared to sign him are Accrington Stanley.”

    Apparently Limavady United have offered to add him to their squad (according to the Beeb website).

  8. Talwin says:

    £200,000 a week? Why not? It’s probably God’s way of compensating for having given Tevez a physog like that. And added to that neck, Redolent of Mars’ Valles Marineris, 200 grand seems fair.

  9. Sam Duncan says:

    I don’t follow baseball as closely as I used to since Channel 5 dropped its coverage, but this story on Fox by a former Commissioner of Major League Baseball caught my eye and shows that it’s not just footballists who act like spoilt brats:

    Jose Reyes, the marvelous Mets shortstop, got a bunt single in his first at bat and then, satisfied with his chances to win the batting title in the National league, took himself out of the game. […] Reyes won the batting title but lost my respect. If you start the game you play the game unless you are hurt.

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